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praise, than that of a sincere advocate of what is holy, and just, and good. He is, indeed, rejoiced to acknowledge obligation to some very near and dear friends, for as-. sistances in his Work, of many kinds: but he knows of none, on account of which any apology is due from him to the general reader.

In deference to the kind and disinterested counsel of some friends in the University, whose judgment he esteems most highly, he has omitted some passages of considerable length, which were delivered from the pulpit; and thrown others into the form of " notes," which may be either read, or passed over, without much interruption to the general subject. A very few passages have been inserted here, which were omitted in delivery on account of time; but scarcely a word has been added to the manuscript from which the Lectures were preached. Such verbal and other corrections also have been made, as might prevent the charge of wilful carelessness. With these exceptions, the Lectures now presented come forth as they were spoken.

The Author only desires to express farther, his grateful sense of that good opinion of his intentions, which procured him his appointment; and of all personal kindness experienced by him during the discharge of his office,

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