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Dr. J. J. Tully.

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f great practical value, including new tables of Tests, Stains and Staining Methods. A new feature is the inclusion of numerous handsome illustrations, many of them in colors, drawn and engraved specially for this book.

“I must acknowledge my astonishment at seeing how much he has condensed within relatively small space. I find nothing to criticise, very much to commend, and was interested in finding some of the new words which are not in other recent dictionaries."-Roswell Park, Professor of Principles and Practice of Surgery and Clinical Surgery, University of Buffalo.

I congratulate you upon giving to the profession a dictionary so compact in its structure, and so replete with information required by the busy practitioner and student. It is a necessity as well as an informed companion to every doctor. It should be upon the desk of every practitioner and student of medicine."-JOHN B. Murphy, Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery, Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago. W. B. SAUNDERS & CO., Publishers,

925 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.




Assistant Obstetrician to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.


Bound in Full Leather, Limp, with Gold Edges. Price, $1.00 net ,

with Patent Thumb Index, $1.25 net.

The book is an absolutely new one. It is not a revision of any old work, but it has been written entirely anew and is constructed on lines that experience has shown to be the most practical for a work of this kind. It aims to be complete, and to that end contains practically all the terms of modern medicine. This makes an unusually large vocabulary. Besides the ordinary dictionary terms the book contains a wealth of anatomical and other tables. This matter is of particular value to students for memorizing in preparation for examination.

“ This dictionary is, beyond all doubt, the best one among pocket dictionaries.”—St. Louis Medical and Surgical Journal.

“ This is a handy pocket dictionary, which is so full and complete that it puts to shame some of the more pretentious volumes." --- Journal of the American Medical Association.

“ This is the first pocket dictionary worthy of the consideration of the profession. It is just the kind of a book students have needed for many years, for it contains the most modern words, and the definitions are sufficiently ample.”Ohio Medical Journal.

“This is one of the handiest little dictionaries for the pocket that we have yet seen. Its definitions are short, concise, and complete, so that it contains within a small space as many words, satisfactorily defined, as are found in some of the much larger volumes.American Medico-Surgical Bulletin.

“ This is the nicest thing in the way of a pocket dictionary we have seen.”Chicago Clinical Review. W. B. SAUNDERS & CO., Publishers,

925 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.

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