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The death of Absalom.

2 SAMUEL, XIX. David mourns for Absalom. B with thee. And he took three darts in B.C. 1023. young man Absalom safe? And Cushi his hand, and thrust them through the

answered, The enemies a of my lord the heart of Absalom, while he was yet alive B before. king, and all that rise against thee to do in the y midst of the oak.

a Ju. 5. 31.

thee hurt, be as that young man is. 15 And ten young men that bare Joab's Da. 4. 19. 33 And the king was much moved, and armour compassed about and smote Ab

went up to the chamber over the gate, salom, and slew him.


and wept; and as he went, thus he said, 16 And Joab blew the trumpet, and 6 chap. 19.4. O my son Absalom! my son, my son the people returned from pursuing after c Ro.5.7, 8. Absalom! would Gode I had died for Israel: for Joab held back the people.

9.3. thee, O Absalom, my son, my son! 17 And they took Absalom, and cast him ? Jos. 7. 26.

CHAPTER XIX. into a great pit in the wood, and laidd a

e Pr. 17. 25. AND it was told Joab, Behold, the king very great heap of stones upon him: and 8 salvation, weepeth and mournethe for Absalom. all Israel fled every one to his tent.

or, deliver

2 And the 8 victory that day was turned 18 Now Absalom in his lifetime had

into mourning unto all the people : for taken and reared up for himself a pillar,

I Ge. 14. 17.

the people heard say that day how the which is in the king's dale :/ for he said,

king was grieved for his son. I have no song to keep my name in re

g chap. 14.27.

3 And the people gat them by stealth that membrance: and he calledh the pillar · Ps. 49. 11. day into the city, as people being ashamed after his own name: and it is called unto i chap.15.30. steal away when they flee in battle. this day, Absalom's place.

k chap. 18.33. 4 But the king coveredi his face, and the 19 Then said Ahimaaz the son of Za

king cried with a loud voice, O my son dok, Let me now run, and bear the king Sjudged him Absalom! O Absalom, my son, my son! tidings, how that the LORD hath Ś avenged from the 5 And Joab came into the house to the

hand. him of his enemies.

king, and said, Thou hast shamed this day 20 And Joab said unto him, Thou shalt n be a man the faces of all thy servants, which this not n bear tidings this day, but thou shalt of tidings. day have saved thy life, and the lives of thy bear tidings another day; but this day By loving. sons and of thy daughters, and the lives of thou shalt bear no tidings, because the

x that prin

thy wives, and the lives of thy concubines ; king's son is dead.

Ő In that thou lovest thine enemies, 21 Then said Joab to Cushi, Go tell the

and hatest thy friends : for thou hast deking what thou hast seen. And Cushi not to thee. clared this day, that Kthou regardest bowed himself unto Joab, and ran.

neither princes nor servants: for this

be what 22 Then said Ahimaaz the son of Zadok

day I perceive, that if Absalom had

may. yet again to Joab, But howsoever, let me,

lived, and all we had died this day, then I pray thee, also run after Cushi. And Johor, conve- it had pleased thee well. ab said, Wherefore wilt thou run, my son,


ng Now therefore arise, go forth, and seeing that thou hast no tidings u ready? v to the speak v comfortably unto thy servants : 23 But howsoever, said he, let me run.

heart of, for I swear by the LORD, if thou go not And he said unto him, Run. Then Ahi

Ge. 34. 3. forth, there will not tarry one with thee maaz ran by the way of the plain, and 1 Pr. 14. 23. this night: and that will be worse unto overranm Cushi.

thee than all the evil that befell thee from

mJno. 20. 4. 24 And David sat between the two gates:

thy youth until now. and the watchman” went up to the roof over

n2 Ki. 9. 17. 8 Then the king arose, and sat in the the gate unto the wall, and lifted up his eyes, Is. 21.11,12. gate. And they told unto all the people,

Eze.33.2..7. and looked, and behold, a man running alone.

saying, Behold, the king doth sit in the gate. 25 And the watchman cried, and told •ch. 18.6.8. And all the people came before the king; the king. And the king said, If he be p chap.15.14. for ° Israel had filed every man to his tent. alone, there is tidings in his mouth. And I see the 9 And all the people were at strife he came apace, and drew near.

running. throughout all the tribes of Israel, saying, 26 And the watchman saw another man

The king saved us out of the hand of our

pare ye running, and the watchman called unto

silent? enemies, and he delivered us out of the the porter, and said, Behold, another man

hand of the Philistines; and now he is

91 Ki.1.42. running alone. And the king said, He

fedp out of the land for Absalom.

Pr. 25. 13. also bringeth tidings.

Is. 52. 7.

10 And Absalom, whom we anointed 27 And the watchman said, " Me think

over us, is dead in battle. Now, thereeth the running of the foremost is like the Peace, or, fore, why o speak ye not a word of bringrunning of Ahimaaz the son of Zadok. Peace be to ing the king back ? And the king said, He is a good man,


11 And king David sent to Zadok and and cometh with good tidings.

to Abiathar the priests, saying, Speak 28. And Ahimaaz called, and said unto - Ps. 124. 6. unto the elders of Judah, saying, Why are the king, o All is well. And he fell down to

ye the last to bring the king back to his the earth upon his face before the king, and

Ps. 31. 8.

house? seeing the speech of all Israel is said, Blessed' be the LORD thy God, which

come to the king, even to his house. hath - delivered up the men that lifted up schap. 5. 1. 12 Ye are my brethren, ye are my bones their hand against my lord the king.

and my flesh: wherefore then are ye the 29 And the king said, Is the young

$ Is there

last to bring back the king ? man Absalom safe ? And Ahimaaz an


13 And say ye to Amasa, Art thou not swered, When Joab sent the king's ser- tchap.17.25. of my bone, and of my flesh? God do so vant, and me thy servant, I saw a great 1 Ch. 2. 17. to me, and more also, if thou be not captumult, but I knew not what it was.

u Ju. 20.1.

tain of the host before me continually, in 30 And the king said unto him, Turn

the room of Joab. aside, and stand here. And he turned x Tidings is

brought. aside, and stood still.

14 And he bowed the heart of all the

men of Judah, even as the heart of one 31 And, behold, Cushi came; and Cushi v Ps.144.7, 10 man; so that they sent this word unto the said, x Tidings, my lord the king : for 20 Lu. 18.7, 8. king, Return thou, and all thy servants. the LORD hath avengedw thee this day | * Ps.124.2, 3. 15 Sotheking returned and came to Jordan. of all them that rose up? against thee. y Jos. 5. 9. And Judah came to Gilgal,y to go to meet 32 And the king said unto Cushi, Is the

the king, to conduct the king over Jordan.

T shut up,

How many

the years

Shimei pardoned.

Sheba's rebellion. 16 And Shimeia the son of Gera, a Ben- B. C. 1023. 34 And Barzillai said unto the king, jamite, which was of Bahurim, hasted,

How B long have I to live, that I should and came down with the men of Judah a chap. 16.5. go up with the king unto Jerusalem ? to meet king David.


35 I am this day fourscoreb years old : 17 And there were a thousand men of

days are and can I discernc between good and evil ? Benjamin with him, and Zihad the servant

cane thy servant taste what I eat or what of the house of Saul, and his fifteen sons of my life? I drink? can I hear any more the voice of and his twenty servants with him; and Ge. 47.9. singing men and singing women ? wherethey went over Jordan before the king. 6 Ps. 90. 10. fore then should thy servant be yet a

18 And there went over a ferry boat to Pr. 16. 31. burden unto my lord the king ? carry over the king's household, and to

36 Thy servant will go a little way over

cHe. 5. 14. do what he thought good. And Shimei

Jordan with the king : and why should the son of Gera fell down before the king, a ch. 9. 2, 10. the king recompense it me with such a as he was come over Jordan;

e Ec. 12. 3..5. reward is 19 And said unto the king, Lety not

I my lord' impute iniquity unto me, neither the good in back again, that I may die in mine own do thou rememberk that which thy ser

city, and be buried by the grave of my vant didi perversely the day that my lord Lu. 6. 38. father and of my mother: but behold the king went out of Jerusalem, that the 91 Sa. 22. 15. thy servant Chimham,j let him go over king should takek it to his heart.

Ps. 32. 2. with my lord the king; and do to him 20 For thy servant doth know that I have Ro. 4. 6..8. what shall seem good unto thee. sinned: therefore, behold, I am come the Ps. 79. 8. 38 And the king answered, Chimham first this day of all the house of Joseph, ich.16.5, &c. shall go over

with me, and I will do to to go down to meet my lord the


him that which shall seem good unto thee; 21 But Abishai the son of Zeruiah an

ji Ki. 2.7.

and whatsoever thou shalt & require of

Je. 41.17. swered and said, Shall not Shimei be put

me, that will I do for thee. to death for this, because he cursed? the k chap.13.33. 39 And all the people went over Jordan. LORD's anointed ?

o choose.

And when the king was come over, the 22 And David said, What have I to do

1 Ex. 22. 28. and he returned unto his own place. with you, ye sons of Zerụiah, that ye

king kissedm Barzillai, and blessed him;

1 Sa. 26. 9. should this day be adversaries unto me?

40 Then the king went on to Gilgal, and Shall” there any man be put to death m Ge. 31. 55. Ś Chimham went on with him: and all this day in Israel ? for do not I know

1 Th. 5. 26.

the people of Judah conducted the king, that I am this day king over Israel ? n1 Sa. 11. 13. and also half the people of Israel. 23 Therefore the king said unto Shimei,

41 And, behold, all the men of Israel Thouo shalt not die. And the king sware

Ś Chimhan.

came to the king, and said unto the king, unto him.

1 Ki.2.8,36, Why have our brethren, the men of Ju24 And Mephiboshethr the son of Saul &c. dah, stolen thee away, and have brought came down to meet the king, and had r chap. 9. 6. the king and his household, and all Daneither dressed his feet, nor trimmed his q ver. 11..15. vid’s men with him, over Jordan ? beard, nor washed his clothes, from the

42 And all the men of Judah answered

r verse 12. day the king departed until the day he

the men of Israel, Because the king is came again in peace.

schap.16.17. near of kin" to us : wherefore then be ye 25 And it came to pass, when he was

angry for this matter? have we eaten at

set us at come to Jerusalem to meet the king, that


all of the king's cost? or hath he given the king said unto him, Wherefore went

t chap. 16.3.

us any gift? est not thou with me, Mephibosheth ?

43 And the men of Israel answered the

Je. 9. 4. 26 And he answered, My lord, O king,

men of Judah, and said, We have ten parts my servant deceived me; for thy servant

u Ju. 8. 1. in the king, and we have also more right said, I will saddle me an ass, that I may

Ja.3.2..10. in David than ye: why then did ye n deride thereon, and go to the king ; because v ch.14.17,20 spise us, that our advice should not be thy servant is lame.

e men of

first had' in bringing back our king ? And 27 And het hath slandered thy servant


the words of the men of Judah were fiercer unto my lord the king; but my lord the 1 Sa. 26. 16. than the words of the men of Israel. king is as an angelo of God: do, there

CHAPTER XX. fore, what is good in thine eyes.

w ch.9.7,10,13 AND there happened to be there a man 28 For all of my father's house were but < chap. 19.43. of Belial, whose name was Sheba, the dead Omen before my lord the king: yet 1 Ki. 12. 16. son of Bichri, a Benjamite; and he blew didst thou set w thy servant among them

Lu. 19. 14.

a trumpet, and said, We have no parte that did eat at thine own table. What y Ps. 62. 9. in David, neither have we inheritance in right, therefore, have I yet to cry any

z chap.19.41. the son of Jesse: every man to his tents, more unto the king ?

2 Ch. 10. 17. O Israel. 29. And the king said unto him, Why a 1 Ki. 2.7. 2 Soy every man of Israel went up from speakest thou any more of thy matters? I have said, Thou and Ziba divide the land.

after David, and followed Sheba the son b chap.15.16. 16.21,22.

of Bichri : but the men of Judah: clave 30 And Mephibosheth said unto the

unto their king, from Jordan even to Jeking, Yea, let him take all, forasmuch as

k an house of rusalem. my lord the king is come again in peace


3 And David came to his house at Jeruunto his own house.

c Ge.40.3,4,7. salem ; and the king took the ten women 31 And Barzillaia the Gileadite_ came bound. his concubines, whom he had left to down from Rogelim, and went over Jordan a chap.17.27. Sned fed them, but went not in unto them,

keep the house, and put them in ward, with the king, to conduct him over Jordan.

32 Now Barzillai was a very aged man, u in widow- So they were shut up unto the day of even fourscore years old : andd he had pro- hood of life. their death, m living in widowhood. vided the king of sustenance while he lay v Call. 4 Then said the king to Amasa, v Asat Mahanaim; fore he was a very great man.

semble me the men of Judah within three 33 And the king said unto Barzillai,

el Ti.6.17..19

days, and be thou here present. Come thou over with me, and I will feed fchap.19.13. 5 So Amasa went to assemble the men thee with me in Jerusalem.

of Judah: but he tarried longer than the

ther per

Amasa and Sheba slain.

The Gibeonites avenged. set time which he had appointed him. B. C. 1022. | people in her wisdom:4 and they cut off 6 Aud David said to Abishai, Now shall

the head of Sheba the son of Bichri, and Sheba the son of Bichri do us more harm a Ec.9.14..16. cast it out to Joab. And he blew a trumthan did Absalom: take thou thy lord's B were scat- pet, and they B retired from the city, servants, and pursue after him, "lest he tered.

every man to his tent. And Joab returned get him fenced cities, and Y escape us. b chap. 11.11. to Jerusalem unto the king.

7 And there went out after him Joab's 1 Ki. 1. 33. 23 Now Joabc was over all the host of men, and the Cherethites, d and the Pele- y deliver Israel; and Benaiah the son of Jehoiada thites, and all the mighty men: and they himself was over the Cherethites, and over the went out of Jerusalem, to pursue after from our Pelethites; Sheba the son of Bichri.


24 And Adoram was over thee tribute; 8 When they were at the great stone ch.8.16..18. and Jehoshaphat, the son of Ahilud was which is in Gibeon, Amasa went before di Ki. 1. 38. 8 recorder ; them. And Joab's garment that he had 1 Ki. 4. 6.

25 And Sheva was scribe; and Zadok

11 Ki. 4. 3. put on was girded unto him, and


and Abiathar were the priests; it a girdle with a sword fastened upon 8 or, remem- 26 And Ira also, the Jairite, was Ś a

brancer. his loins in the sheath thereof; and as he

chief ruler about David. went forth it fell out.

Šor, a prince,

CHAPTER XXI. 9 And Joab said to Amasa, Art thou in

chap. 8.18. THEN there was a famine in the days

Ge. 41. 45. health, my brother? And Joab took Amasa

Ex. 2. 16.

of David three years, year after year; by the beard with the right hand to kiss him.

and David ninquired of the LORD. And 10 But Amasa took

no heed to the sword Lu. 22. 47. the Lord answered, It is for Saul, and that was in Joab's hand : so heh smote n sought the

for his bloody house, because he slew the him therewith ini the fifth rib, and shed



Nu. 27.21. out his bowels to the ground, and struck

2 And the king called the Gibeonites, him not again; and he died. So Joab and ichap. 2. 23. were not of the children of Israel, but of

h1 Ki. 2. 5.

and said unto them : (now the Gibeonites Abishai his brother pursued after Sheba #1 Sa. 22.

19. the remnant of the Amorites ; and the the son of Bichri. 11 And one of Joab's men stood by him, e doubled not children of Israel had sworn unto them:

his stroke. and said, He that favoureth Joab, and he

and Saul sought to slay them in his zeal that is for David, let him go after Joab.

1 Jos.9.3..21.

to the children of Israel and Judah ;) 12 And Amasa wallowed in blood in m chap.20.19.

3 Wherefore David said unto the Gibeonthe midst of the highway. And when on, It is not ites, What shall I do for you? and wherethe man saw that all the people stood

with shall I make the atonement, that ye still, he removed Amasa out of the high

gold that
we have to

may bless the inheritancem of the LORD ? way into the field, and cast a cloth upon do with

4 And the Gibeonites said unto him, “ We him, when he saw that every one that Saul, or his will have no silver" nor gold of Saul, nor came by him stood still.

house ; nei- of his house; neither for us shalt thou kill 13 When he was removed out of the

any man in Ísrael. And he said, What ye highway, all the people went on after Joab, tains it to shall say, that will I do for you. to pursue after Sheba the son of Bichri. us to kill,

5 And they answered the king, The man 14 And he went through all the tribes of n Ps. 49. 6,7. that consumed us, and that ^ devised against Israel unto Abel, and to Beth-maachah: A or, cut us oft: maining in any of the coasts of Israel

us that we should be destroyed from reand all the Berites; and they were gathered together, and went also after him.

02 Ki. 15. 29.

6 Let seven men of his sons P be deli15 And they came and besieged him in

2 Ch. 16. 4. vered unto us, and we will hang them Abel of Beth-maachah, and they cast up a

p Eze. 18. 19.

up unto the LORD in Gibeah 9 of Saul, bank" against the city, and it stood v in the 91 Sa. 10. 26. u whom the LORD did choose. And the trench: and all the people that were with me chosen of king said, I will give them. Joab + battered the wall, to throw it down. the LORD. 7 But the king spared Mephibosheth,

16 Then cried a wise woman out of the r2 Ki. 19.32. the son of Jonathan the son of Saul, becity, Hear, hear;, say, I pray you, unto vor, against cause of the LORD's oath that was beJoab, Come near hither, that I may speak the outmost tween them, between David and Jonawith thee.

wall. than the son of Saul. 17 And when he was come_near unto a marred to 8 But the king took the two sons of Rizher, the woman said, Art thou Joab? And throw down. paht the daughter of Aiah, whom she bare he answered, I am he. Then she said 81 Sa. 20.15. unto. Saul, Armoni and Mephibosheth; unto him, Hear the words of thine hand- tchap. 3.7. and the five sons of e Michal the daughter maid. And he answered, I do hear.

of Saul, whom she brought up for Adriel 18 Then she spake, saying, "They were

por, Michal's the son of Barzillai the Meholathite;

sister. wont to speak in old time, saying. They

9 And he delivered them into the hands

o bare to shall surely ask counsel at Abel: and so

of the Gibeonites, and they hanged them they ended the matter.


in the hill before u the LORD: and they fell

1 Sa. 18. 19, 19 I am one of them that are peaceable

all seven together, and were put to death and faithful in Israel : thou seekest to decor, They

in the days of harvest, in the first days, stroy a city and a mother in Israel : why spake in the in the beginning of barley harvest. wilt thou swallow up the inheritance of


10 And Rizpah the daughter of Aiah the LORD?


took sackcloth, and spread it for her upon 20. And Joab answered and said, Far Surely they the rock, from the beginning of harvest be it, far be it from me, that I should will ask of until water dropped upon them out of swallow up or destroy.

Abel, and

heaven, and suffered neither the birds of 21 The matter is not so: but a man of

80 make an the air to rest on them by day, nor the mount Ephraim, Sheba the son of Bichri


beasts of the field by night.

De. 20. 11. by xname, hath lifted up his hand against

11 And it was told David what Rizpah the king, even against David: deliver him 1 Sa, 15.33. the daughter of Aiah, the concubine of

v Ju. 5. 7. only, and I will depart from the city: And

Saul, had done. the woman said unto Joab, Behold, his x his name. 12 And David went and took the bones head shall be thrown to thee over the wall. w 1 Sa. 31. 11. of Saul and the bones of Jonathan his son 22 Then the woman went unto all the

from the men of Jabesh-gilead, which


The giants subdued.

David's song of praise. had stolen them from the street of Beth-1 B. C. 1018. 10 He boweda the heavens also, and came shan, where the Philistines had hanged

down; and darkness 6 was under his feet. them, when the Philistines had slain Saul a Is. 64. 1. 11 And he rode upon a cherub,c and in Gllboa:

6 Ps. 97. 2. did fly: and he was seen upon the wings 13 And he brought up from thence the Eze. 9. 3. of the wind.

d Ps. 101. 3. bones of Saul and the bones of Jonathan

12 And he made darkness pavilions his son; and they gathered the bones of B binding of round about him, B dark waters, and

waters. them that were hanged.

thick clouds of the skies. 14 And the bones of Saul and Jonathan e Jos. 18. 28.

13 Through the brightness before him his son buried they in the country of Ben-Ps. 29.3.

were coals of fire kindled.

Is. 30. 30. jamin in Zelah, in the sepulchre of Kish

14 The LORD thunderedt from heaven,

g De. 32. 23. his father, and they performed all that the h chap. 24. 25. and the Most High uttered his voice. king commanded : and after that, God i Na. 1. 4. 15 And he sent out arrows, 9 and scattered was entreated h for the land.

yor, anger,

them ; lightning, and discomfited them. 15 Moreover, the Philistines had yet Ps. 74. 1.

16 And the channels of the sea' appeared, war again with Israel ; and David went sor, great.

the foundations of the world were disdown, and his servants with him, and

k Is. 43. 2.

covered, at the rebuking of the LORD, at fought against the Philistines : and Da

the blast of the breath of his y nostrils. vid waxed faint.

Šor, Rapha.

17 He sent from above, he took me ; 16 And Ishbi-benob, which was of the n the staff, or, he drew me out of many waters;k

head. sons of the giant, the weight of n whose

18 He delivered me from my strong spear weighed three hundred shekels of Ichap. 18.3.


and from them that hated me: brass in weight, he, being girded with a

chap. 15.26. for they were too strong for me.

nl Sa. 26. 23. new sword, thought to have slain David :

19 They prevented me in the day of my 17 But Åbishai the son of Zeruiah suc- O candle, or, calamity: but the LORD was my stay:

lamp. coured bim, and smote the Philistine,

20 He brought me forth also into a and killed him. Then the men of David 01 Ki. 11.36. large place; he delivered me, because he

p Job 17. 9. sware unto him, saying, Thou? shalt go

delighted m in me.

9 Pr. 8. 32. no more out with us to battle, that thou | ri Ch. 20.4. 21 The LORD rewarded me according” to quench not the light' of Israel.

my righteousness: according to ther clean18 And it came to pass after this, that there xor, Sippai. ness of my hands hath he recompensed me. was again a battle with the Philistines at or, Rapha.

22 For I have kept 9 the ways of the Gob: then Sibbechair the Hushathite slew • Ps. 119. 30. LORD, and have not wickedly departed * Saph, which was of the sons of ^ the giant. uor, Jair. from my God.

19 And there was again a battle in Gob v to him. 23 Fors all his judgments were before with the Philistines, where Elhanan the son it before his me: and as for his statutes, I did not deof x Jaare-oregim, a Beth-lehemite, slew eyes.

part from them. the brother of Goliath the Gittite, the staff t Mat. 5. 7. 24 I was also upright v before him, and of whose spear was like a weaver's beam. 20 And there was yet a battle in Gath, por, Rapha. have kept myself from mine iniquity.

25 Therefore the LORD hath recompensed where was a man of great stature, that had ! corre;

me according to my righteousness; acon every hand six fingers, and on every 1 Sa. 17.10, cording to my cleanness in his eye sight. foot six toes, four and twenty in number;

26 With the mercifult thou wilt shew and he also was born to p the giant.

u 1 Sa. 16. 9, thyself merciful, and with the upright 21 And when he o defied Israel, Jona

Shammah. man thou wilt shew thyself upright. than, the son of Shimeah,u the brother r Le. 26. 23. 27 With the pure thou wilt shew thyof David, slew him.

qor, wrestle. self pure; and with the froward o thou 22 These four were born to the giant * Da. 4. 37.

wilt 'Tshew thyself unsavoury. in Gath, and fell by the hand of David, y Ps. 116.2,3. 28 And the afflicted people thou wilt and by the hand of his servants.

$or, candle.

save: but thine eyes are upon the haughCHAPTER XXII. AND David spake unto the LORDy the

z Ps. 18, title. ty,* that thou mayest bring them down.

29 For thou art my $lamp, O LORD; words of this song,” in the day that the LORD xor, broken.

and the LORD will lighten my darkness. had delivered him out of the hand of all . De. 32. 4. 30 For by thee I have x run through a

6 Ps. 91. 2. his enemies, and out of the hand of Saul : 2 And he said, The LORD is my rock, a yor, refined

. troop: by my God have I leaped over a

cGe. 15.1. and my fortress, and my deliverer :

Ps. 84. 11. 31 As for God, his way is perfect; the 3 The God of my rock; in him will I a Lu. 1. 69. word of the LORD is tried: he is a trust: he is my shield, and the hornd of my e Pr. 18. 10. buckler to all them that trust in him. salvation, my high tower, e and my refuge, Ps.46.1, 11. 32 For who is God, save the LORD? my saviour; thou savest me from violence. Je. 16. 19. and who is a rock, save our God?

4 I will call on the LORD, who is worthy sriddeth, or 33 God is my strength and power : and to be praised : so shall I be saved from

. he & maketh my way perfect. mine enemies.

gli ab. 3. 19. and setteth me upon my high places.

34 He B maketh my feets like hinds' feet, 5 When the y waves of death compassed me, the floods of Sungodly men made me pangs. 35 He teacheth my hands 3 to war; so that afraid ;

S for the war. a bow of steel is broken by mine arms. 6 The n sorrows of hell compassed menor, cords. 36 Thou hast also given me the shield about; the snares of death prevented me;

of thy salvation: and thy gentleness hath 7 In my, distressh I called upon the multiplied o made me great. LORD, and cried to my God; and he

37 Thou hast enlarged my steps under did heari my voice out of his temple, Ps, 34.6, 15. me; so that my K feet did not slip.

Kankles. and my cry did enter into his ears.

k Ju. 5. 4.

38 I have pursued mine enemies, and 8 Then the earthk shook and trembled ; Hab.3.6,10. destroyed them: and turned not again the foundations of heaven? moved and 1 Job 26. 11. until I had consumed them. shook, because he was wroth.

39 And I have consumed them, and 9 There went up a smoke out of his m Ps. 97. 3, 4. wounded them, that they could not arise : nostrils, and fire out m of his mouth de- n Mal. 4. 3. yea, they are fallen" under my feet. voured: coals were kindled by it.

40 For thou hast girded me with strength

25, 26.

% Ton. 2. 2.


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three cap.
tains over

David's last words.

David's mighty men. to battle: them that rose up against me B.C.1018. until his hand was weary, and his hand hast thou B subdued under ine.

clave unto the sword : and the LORD 41 Thou hast also given me theb necks a Ps. 44. 5.

wrought a great victory that day; and the of mine enemies, that I might destroy Bcaused to people returned after him only to spoil. them that hate me.


11 And after him was Shammah, the son 42 They looked, but there was none to

b Ge. 49.8.

of Agee the Hararite: and the Philistines save; even unto the LORD, bute he an

Jos. 10. 24.

were gathered together y into a troop,

c Pr. 1. 28. swered them not.

Mi. 3. 4.

where was a piece of ground full of len43 Then did I beat them as small as

tiles; and the people fled from the Philistines. the dustd of the

earth, I did stamp them yor, for 12' But he stood in the midst of the as the mire of the street, and did spread a'2 Ki. 13: 7. ground, and defended it, and slew the Philisthem abroad.

tines: and the LORD wrought a great victory.

e Mi. 7. 10. 44 Thou also hast delivered me from

13 And Sthree of the thirty chief went

8 or, the the strivings, of my people, thou hast

down, and came to David in the harvest kept me to be head of the heathen:9 a peo

time untoh the cave of Adullam : and the ple which I knew not shall serve me.

the thirty. troop of the Philistines pitched in the 45 Strangers Śshall n submit themselves fchap. 3.'1. valley of Rephaim. unto me: as soon as they hear, they shall 19. 9, 14. 14 And David was then in an hold, be obedient unto me.

20.1,2,22. and the garrison of the Philistines was 46 Strangers shall fade away, and they Ps. 2. 8. then in Beth-lehem.

h 1 Sa. 22. 1. shall be afraid out of their close places.

15 And David longed, and said, Oh that 47 The LORD liveth; and blessed be $ Sons of the one would give me drink of the water of my rock; and exalted be the God of the stranger.

the well of Beth-lehem, which is by the gate! rock of my salvation.

n lie, or, yield

16 And the three mighty men brake 48 It is God that avengeth me, and that


through the host of the Philistines, and bringeth down the people under me,

De. 33. 29.

drew water out of the well of Beth-lehem, 49 And that bringeth me forth from

Ps. 66. 3.

that was by the gate, and took it, and mine enemies : thou also hast lifted me up i Mi. 7. 17. brought it to David: nevertheless he on high above them that rose up against O giveth a

would not drink thereof, but poured it me: thou hast delivered k me from the

vengement out unto the LORD. violent man.

for me, 17 And he said, Be it far from me, 50 Therefore I will give thanks unto ch.18.19,31. O LORD, that I should do this: is not this thee, O LORD, among the heathen, and I 1 Sa. 25. 39. the blood of the men that went in jeowill sing praises unto thy name.

* P9.52.1,5,8. pardy of their lives? therefore he would 51 He is the tower of salvation for his 1P3.89.29,36. not drink it. These things did these three king; and sheweth mercy to his anointed,

mighty men.

kslain. unto David, and to his seed for evermore.? CHAPTER XXIII.

m Ps.78.70,71. the son of Zeruiah, was chief among

18 Ănd Abishai, the brother of Joab, Now these be the last words of David. 0 2 Pe. 1. 21. three : and he lifted up his spear against David the son of Jesse said, and the man

a great of

three hundred, k and slew them, and had who was raisedm up on high, the anointed


the name among three. of the God of Jacob, and the sweet psalm-hor, be thou 19 Was he not most honourable of three? istn of Israel, said,

ruler, &c. therefore he was their captain : howbeit 2 The Spirit of the LORD spake by Ps. 110. 2. he attained not unto the first three. me, and his word was in my tongue.

v lions of 20 And Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, the 3 The God of Israel said, the Rock of


son of a valiant man, of Kabzeel, who Israel spake to me, u He that ruleth over

p Pr. 31.9.

had done many acts, he slew two v lionlike men must be just,ruling in the fears of 9 Ex. 18. 21. men of Moab: he went down also and slew God:

2 Ch.19.7,9. a lion in the midst of a pit in time of snow:

p Pr. 4. 18. 4 And he shall be as the light“ of the

21 And he slew an Egyptian, a goodly morning, when the sun riseth, even

πα man of

man: and the Egyptian had a spear in

countemorning without clouds; as the tender

his hand; but he went down to him with

nance, or, grass springing out of the earth by clear

sight: call- a staff, and plucked the spear out of the shining after rain.s

ed, a man

Egyptian's hand, and slew him with his 5 Although my house be not so with God; of great sta- own spear. yet he hath made with me ant everlasting ture, 22 These things did Benaiah the son of covenant, ordered in all things, and sure: 1.Ch.11.23. Jehoiada, and had the name among three for this is all my salvation, and all my

& Ps. 72. 6.

mighty men.

tch.7.14.16. desire, although he make it not to grow.

23 He was a more honourable than the

Is. 55. 3. 6 But the sons of Belial shall be all of

thirty, but he attained not to the first them as thorns thrust away, because they

« Ps.73.25,26 three: and David set him over his guard. cannot be taken with hands :

por, honour

24 Asahel the brother of Joab was one able

among 7 But the man that shall touch them

of the thirty; Elhanan the son of Dodo

the, &c. must be = fenced with iron, and the staff

of Beth-lehem,

o at his comof a spear; and they shall be utterly

mand, or,

25 Shammah the Harodite, Elika the burned with firew in the same place.

Harodite, 8 These be the names of the mighty cil,

26 Helez the Paltite, Ira the son of Ikmen whom David had: • The Tachmonite 1 Sa. 22.14. kesh the Tekoite, that sat in the seat, chief among the cap- + filled. 27. Abiezer the Anethothite, Mebunnai tains; the same was Adino the Eznite : w Mat. 3. 10. the Hushathite, he lift up his spear against eight hundred, or, Josheb- 28 Zalmon the Ahohite, Maharai the whom xhe slew at one time.

bassebet, Netophathite, 9 And after him was Eleazar the son the Tach. 29 Heleb_ the son of Baanah, a Netoof Dodo the Ahohite, one of the three monite,

phathite; Ittai the son of Ribai out of mighty men with David, when they de- head of the Gibeah of the children of Benjamin, fied the Philistines that were there ga


30 Benaiah the Pirathonite, Hiddai of thered together to battle, and the men x slain. the ¥ brooks of Gaash, of Israel were gone away:

Wor, valleys. 31 Abi-albon the Arbathite, Azmaveth 10 He arose, and smote the Philistines

the Barhumite,


over coun

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