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An Amber glint,

A frosted veil,
A fronded surface

And a wail
Of zephyrs 'mid the green leaves.

Two lowered eyes;

Two parched lips
Drink at the pool;

A-joy there slips
A soul amid the green leaves!

It lingers there

In sweet repose,
Until the Clay

Withdraws its nose
From sniffing in the green leaves.

The soul returns,

The glint is gone,
The frosted veil

Is quite undone—
The Man sucks at the green leaves.

A moisten'd eye,
A fond regret;
"Can have one more?"
"Of course! You bet!"

John A. Moroso. New York City.

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Appomattox County, Va., Befo'-the-war Makes And Master Of A Famous Musical Instrument.

Its ter-rumpity, umpity, umpi-tum tum,

And they say that as music it's all on the bum,

But if anyone hand you

A tune from the banjo
Your soles will go pat to the plunkity strum;

To your head it will fly,

Your toes, too, you'll ply,
As over the boards you go humpity hum.

Without airs that are proud,

It will whoop up the crowd—
Make 'em glad they are livin' and kickin', by gum.

Edwin A. Herndon. Lynchburg.


To fair Virginia's purple peaks,

Her wave-washed shores and limpid creeks,

We raise on high our glass of cheer

In homage to our State most dear.

Her Sons of past and present fame,
The standard bearers of her name,
Forever in our hearts enshrined,
And in Virginia's honor twined.

But deeper still we drink the toast

To those who are the Southman's boast!

Our mothers true, who gave our lives:

Our Mothers, Daughters, Sweethearts, Wives!

Lily Tyler. East Radford, Virginia.


When we came into the mysteries of life she took us in her arms, coddled and cared for our every need, and through years of alternity day and night, with a self-effacement and docile, loyal love the world will never know again, she helped her "little lamhs" to grow familiar with the bonds and walls and limitations of a life.

She endured our flashes of temper with the fidelity with which a dog creeps back to lick the master's boot, and so in sun and shade through all the changes of our earthly life, she served and worshipped, swathed us for life, and shrouded for the tomb,

The First At The Cradle, The Last To Leave The Grave. God bless her!

Lily Patton Kearsley. East Radford, Virginia.

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