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Outwardlt Jackson was not a stone wall. He was An Avalanche from an Unexpected Quarter, A Thunder-bolt from a Clear Sky. And yet, in character and will he was more like a stone wall than any man I have ever known.

In the two years of his military career, he made a record of campaigns without a mistake, and of battles, in a just sense, without defeat; winning, in this brief time, The Confidence of his Superiors, The Worship of his Troops, The Wonder and Admiration of the World. Military Critics, Von Moltke among the number, pronounce Jackson's Shenandoah Campaign the finest example of strategy in the world's history.

Religion was everything to Jackson—it was the man himself. And as the years go by, he rises into the ranks of the Soldieb Saints Of Histoby.

James Powee Smith.

Aide-de-Camp to Jackson. Richmond.


Every. incident of my visit to General Lee is indelibly stamped on my memory. He was the greatest general, and, to me, seemed the greatest man I ever conversed with, and I have had the privilege of meeting Von Moltke and Bismarck.

General Lee was one of the few men who ever seriously impressed me with their natural and inherent greatness. Forty years have come and gone since our meeting, yet the

Majesty of his manly bearing,
The genial, winning grace,
The sweetness of his smile, and
The impressive dignity of his
Old-fashioned style of address

come back to me among the most cherished of my recollections.

His Greatness Made Me Humrle.

Viscount Wolseley,

Field Marshal of England.


Arraham Lincoln:

One of Those Rare Spirits which a few times only have appeared in human history!

The South's present estimate of Lincoln is so high—his life, character and achievements, that we of the South unite with our brethern of the North in placing him with Washington at the forefront of illustrious men whose lives and careers Adorn The Pages Op American History.

Governor of Louisiana.


Her Ivory Palaces have been destroyed; but Myrrh, Aloes and Cassia still breathe among her dismantled ruins.

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