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The virtues and graces of the beautiful and accomplished Women of the South have gilded its memories through every generation

With Unfading Splendor.

William H. Stewart, Grand Commander United Confederate Veterans.



Hail to the riders of the South
Who 'neath that banner fought

Which lowered in disaster now
Is yet with glory fraught.

The horsemen who with Stuart rode

Around the hostile ranks;
Or charged with Ashby at their head

By Shenandoah's banks.
To those who fought with Fitzhugh Lee;

Who followed Hampton's plume,
And made the Old Dominion's soil

With added laurels bloom.

The men who sped at Morgan's side

Like hawks upon the wing
And crossed the broad Ohio's tide

To teach invasion's sting.
The troopers who by Forrest led

On many a march and fray,
Through every danger found a path

Or made themselves a way.

And those who never backward looked

When Wheeler bade them go;
And those who o'er Missouri's plains

With Shelby chased the foe.
The rapid dash of Mosb/s band

Upon the camp at night;
And Terry's rangers rushing on

In thunder to the fight.

And still in many a Southern home

The Story will be told
Of how they dared the battle's wrath

In the brave days of old.

Basil W. Duke. Louisville, Kentucky.


Wkre I asked to name the most characteristic feature of this Idol of the South, my answer would be, "A complete absence of the melodramatic in all that he said and did."

All who had the privilege of his personal aquaintance at once recognized a character in which were blended

The Norlest Qualities Of Mind And Heart. Richmond.


"As one who wraps the drapery of his couch about him and lies down to pleasant dreams," so lies the matchless Lee—

Majestic And Serene!

The masterpiece of a genius dear to the Southland, and honored the world around for the matchless marble that will forever entwine the fame of Robert Edward Lee and Edward Valentine.

Juula Wyatt Bullard.

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