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To the United Daughters of the Confederacy: That body of women who, when the South had arisen from its ashes and desolation, banded themselves together to bind up the wounds of war,—building homes and establishing pensions for those who had given themselves and all they had for the Confederacy; erecting monuments to departed Confederate heroes; seeing that the children of the South were taught unbiased facts of history, and that new material was gathered and preserved for history yet unwritten.

The Southland bears abundant evidence of the labors of love performed by these devoted women; and the kindly aid that has come to them from men and women of the North must bind us closer and still closer as one people.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy: May they ever go forward with longer strides in their work and still greater love in their hearts For A Reunited Country!

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The public men of this country are those who shape its destinies and inspire its ethical life. Among the educational forces of this country none is superior to General Lee himself. He is no longer one of the heroes of the South, but of America.

His Stainless Life

was worth more than millions to the cause of education. The time is coming when the statue of General Lee will stand in the cities of the North as well as of the South, and it is already ripe for this recognition of his greatness.

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The Outlook.


Restrained in Victory, he wore Defeat as 't were a Laurel Wreath.

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To the man who is the recognized military genius of the war between the States!

He impersonated Saxon grit, which is the story of a thousand years.

His faith was that of the Scotch Covenanter; and whether he prayed or fought, he was dead in earnest.

In all the struggles of millions of men, on thousands of battlefields, no figure stands out more preeminently than he.

He had the soundest judgement. He kept his own counsel and struck where least expected.

"He was inspired," said General Ewell, and he inspired his troops to follow his lead without a question. They fought as he fought—like tigers.

Call the rolls of the battlefields on which victory perched upon his banners! Hero of First Manassas, Front Royal, Winchester, Cross Keys, Port Republic, Cedar Mountain, Bristoe Station, Second Manassas, Harper's Ferry, Sharpesburg, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville.

Such Is "stonewall" Jackson.

Sblden Longley. Radford, Virginia.


Old and battered and grim and rusty,

Lonely it hangs on the wall to-day.
Never a soldier had a friend so trusty,

In the weary camp and the bloody fray.
Oft 'twas dipped in the wandering river,

That sang to the seas so far away,
Now the old friend 's off duty forever,

Comrade staunch of a boy in gray.

Silent? Yes, but it tells a story,

Only for these old ears of mine;
Oft we went to the fields of glory,

Into the shadow and out in the shine.
Soon I'll be with my comrades sleeping,

Where the roses bloom and the grass is green,
Then on the wall, its vigils keeping,
Will dangle alone the old canteen.

T. C. Harraugh. •Casstown, Ohio.

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