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Expositions are the time-keepers of progress.
They record the world's advancement,
They stimulate the energy, the enterprise, and
The intellect of the people, and
Quicken human genius.

They go into the home. They broaden our daily lives. They open mighty storehouses Of information to the student. Every exposition, great or small, has helped some onward step. The good work will go on. It cannot be stopped. These buildings will disappear, this creation of art and beauty and industry will perish from sight, but their influence will remain to "make it live beyond its too short living with praises and thanksgiving."

Who can tell the new thoughts that have been awakened, the ambitions that have been fired, and the high achievements that will be wrought

Through This Exposition?

William Mckinley. Buffalo, September 5, 1902.

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The settlement of Jamestown marks alike the commencement of our noble commonwealth and our glorious union. There was the joint cradle of State and Nation.

From that small beginning grew Virginia, whose superb career added new majesty and glory to Statehood. There also arose the mighty Western Republic, whose prodigious shadow, as it projects itself into the future, startles the imagination and almost challenges the possibilities of human destiny.

This great historic episode is a veritable Jurilee Of Patriotism blending our past achievements and future possibilities. May the inspiring memories it engenders kindle our hearts with that fervid patriotism that animated our fathers and made them feel that public honor was private honor, public calamity private calamity, public success private success.

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You brave heroic minds
Worthy your country's name,

That honor still pursue
Whilst loitering hinds
Lurk here at home with shame,

Go and subdue!

Britons! you stay too long,
Quickly aboard bestow you,

And with a merry gale

Swell your stretch'd sail
With vows as strong
As the winds that blow you!

And cheerfully at sea

Success you still entice

To get the pearls and gold,

And ours to hold


Earth's only paradise.

Michael Drayton. Toast of the old English poet, to the Jamestown settlers when they sailed for Virginia, December 19, 1606.


A Far cry and long the hail,

Aback and adown the years,
From the bristling "regiments of the sea,"
To the craft of Newport's little fleet,

That roused the Ked Man's fears.

A little fleet of tiny ships,

That came like winged things,
From the myst'ry land beyond the deep,
To the wilderness of the unknown west,

Where deadly shaft had wings.

A far cry and long the hail,

A hail three hundred years,
From the doughty ships of Captain Smith,
To the modern giants with armor clad,

From which the twelve-inch peers.

But every clime, in homage felt,

Now sends its argosy,
From the nations great of all the earth,
To the honor of Freedom's warriors true,
Who won their Victory.

John T. MaGnnns. Norfolk.

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