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As long as they live we will love them and honor them. When they "cross over the river," may they "rest under the shade of the trees."

Mrs. Wm. R. Mckennet, President Virginia Division United Daughters Confederacy.




Virginia's Sons, of Val'rous deed,

Virginia's men of olden time,
Their blood was shed on battle-field,

Felled were they like oak and pine.

To them their cause seemed Just and True,
To them their State deserved their lives;

Would it be the same, 'twere I or You?
In righteous strife the True Man strives.

O. E. Fisher.


A Distinguished Frenchman, meditating amidst the graves of the soldiers of both sides at Arlington National Cemetery, said:

"Only a Great people is capable of a Great Civil War."

I would add that "Only a great People is capable of a Great Reconciliation."

Let us, People of the North and People of the South, prove additionally our claim to greatness by the

Greatness Of Oue Reconciliation.

Governor. Baton Rouge.


Reunited in the bonds of National fraternity, all sections of our beloved country now march shoulder to shoulder in the great forward movement of our people toward the achievement of their splendid destiny.

God grant that the spirit of fraternity may grow deeper and ever deeper, in this fair land of ours, and that distinctions of class, unjust discriminations as between man and man, the exactions of greed, and the sophistries of the demagogue may find no lodgment in the hearts of our people.



My heart's desire and prayer to God is that when the gates of this Exposition shall be closed in November next,

And the fleets of the world, which gracefully ride these waters, shall have turned their prows homeward,

That all the nations of the earth here represented, with mutual respect and admiration increased and strengthened by their mutual intercourse, may be cemented by the ties of an

Everlasting Friendship

that shall encircle the earth in one continuous band of unity and peace; and that those of our people who have gathered here from every part of the United States, for the purpose of kindling anew the fires of liberty in their hearts from these ancient altars, or with open hearts to renew the friendships of olden days, may with one heart and one voice joyfully unite in the aspiration of Massachusetts' great orator:

"Liberty and Union
One and Inseparable, Now and Forever."


President Jamestown Exposition Co. In address delivered Opening Day, April 26, 1907.

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