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This sacred spot is hallowed with priceless memories. The very air we breathe is fragrant with the incense of offerings laid upon the altars of liberty and constitutional government.

Here was made the first permanent settlement of the English race on this continent. Here the weary voyagers "sang the Lord's song in a strange land," and first established the Protestant church in this land.

Here this continent received its first baptism of English blood. Here the infant nation was nourished.

Here the first legislative assembly was established. Here the Magna Charta of American liberty, which culminated in the American republic, was received. Here were sown the seeds which ripened into the great American principles of human rights and liberty. Here success crowned the first armed resistance to British tyranny, and hurled from his palace, which stood upon this spot, a royal hireling.

With loving and devoted hands the women of this country have saved Mount Vernon from dilapidation and decay, and have made it the trysting place of a nation. With untiring devotion they have preserved the landmarks of our history.

To them now belongs the honor of rescuing from the ravages of the flood this island of Jamestown; this birthplace of the nation; this gateway of the greatest country the sun ever shone upon.

James Alston Carell.

Richmond. In address delivered at Jamestown Island May 9, in receiving the Gates erected by the Colonial Dames of America, and turned over to the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities.


To the foremost actor in the opening scene of Virginia history, whose rescue by the Indian maiden, Pocahontas, threw around it the glamour of romance; the man whose courage, energy and sagacity

Saved The Infant Colony From Destruction and made possible the glorious years of its subsequent history, years pregnant with heroic figures and stirring incidents— one of the most notable of them all the latest, this year of grace nineteen hundred and seven, in which a grateful people celebrate the tercentenary of the Jamestown Landing; the hardy and valiant adventurer, Captain John Smith.

J. M. Mcbryde, President Virginia Polytechnic Institute.


"the Lady Pocahontas, Powhatan's most precious jewel; "She next under God was the instrument to preserve this Colonic from "death,


"and Utter Confusion, which if in those times had once been dissolved, Virginia had laine as it was at our arrival to this day."

Captain John Smith, In "The True Relation of Virginia."

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The great English-speaking people, who hold to-day in their strong hands the destinies of the world, have two sacred spots where they first planted themselves and began their world's mission—Ebbsfleet in England and Jamestown in Virginia.

The history of our race from Ebbsfleet to Jamestown is one of heroic achievement, gleaming with glory in war and peace, in science and literature. During centuries of darkness, oppression and tyranny, our English ancestors alone preserved constitutional government and held aloft the torch of liberty. We are proud to be joint heirs in this priceless heritage of splendid deeds, which illumine forever the pathway of human progress arid endeavor. We are proud of the rock from which we are hewn. We are proud of its granite strength and solid proportions.

We are proud to speak the language of Shakespeare and Milton; proud to be of the blood of Hampden and Chatham. In this year of our jubilee, our hearts with abounding and abiding affection return to old England, and we wish all manner of happiness and prosperity to the land of our forefathers.

We hope in the coming years the colossal power possessed by these kindred people will never again be used against each other in contest and strife, but will ever be invoked and used for the enlightenment and advancement of all mankind.

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Hee story, sure, was fashioned out above,

Ere 'twas enacted on the scene below!

For 'twas a very miracle of love

When from the savage hawk's nest came the dove

With wings of peace to stay the ordered blow—

The hawk's plumes bloody, but the dove's as snow!

James Barron Hope.

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