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Here's to the Maize,

Gift of the Red Man!

The "Manna in the Wilderness"
to Jamestown Settlers!

"The last crust" to Lee's starving Gray-Coats prior to Appomattox!

The Gold of the great Prairies!

A Native of our good Soil, waving its green banners from the Lakes to the Gulf, from the Atlantic to the Pacific!

Fit Emrlem Of Oub Great Nation!

Julia Wyatt Buixabd.



Pocahontas, aylvan princess,
Fairy good, of pioneers;
Wand, a heart of gentle sweetness;
Soul prophetic, tender years.

Daughter of the Indian chieftain,
Feather White, of Powhata;
Sprite of mercy, in the forest;
To our fathers, Guiding Star!

Thou Matoaca! Woodland Angel;
Of Virginia, Nonpareil;
Thou took up the White Man's burden,
Saved him from a Savage hell.

Pocahontas, Sweet Preserver!
This the song, to thee we sing;
Down the pillared aisle of ages,
Echoed by a race shall ring.

John T. Maginwis



On the occasion of the celebration commemorating the Tercentenary of the foundation of the first English settlement on the American continent at Jamestown and the birth of the American nation, His Majesty's government wish to offer their warmest congratulations to the United States government on the magnificent progress and development which have brought the United States government into the first rank among the greatest nations of the world, not only in material prosperity, but also in culture and peaceful civilization.

The connection which must ever exist in history between the British and American nations will never be forgotten, and will contribute to increase and foster the ties of affection between the two peoples.

Edward VII, Rex.

Message of His Majesty, King Edward, delivered to President Roosevelt by Ambassador Bryce.


To the gentle daughter of a savage sire;

The dauntless savior of a gallant gentleman!
Loyal in her friendship,
Tender in her womanliness,
Picturesque in the pages of history, and
Pathetic in the brevity of her life,
Pocahontas, Princess And Pearl Of Virginia.

Nora L. C. Scott. Radford, Virginia.

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