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The North Star of the colonies, New Hampshire, joins with Virginia in celebrating the birth of Anglo-Saxon life, liberty and civilization on this continent; and in honoring the memory of Captain John Smith,

Dauntless Navigator Op Uncharted Seas,

Whose visit to our Isles of Shoals in 1619 is there recorded in graven stone.



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The State of the Pilgrim and the Puritan, where Plymouth Rock marks one of the corners of the great republic of the United States as Jamestown marks the other.

Side by side with Virginia Massachusetts led the way to the Revolution and to Independence.

"Massachusetts! There she is. Behold her, and judge for yourselves.

"There is her history; the world knows it by heart.

"The past, at least, is secure.

"There are Boston, and Concord, and Lexington, and Bunker Hill; and there they will remain forever.

"The bones of her sons, fallen in the great struggle for Independence, now lie mingled with the soil of every State from New England to Georgia,

"and There They Will Lie Foreveb."

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United States Senate.

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The home of the schoolmaster and the inventor and of the industrial pioneer. She loves the rough mechanic's arm and the gallantly of work. Her heart rings true to the music of the anvil, at the living forge by the running brook, or where the intellect of genius finds its lodge in the poet's soul.



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Although small In area, Rhode Island is great in
Civic Spirit,

Business Enterprise, and its Devotion to the Best Ideals Of Modern Civilization. Within these Plantations the deserving persecuted from every land first found religious freedom and liberty of conscience. To this great American trait of toleration we are proud to proclaim our leadership and our glory. We established a precedent which has been acknowledged by all States in the Union.

Rhode Island!

The most densely populated of all the States still remains true to her old traditions, and, in addition, stands for the highest and most thriving forms of business life and enterprise, as well as

For Purlic Moeality.

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Before the Pilgrim Fathers, whose memory we delight to honor, had moored the May Flower to Plymouth Rock, the adventurous Cavaliers had established themselves in Virginia, and the first permanent settlement of English-speaking people on the American continent was made at Jamestown.

New York was one of the provincial out-posts of Virginia— her territory extending as far as Nova Scotia, and Captain Smith writing King James in 1612, that the Dutch had taken possession of one of the Virginia islands—Manhattan.

It is especially fitting, therefore, that the foundation of the Jamestown Exposition should have been laid through an endorsement of Ex-President Grover Cleveland, a former Governor of New York, and that most of its subsequent success as a national and international celebration, should be due to the untiring and patriotic efforts of another former Governor of New York, President Theodore Roosevelt, who represents to-day the best type of the Twentieth Century American.

The State of ,^ew .York,, that, ,lives in the present, and contributes mod6iT. jsiatasmeh - of the Rocsevelt\alass, in participating in this -gieafc celebration, can afford to be generous as of old, when'Jay und",Mocris^ GilnurtL, and .Hamilton and Schuyler took (io'tosel wrfih Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Marshal, Mason, and Patrick Henry.

So here's to New York and Virginia, the North and the South, the Colonists of 1607 and the Colonists of 1609, to the Empire State of the Union and the Old Dominion and its present successor—the great New Virginia of 1907.

New York. Hugh Gordon Miller.

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