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Maryland: The State whose gallant sons saved Washington's army at Long Island, and left their bones on battlefields from Stony Point to Savannah; and whose just and firm statesmen secured for the nation the great territory of the West.

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Independence and National Union owe much to Virginia. She furnished the Author of the Great Declaration, the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, the prime mover for the most conspicuous figure in the Constitutional Convention, and the

Great Interpretek Of Our Fundamental Law.

The first President of the United States and six successors were born within her boundary, and when national authority was first imperilled a son of the Old Dominion, "Lighthorse Harry Lee," was called upon to head the forces the approach of which dispelled the threatening storm.

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Leader in war and in peace.

Mother of soldiers and of statesmen.

Home of Washington, Lee and Jackson, Of Jefferson, Madison and Monroe. May the memories of the past

Inspire Thy Sons Of The Future.

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Here's to North Carolina, where, in the year 1585, the first English settlement in the New World was attempted. Here was the birthplace of the first white child born of English parents,

Little Virginia Dare,

and here the first English prayer ever uttered on United States soil ascended to God for protection, and the first baptismal rites were here celebrated.

Here's To North Carouna!

where on May 20, 1775, in the County of Mecklenberg, her sturdy sons threw off the yoke of oppression, and where later the inhabitants of the same county earned for it from the British the distinction of the soubriquet, "The Hornet's Nest of America."

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Here's to North Carolina!

Next to the last State to secede from the Union, but, once enlisted, furnishing more troops to the cause they loved than any other State, and earning by the valor and the heroic deeds of its soldiers the right to inscribe on its monument

First At Bethel And Last At Appomattox!

Here's to North Carolina!

The home of true men and pure women. To thee we drink in trust and love and devotion, and declare in the words of the immortal State poet,

"Carolina! Carolina! Heaven's Blessings Attend Thee; While We Live We Will Cherish, Protect and Defend Thee!"

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