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Clarion my tone in years gone by,

Now silent I lie;
Once sounding the hope of the people I blessed,

Now voiceless I rest,

Peace—peace in my breast.
The high souls' ambition once roused me to speech
And I summoned the heroes to die in the breach—

Now tongueless am I.
No sound from me more—I have uttered for you

A note bold and true;
It rang out for aye, it is echoing still,

To stir and to thrill.
Dumb in my peace, would I peace e'er bestow—

May it ever be so;
May the threat of the tyrant forever be vain—

Else my ancient refrain
Will swell in brave hearts into music again.

Edwin A. Herndon. Lynchburg.



"Vmonfia, like the Mother of the Gracchi, when asked for her jewels, points to her sons."

Selected by Thomas Nelson Page.

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Virginia, standing on an eminence that overlooks three hundred years of endeavor, can proudly survey the pathway she has travelled. She has met perils which she bravely overcame, and encountered misfortunes which she proudly bore in silence and finally conquered. She has seen many fierce conflicts involving her rights, to which she has sent the noble sons whose courage and valor, superb military genius and achievements, have encircled her brow with unfading lustre.

The Voice which speaks to us from the past, the inspiration which springs from the present, the possibilities which crown the future, should arouse in all Virginians lofty aspirations and confirm the resolve to aid in every way possible our glorious State along the pathways of progress, growth and development.

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