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They found not pearls and gold
For which they came in quest

Across the trackless deep—
The Jamestown pioneers of old—
Instead, the priceless pearl of Freedom, vast,

For aye to keep;
The virgin gold of boundless Opportunity,
Which grows with ev'ry age more grand.

A golden harvest any man may reap
Who will. Yes, these the jewels rich
The Jamestown settlers found

Within the wilderness safe-keep.

Julia Wtatt Buixard. Radford, Va.



The Jamestown ExpositionGrover Cleveland 13

Vieginia HostessLucy Preston Beale 14

Cardinal Girrons' Trirute 15

ExpositionsPresident McKinley 16

A Jurilee Op PatriotismGovernor Swanson 17

Bon VoyageMichael Drayton 19

Long The HailJohn T. Maginnis 20

Our English AncestorsProfessor George W. Miles 21

JamestownHon. John Goode 22

The Unknown PioneerEllen Glasgow 23

On A Portraiture Of Captain John Smith 24

On A Portraiture Of Pocahontas 25

Jamestown IslandJames Alston Cabell 28

Captain John SmithDr. J. M. McBride 27

The Lady PocahontasCaptain John Smith 28

To Old EnglandGovernor Claude A. Swanson 29

PocahontasJames Barron Hope 30

Birth Of A NationJ. C. Wysor 31

A Vision of RaleighThomas Nelson Page 32

The Red ManJulia Wyatt Bullard 33

JamestownAnna L. Randolph Price 34

To PocahontasEvan R. Chesterman 35

Indian CornJulia Wyatt Bullard 36

MatoacaJohn T. Maginnis 37

King Edward's Greeting To America 39>

PocahontasNora L. C. Scott 4*

The Tercentenary Message Of Our Ancient Mother-

LandRight Honorable James Bryce 41

PocahontasMiriam Sheffey 42

To The Jamestown ChurchRev. William A. Barr 43

At Jamestown Church TowerJohn T. Maginnis 45

New HampshireGov. Charles M. Floyd 49

MassachusettsHenry Cabot Lodge 50

To ConnecticutGovernor Rollin 8. Woodruff 51

Toast To Rhode IslandGovernor James H. Higgins... 52

New York And VirginiaHugh Gordon Miller 53

New JerseyGovernor E. C. Stokes 54

To New Jersey-Prof. Henry Dallas Thompson 55

Pennsylvania And VirginiaCol. A. K. McClure 57

DelawareGeorge H. Dick and M. H. Arnold 58


MarylandDr. Ira Remsen 59

VirginiaLeslie M. Shaw 60

To VirginiaWilliam Jennings Bryan 61

Toast To North CarolinaGovernor R. B. Glenn 62

The Old North StateGovernor R. B. Glenn 63

South CarolinaGovernor Martin F. Ansel 64

To South CarolinaDr. Benjamin Sloan 65

To GeorgiaPresident Theodore Roosevelt. 67

The Empire State Of The SouthDr. Francis H. Orme.. 68

A Sister Across The SeaAttorney General Bonaparte.. 69

The Order Of The CincinnatiHeth Lorton 70

To The National Society Colonial Dames Of America

Mrs. Catherine Cabell Cox 71

The Daughters American RevolutionMrs. Donald Mc-

Lean 72

Daughters American RevolutionLucy Claire Atkinson 73

The Lirerty BellEdwin A. Herndon 74

VirginiaGovernor Claude A. Swanson 77

VirginiaAmelia Rives, Princess Troubetzkoy 79

"sic Semper Tyrannis"Julia Wyatt Bullard 81

WilliamsrurgProfessor J. Leslie Hall 82

William And Mary CollegePresident Lyon G. Tyler... 83

To The University Of VirginiaPresident Edwin A.

Alderman 84

Washington And Lee UniversityPresident George H.

Denny 85

Bruton Parish ChurchRev. W. A. R. Goodwin 87

Old St. JohnsMrs. Nora L. C. Scott , 89

Hollywood CemeteryEvan R. Ghesterman 90

VirginiaWalter Edward Harris 91

To Mary Draper InglesJulia Wyatt Bullard 93

To The Old Colonial Homes Of Virginia 95

Mrs. Claude A. SwansonJulia Wyatt Bullard 96

To VirginiaSenator Hoar 97

VirginiaSelected 98

The F. F. V.'s—Lily Tyler 99

VirginiaEdward Fairfax Naulty 100

Old Virginia Selected 101

Aunt Jemimy's ToastCatty Ryland 103

To Ol' Ferginny Eattn'Anne Virginia Culbertson 104

ToraccoThe Idle Reporter (Evan R. Chesterman) 105

To The Nameless UnpobgottenEdwin A. Herndon.... 106

The JulepJohn A. Moroso 107

To Joe SweeneyEdwin A. Herndon 109

VirginiaLily Tyler 110

To The Old Black MammyMrs. Lily Patton Kearsley.All

George SandysMary Johnston 112

The Writers Of VirginiaAnne Pendleton 113

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