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To Virginia, who gave the "Fifth Kingdom" to England, but who gives the first to all who love her.

Princess Troubetzkoy. "Castle Hill," Virginia.

The London Company seal, adopted in 1619, bore the motto, "En dat Virginia quintum." Behold Virginia gives the Fifth Kingdom.



Here's to Virginia, Columbia's first child,
Born of the Sea and the Western Wild,
With the light of the skies
In her glorious eyes.

Wilderness-cradled, her lullaby song—

The beauty of honor, the shame of wrong;

While the lesson she learned at her mother's breast

Was courage to bleed for the weak and oppressed.

Eating all tyrants from earliest breath,
Shirking not danger, and fearing not death,
The seal that she set on her banner of blue
Oft-dyed its fair azure to deep crimson hue.

"Sic Semper Tyrannis!" Brave pledge of the State
That death shall be ever the tyrant's quick fate!
Extend round the world thy great gospel of Right,
'Til Freedom dispelleth Oppression's dark night!

Juija Wyatt Buixard.


The ancient capital, the oldest city in Virginia, is the Mecca of patriots.

Here stands the venerable college, the Alma Mater of statesmen, poets, and orators.

Here stands Bruton, "The Westminster Abbey of Virginia," within whose walls the founders of Virginia worshipped the God of their fathers, and acquired that "ghostly strength" which enabled them, first to conquer themselves and then to conquer the savage and bruise the paw of the British lion.

Our streets reecho the footsteps of men who builded commonwealths, wrote declarations, and drafted constitutions for generations yet unborn.

About us echo the tones of orators who thrilled listening senates and made tyrants totter on their thrones.

Williamsburg, the City of William, ever reminds the traveller, by her very name, that tyranny shall perish from the earth.

J. TjEHT.TB Haix.

William and Mary College.


The Alma Maler of the Makers of the Nation, the nursery of Free Principles, and the Pioneer of Higher Education in the South.

President William and Mary College. Williamsburg, Virginia.

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