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The home of deep reverence for human freedom—intellectual, moral and religious—which filled the soul of her great Father and Founder. The birthplace in American academic life of the Elective System in Studies; the Honor System in Discipline; the Merit System in Awards.

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Endowed by George Washington.

Administered by Robert E. Lee.

The Heir Of Their Fame.

The guardian of their noble concept of public duty and private sacrifice.

Seeking to embue the youth of the nation with the desire of service.

Rejoicing in the splendid record of her sons in every sphere of honorable activity throughout every section of our own country and in foreign lands.

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Old Bruton is the noblest monument of religion in America. Notwithstanding the devastating touch of time, the building has stood for well-nigh two centuries, a witness to the continuity of the Church and the faith and devotion of the Nation Builders.

Bruton, in 1699, became the successor to the church at Jamestown as

Court Church Of Colonial Virginia.

Here, in pew elevated above the floor and canopied with silk, surrounded by their Council of State, worshipped the colonial governors, wearing the insignia of their authority as the representatives of old England's Kings and Queens.

As the Church at Jamestown ministered to the men who first established Civilization in America, so Bruton ministered to those who through the State Constitution and the Declaration of Independence by Congress, helped to establish upon a firm and lasting foundation the government of the Federal Republic.

Shadowing and sheltering the tombs of the ancient and honored dead, the Old Church, enriched by hallowed associations, has stood

"A link among the days, to knit
The generations each to each."

Preserved and restored, it is commended to the loving care of Virginia and to the patriotic interest of the Nation whose foundations it helped to lay by invoking upon the endeavors of the warriors and statesmen of the past the blessings of the God of Battles, who is the author of Liberty and Peace.

W. A. R. Goodwin,


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