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at, 82. Early condition of, 87-88. Taken Scott river, 190.
possession of by the Americans, 96- SEALS of Alaska and Newfoundland, 650
99. First house built in, 117. Early 656.
commerce and newspapers, 117-123.

SEALs and sea-lions, 239-240.
Rush for the gold-mines from, 117–123.

SEA of Cortez, the Gulf of California, 151.
First steamer arrived at, 125. Destroyed

SEASONS and climate, 292-305.
four times, 134. Real estate and rents, SERRA, Father, at the head of the missions,
136. Chinese in, 426-429.

47–48. At San Diego, 49-50.
San Gabriel mission founded, 52

SETTLEMENT, of America, 33–39. Of New
San Inez mission founded, 52.

England and Virginia, 36. First, in
San Joaquin county, area, soil, climate, re- California, 49-51. First, of California,

sources, population, cities, &c., 490-491. 58–59. In Oregon, 71-75. Of Sitka,
SAN Joaquin river, 182.

65. Of San Francisco, 116-123.
San Jose mission founded, 52.

SEWARD's, W. H., purchase of Alaska, 70-
San Jose, loss of, 48.

San Juan Bautista mission founded, 52. SEYMOUR, British admiral, outdone in his
SAN Juan Capistrano founded, 52.

designs on California, 93-99.
SAN Juan island and its occupancy, 641. SHASTA county, area, soil, climate, re-
San Lorenzo river, 186.

sources, population, &c., 477–478.
San Luis Rey de Francia mission founded, SHEEP and wool in California, 154, 342–

344. In Oregon, 538–539.
San Luis bay, 192.

SHELL money of the natives, 205.
San Luis Obispo county, area, soil, climate, SHIP-BUILDING on the Pacific coast, 369–

productions, population, &c., 448–449. 370. On Puget sound, 370.
San Luis Obispo mission founded, 52. SHIPPING and commerce, 377-381. Of
San Mateo county, area, soil, climate, pro- Oregon, 537-539.
ductions, population, &c., 452-453.

SHOSHONE falls, Idaho, 608.
Santa Maria river, 185.

SHRUBS, plants, flowers, and grasses, 167-
San Miguel mission founded, 52.

San Miguel island, 205.

SHUBRICK, Commodore, in California, 108.
San Nicolas island, 203.

Sierra county, area, soil, climate, re-
San Pedro bay, 191.

sources, population, &c., 518–519.
San Rafael mission founded, 53.

SIERRA Nevada mountains, Fremont and
SANTA Rosa island, 204.

his party in, 83-85. Climate of, 157-
SAVANNAH and Preble take the town of 161. Mineral wealth and extent of, 523–
Monterey, 93-95.

525. In Nevada, 541. In the Far West,
SCHOUTEN in the Pacific ocean, 36.
Schools, colleges, education, books, news. Silk and the silk-worm, 340–341.

papers, intelligence, 382-400. In San SiSKiYOU county, area, soil, climate, for.
Francisco, 454-466. In Oregon, 539. ests, resources, population, &c., 474-
In Utah, 551. In Washington Territory, 476.

Sitka founded, 65. With Alaska, pur.
Schools, first, in California, 118.

chased by the United States, 70–71, 645.
School lands of California, 318-319. Location, population, climate, &c., 653-
SCIENTIFIC agriculture, earliest efforts to es- 655.

tablish, in Europe and America, 388–395. SLAVERY of Chinese in America, 440.


“ STEVENSON's regiment” in California, 97.
ST. GEORGE and St. Paul, Alaska, 650–656.
STOCKTON, Commodore, in Califórnia, 96-

97. In command at Monterey, 102–105.
STRAIT of Fuca, discovery, early history,

and voyages to; Captains Gray and Cook

at, 616-625.
STRAWBERRIES, season of, 332.
SULPHUR in California, 280.
SUNOL, Antonio M., early settler in Cali.

fornia, 79.
SUTRO tunnel and the Comstock lode, 271–

SUTTER county, area, soil, climate, re-

sources, population, &c., 481-482.
SUTTER, John A., in the revolutions, 63.

Purchases Russian property, 70-71.
Fremont at his home, 84. Gold discovo

ered at his mill, 119–123.
SUTTER's fort, Fremont at, 92-93.
Swan lake, 176.
“SYDNEY ducks," a riotous rabble, 134.

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Tar springs, 210.
TAYLOR, General, in Mexico, 93.
Tea, its culture and variety, 335-339. Im-

ports of, 380.
TELEGRAPH on the Pacific coast, 371–374.
TEMPERATURE in various parts of the world,

302–304. In the several counties of Cali.

fornia, 443-523.
TEMPERATE habits of the Chinese, 436.
TENNENT, brig, enters the Columbia river,

“ TERRESTRIAL paradise on the Pacific,
“THE same Brown," 68.
Thieves, robbers, and vagabonds, 408-413.
TIERRA, Salva, visits California, 44-46.
Time in various places, 371–374.
Timothy and clover not universally grown,

SLOAT, Commodore, takes possession of

California, 92–106.
SMALL feet of Chinese women, 438.
Smith, Captain Jedediah, first man over-

land, 75-79. His troubles and letters in
California, 76–79. Finally slain on the
Cimarron river, 78. First American in

California, 79.
SMITH, Joseph, the “prophet,” founder of

Mormonism, 566-600.
SMITH river, 189.
SNAKE river, Idaho, 608.
Snow blockade on railroads, 367.
SOLANO county, area, soil, climate, re-

sources, population, &c., 484-485.
SONOMA county, area, resources, soil, cli-

mate, productions, geysers, population,

SONOMA, capture of, 90-93. Fremont in:

appointed governor, 92.
SOUTHERN Pacific railroad, 603-606.
SPANISH navigators on the coast of Cali-

fornia, 35-38. Rule in, 44-54. Galle-
ons on the coast of California, 47. Rule
in California, 57–59, 87-89, 114. Jealous

of Russians, 59.
SPANISH grints, 315.
SPEECHES of Mexicans relating to Cali.

fornia, 97-100. Of Thomas H. Benton,

“SPIRITUAL" conquest of California, 4449.
SPRINGS in California, 207.
STANISLAUS county, area, soil, climate, re-

sources, population, &c., 491-493.
STATE, California organized as a, HI.

Area and resources of, 151–159.
STATE of Deseret seeks admission into the

Union, 583-584.
STATE laws respecting homestead, separate

property, exemptions, and divorce, 415-

STATE prison and its occupants, 408-413.
STATE university and school, 390.
Stars and stripes hoisted, 92–99.
STEAMERS, first,in California, 118-125, 138–

139. Sailing to various ports and coun-
tries, 367–369.

« The Book of Constant Purity,” 197.
The Bridal Vail, 219.
The California, first steamer in California,

“The Cross” planted in California, 40-49
The “Dome" of Yosemite, 217.
The flea in California, 244.
The Five Classics and Four Books, 431.
The Golden Rule of Confucius, 432.
“ The last tie and the last spike,” 365.
THE place for the boys, 392.

169, 323.
Tin in California, 280-281.
TOBACCO in California, 325.
TOMALES bay, 198.
Towns in the counties of California, 443–

TRANS-CONTINENTAL railroads, 359–367.
TRAPPERS on the Pacific coast and in the

Rocky mountains, 71-80.
TREATY of Utrecht, 72. Of Ghent, 74.

Between Russia and the United States,
70–71. Between Mexicans and Ameri.
cans, 106-107. Of Guadalupe Hidalgo,
110-115. With France and Spain, 113-

TREASURE and commerce compared, 377–

Trees, fruits, and herbs, 329–331.
TRINITY county, area, soil, climate, re-

sources, population, &c., 476–477.
TRINITY bay, 200.
TRINITY river, 189.
TRUCKEE lake, 177.
TULARE county, area, soil, climate, re-

sources, population, &c., 497-498.
TULARE lake, 171.
TUOLUMNE county, area, soil, climate,

mountains, forests, resources, population,
&c., 508-510.

interested in exploration, 78–79. Con.
gress projects Wilkes' expedition to the
Pacific, 80-82. Seeks pass to the Co-
lumbia river, 82-85. Takes possession
of California, 92-106. Officials and so!
diers in California, 92–109. War with
Mexico, 110. Gold discovery in and
product of, 250–253. Mining laws, 281-
289. Aid to railroads, 363-364. Branch
mint and coinage, 373–377. Establishes
agricultural colleges, 388-400. Courts,
418. Chinese and Japanese in, 420-441.
Acquisition of Oregon and other terri-
tory, 526-529. Religious denominations
of, 565. Acquires Alaska, 656. Popu-
lation of, 658. Yellowstone Park, 628.

Aid to Northern Pacific railroad, 630,
UNION Pacific railroad, 363-366.
UTAH, precious metals in, 267. Chinese

in, 423. Newspapers in, 465. Area,
climate, mines, soil, rivers, lakes, agri.
culture, Mormons, population, cities, de-
velopment, religion, 549-600. Popula-

tion of, 661.
UTRECHT, treaty of, 72. As applied to

the Northwest boundary, 112-115.

UGARTA, Father, in California, 46–47.
Ulloa, Francisco de, explores Lower Cali-

fornia, 41.
“ UNCLE Sam” showing his authority on

the Pacific, 70-71.
UNITED States, encourages Captain Gray,

67-80. Settles difficulties between Russia
and Mexico, 70–71. Citizens ordered
out of California, 67–69. Purchases
Alaska, 70–71. Northern boundary, 72.
War with Great Britain, 73. Congress

VAGABONDS, quacks, thieves, and villains,

VALLEJO, General, at the head of military

affairs, 60-64, 86-89. Taken prisoner,
90. Favors the Americans: his speech,

VALLEYS and mountain ranges, 170. For-

mation, 289-291. Flowers on, 304-305.
VANCOUVER island and British Columbia,

637-639. Boundary of, 112.
VANCOUVER in the Pacific, 36. Island

named, 37, 66.
VEGETABLES, early, in the mines, 130-

143. Production of, 325-326. And
chief productions of each county in Cali.

fornia, 443-523.
VICEROY of Mexico's interests in California,

42, 43-49.
VICTORIA and Vancouver island, 637.

VINCENNES at San Francisco, 82.

White Sulphur springs, 208. Soda springs,
VIRGINIA and other cities of Nevada, 209.

Widows restrained from marrying, 438.
VIRGINIA, first settlement in, 36.

WIFE's separate property, 416.
VISCAYNO, Spanish explorer, on the coast Wild oats in California, 169, 323.

of California, 36. Reaches San Diego, Wild game in Oregon, 536.

43-44; and Monterey, 44-45, 65. Wilkes', Commodore, expedition to the
VOLCANIC eruptions and indications, 220- Pacific coast, 80-82.

Willis in the Pacific ocean, 36.
VOYAGES and explorations on the Pacific WINE and grapes, 332–334. Shipment of,
coast, 64-80.


Wives of the “Saints,” 594-600.
WALKING, how the Chinese do, 439. WOMAN among the Mormons, her con.
WALLAMET valley and its resources, 537-

dition, &c., 554.

Wool in California, 154. In Oregon, 538.
WALLAMET falls, Oregon, 530.

WORSHIP of the Chinese, 433-435.
WALLAMET river and its navigation, 531-

XIMINES explores Lower California, 41.
WALNUTS, fruits, and berries, 330–332.
War in California, 89–106. Between the YANKEE revolution in California, 60–61.

United States and Mexico, 110. Of Still bothersome, 62–63. Enterprise on
Queen Anne and Louis XIV, 113–114. the Pacific coast, 66–87. Merchant id
With the Mormons, 584-585.

the mines, 131-132.
WARM springs, 208.

YELLOWSTONE valley, its geysers, beauties.
WASHINGTON Territory, Hudson Bay Com. and wonders, 628.

pany in, 74-75. Wilkes visits wreck of YELLOWSTONE national park, the largest;
Japanese junk in, 80–82. Gold product in the world, 628.
of, 267. Rainfall, 300. Ship-building YERBA Buena, first settlement at, 117.
in, 370. Chinese in, 423. Newspapers YERBA Buena, or Goat island, 196.
in, 465. Area, climate, soil, mountains, YOLO county, area, soil, climate, resources,
rivers, harbors, forests, mines, fish, pop- population, &c., 481-482.
ulation, resources, railroads, &c., 613. YOSEMITE valley and falls, 158, 214-220.
Population, Chinese, &c., 631.

Location of, &c., 507.
WATERFALLS, Yosemite, and others, 214- Young, Brigham, converted to Mormonism:
220. Wallamet, Oregon, 530.

his birth and eventful career, 576–600.
West Indies, Coolyism in the, 440. YUKON river, its extent, &c., 648.
WHALEs in the Pacific, 245.

YUBA county, area, soil, climate, resources,
WHEAT in California, 154-305. Product population, &c., 480-481.

of the State of California, 320. In the YUBA river, 182.
several counties, 443-523. In Oregon,
537. In Nevada, Oregon, and other “ Zion, which never shall be moved,” 575.
places, 544

ZOOLOGY of California, 236-247.

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