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Agriculture Department:

Acting Secretary and Under Secretary, designation (EO 7465)
Appointment of Mrs. Eva Sweeney (EO 7367)
Commodity Credit Corporation, transfer of certain stock to Secretary of Treasury

(EO 7848)
Lands, jurisdiction over. See Lands, public.
Migratory birds, regulations (Proc. 2194, 2200, 2206, 2245, 2264, 2274)
Personnel regulations (EO 7702)
Plant Industry, Bureau of; withdrawal of lands (EO 7504)
Resettlement Administration, transfer of functions to Department (EO 7530,

Soul Conservation Service:

Appointment of J. V. Taylor (EO 7619)

Land withdrawal in Nevada (EO 7588)
Veterinarians, exceptions from civil service examination (EO 7400)

Wildlife refuges, jurisdiction over. See Wildlife refuges.
Air Commerce, Bureau of; employees, civil service regulations (EO 7853)
Alaska Communications System, withdrawal of land (EO 7448)
Alaska Railroad:

Authorization to engage in ocean-going and coastwise transportation (EO 7498)

Withdrawal of lands for (EO 7448, 7841)
Alaska Road Commission, withdrawal of lands (EO 7354, 7783)
Alderman, Clarence E.; exemption from compulsory retirement (EO 7861)

See also Immigration.
Documents required for entrance into U.S. (EO 7865)

Seamen, regulations for entrance into U.S. (EO 7797)
Alley Dwelling Authority, designation of Architect of the Capitol as member (EO

American Education Week, 1936 (Proc. 2199)
American National Red Cross, flood relief (Proc. 2161, 2222)
American Samoa, documents required of aliens entering U.S. (EO 7865)
Angelina National Forest (Proc. 2202)
Animals, domestic; duty-free return of border strays to U.S. (Proc. 2262)
Apache Migratory Waterfowl Refuge (EO 7678)
Apache National Forest (EO 7678)
Apalachicola National Forest (Proc. 2169)
Aransas Migratory Waterfowl Refuge (EO 7784)
Arapaho National Forest (EO 7386, 7513, 7572)
Arcadia Fish Hatchery (EO 7752)
Architect of the Capitol, designation as member of Alley Dwelling Authority (EO


Archives, National:

Division of Maps and Charts (EO 7688)
Armed Forces:

Distinguished Flying Cross; regulations (EO 7786)
Homesteads in Alaska (EO 7835)
Pay and allowances:
Compensation for appreciation of foreign currencies (EO 7403, 7766)

Ethiopia (EO 7547)

Soviet Union (EO 7785)
Quarters and subsistence (EO 7831)
Reserve officers called to active duty with Civilian Conservation Corps (EO

Armistice Day:

1936 (Proc. 2207)

1937 (Proc. 2258)
Arms, ammunition, and implements of war:
Exports, embargo on:

Ethiopia (Proc. 2179)
Italy (Proc. 2179)

Spain (Proc. 2236)
Prohibited articles, enumeration (Proc. 2163, 2237)
Armstrong, Douglas; Director of Police, Virgin Islands; waiving of rules for local

office holding by Federal employees (EO 7648)
Armstrong, Harry C.; exemption from compulsory retirement (EO 7611)
Army. See War Department.
Army Air Service, withdrawal of land (EO 7375)
Army Day:

1936 (Proc. 2162)
1937 (Proc. 2229)

1938 (Proc. 2275)
Arnold, Mrs. Jessie Scott; reinstatement to position in classified service (EO 7874)
Attorney General, See (EO 7858, 7894, 7901)
Austin, Joseph W.; exemption from compulsory retirement (EO 7565)
Australia, duties on articles of growth, produce, and manufacture (Trade Agree-

ment Letters of June 26, 1936; January 25, 1938; April 6, 1938)
Austria, duties on articles of growth, produce, and manufacture (Trade Agreements

Letter of April 6, 1938)
Aviation Day, National (Proc. 2238)



Bailey, Harry O.; exemption from compulsory retirement (EO 7597)
Bailey, John W., Jr.; reinstatement as Foreign Service officer (EO 7634)
Baird Fish Hatchery (EO 7810)
Baker Island, jurisdiction; Interior Department (EO 7368)
Banks and banking; Second Export-Import Bank of Washington, D.C., dissolution

(EO 7365)
Beal, Walter H.; exemption from compulsory retirement (EO 7769)
Beaman, William M.; exemption from compulsory retirement (EO 7566)
Bean, Lemuel W.; exemption from compulsory retirement (EO 7456)
Belligerent states; export of arms, ammunition, and implements of war to (Proc. 2163,

2179, 2236, 2237)
Benham, William B.; appointment without regard to civil service rules (EO 7633)
Benton Field, Calif. (Army Air Corps Flying Field); transfer of jurisdiction to Navy

Department (EO 7467)
Berry, George L.; designation as Coordinator for Industrial Cooperation (EO 7324)
Bienville National Forest (Proc. 2175, EO 7412)
Biggers, John D.; appointment as administrator of unemployment census (EO 7711)
Bird, Mrs. Mary G.; appointment without regard to civil service rules (EO 7737)
Birds. See Migratory birds and game animals; Wildlife refuges.
Bitter Lake Migratory Waterfowl Refuge (EO 7724)
Bituminous Coal Act of 1937, effective date of code (EO 7640)
Black Canyon, Gunnison National Monument (Proc. 2286)
Black Coulee Migratory Waterfowl Refuge (EO 7801)
Black Warrior National Forest (Proc. 2178)

Blackwood, Henry; exemption from compulsory retirement (EO 7401)
Boards. See Committees, boards, etc.
Boise Barracks Military Reservation, Idaho (EO 7798)
Bolling Field, District of Columbia; transfer of land from Army to Navy (EO 7697)
Bombay Hook Migratory Waterfowl Refuge (EO 7643)
Bonded warehouses (Proc. 2214, 2265, 2266)
Bourn, Frank B.; exemption from compulsory retirement (EO 7863)
Bowerman, George F.; exemption from compulsory retirement (EO 7892)
Boyd, Frank L.; exemption from compulsory retirement (EO 7753)
Bradfield, Dr. J. Davis; exemption from compulsory retirement (EO 7820)
Budget Bureau:

Emergency funds, reports on allocations and obligation (EO 7540)

National Emergency Council, transfer of property to (EO 7709–A, 7776)
Burns Subsistence Homesteads, Harney County, Oreg. (EO 7546)
Butler, William J.; appointment as park ranger (EO 7346)

Cache National Forest (EO 7378)
California, San Clemente Island established as defensive sea area (EO 7747)
Camas Migratory Waterfowl Refuge (EO 7720)
Camel hair imports (Proc. 2217, 2267)
Camp Eagle Pass Military Reservation, Texas; transfer to Treasury Department

(EO 7356)
Department of National Revenue authorized to inspect certain tax returns

(EO 7718)
Red cedar shingles, exports to U.S. (EO 7575, 7701, 7822)
Canal Zone. See Panama Canal.
Cancer Control Month, 1938 (Proc. 2277)
Cannon, Luther S.; exemption from compulsory retirement (EO 7754)
Canton Island, jurisdiction of Interior Department (EO 7828)
Cape Romain Migratory Bird Refuge (EO 7316)
Capitol Reef National Monument (Proc. 2246)
Carlton, Charles J.; exemption from compulsory retirement (EO 7876)
Carson National Forest (EO 7361, 7698)
Cedar Keys Bird Refuge (EO 7484)
Channel Islands National Monument (Proc. 2281)
Chapin, Vinton; reinstatement as Foreign Service officer (EO 7358)
Charles Sheldon Wildlife Refuge (EO 7364, 7522)
Chattahoochee National Forest (Proc. 2184, 2263)
Chautauqua Migratory Waterfowl Refuge (EO 7524)
Chelan National Forest (EO 7803)
Chequamegon National Forest (Proc. 2218, 2219, 2271)
Cherokee National Forest (Proc. 2183, 2184, 2185)
Child Health Day:

1936 (Proc. 2164)
1937 (Proc. 2231)

1938 (Proc. 2278)

Bureau, 25th anniversary (Proc. 2231)
Chilocco Homesteads, Kay County, Okla. (EO 7546)

Aliens entering U.S., documents (EO 7865)

Consular fees for travel certificate (EO 7712)
Chippewa National Forest (Proc. 2216)
Chugach National Forest (EO 7353, 7610, 7781)
Cigar lighters, imports (Reciprocal Tariff Letters of November 9, 1936; February 20,

1937; July 22, 1937)
Civil service:

Annual leave. See Leave.

Competitive or classified status. See Competitive or classified status.
Exceptions to civil service rules in various agencies:

Civil service Continued
Appointments Continued

Agriculture Department:

Sweeney, Mrs. Eva (EO 7367)
Taylor, J. V. (EO 7619)

Veterinarians (EO 7400)
Customs Bureau:

Gwinn, Louis Hunter (EO 7318)

Tobacco examiner (EO 7550)
Dailey, Mrs. Lucille Coy (EO 7351)
Farm Credit Administration, Mrs. Mary G. Bird (EO 7737)
Indian Affairs Bureau (EO 7423)
Interior Department (EO 7422)
Justice Department:

Benham, William B. (EO 7633)

Quinn, Thomas D. (EO 7827)
National Park Service, William J. Butler (EO 7346)
Naval Academy (EO 7427)
Navy Department:

Ensminger, Mrs. Lucile (EO 7905)

Evans, Mrs. Gertrude Pullman (EO 7432)
Post Office Department:

Gilley, Mrs. Etta May (EO 7592)
Kinnahan, Bernard J. (EO 7778)

Oblock, Jacob (EO 7654)
Railroad Retirement Board, executive positions (EO 7342)
St. Elizabeths Hospital, Dr. Winfred Overholser (EO 7710)
Social Security Board (EO 7366)

Maher, Amy G. (EO 7899)
Treasury Department (EO 7550)
General Accounting Office, appointments extended for certain employees

(EO 7630)
Post Office Dept., appointment of first, second, and third class postmasters

(EO 7421)
Labor Department, special assistant for Secretary (EO 7393)

Unclassified laborers, regulations (EO 7811)
Competitive or classified status, acquisition by certain employees:

Air Commerce Bureau (EO 7853)
Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works (EO 7732)
Interior Department, acquisition by Ruth Hampton (EO 7472)
Lighthouse service (EO 7852)
National Labor Relations Board (EO 7587)
Public Health Service, certain employees (EO 7809)
Regulations, amendment (EO 7408)

Rural Electrification Administration, transfer of personnel to (EO 7458)
Emergency funds, employees paid from (EO 7333, 7446, 7570, 7609, 7660)
Foreign duty personnel:

Navy Department (EO 7404)
Regulations, amendment (EO 7746)

War Department (EO 7405)
Foreign Service, reinstatements. See main entry Foreign Service.

December 24, 1936 (EO 7499)
December 26, 1936 (EO 7499)
January 2, 1937 (EO 7499)
September 17, 1937 (EO 7700)

December 24, 1937 (EO 7763)
Housing Authority; field service, employee regulations (EO 7872)

Annual and sick (EO 7321, 7409, 7410, 7845, 7846, 7879, 7880)

Grand Army of the Republic Parade, excused to attend (EO 7450)
National Training School for Boys, Civil Service Act amendment (EO 7372)
Personnel regulations:

Agriculture Department (EO 7702)
Marine Corps (EO 7661)
Military Academy, U.S. (EO 7370, 7815)

Civil service Continued
Personnel regulations Continued

Navy Department (EO 7661)
Postal service (EO 7738)
Prisons, Bureau of (EO 7551)

Public Health Service (EO 7459, 7878)
Post Office Department:
Employees, certain, transferred from Star Route Service Bureau to Postal

Service (EO 7644)
Postal field service, holiday or seasonal regulations (EO 7487, 7738)

Postal service employee regulations (EO 7738)
Railroad Administration, transfer of records (EO 7542)
Reemployment benefits (EO 7389)

Arnold, Mrs. Jessie Scott (EO 7874)
Kelley, Robert F. (EO 7626)

Regulations, amendment (EO 7389)
Retirement (EO 7887)

Employees on Isthmus of Panama (EO 7687)
Retirement, compulsory; exemption of certain officers:

Alderman, Clarence E. (EO 7861)
Armstrong, Harry C. (EO 7611)
Austin, Joseph W. (EO 7565)
Bailey, Harry O. (EO 7597)
Beal, Walter H. (EO 7769)
Beaman, William M. (EO 7566)
Bean, Lemuel W. (EO 7456)
Blackwood, Henry (EO 7401)
Bourn, Frank B. (EO 7863)
Bowerman, George (EO 7892)
Boyd, Frank L. (EO 7753)
Bradfield, Dr. J. Davis (EO 7820)
Cannon, Luther S. (EO 7754)
Carlton, Charles J. (EO 7876)
Colburn, Milton F. (EO 7682)
Cooke, Charles Lee (EO 7419)
Corbett, Lee C. (EO 7709)
Cotton, William E. (EO 7428)
DeHart, George C. (EO 7657)
Dickens, Robert (EO 7733)
Dorsey, Harry C. (EO 7782)
Earle, Charles (EO 7531, 7777)
Evans, Charles J. (EO 7567)
Fourchy, André (EO 7517)
Franks, Charles W. (EO 7834)
Gerig, William (EO 7586)
Gongwer, Elton A. (EO 7516)
Griffin, William H. (EO 7067)
Grover, Nathan C. (EO 7802)
Hahn, David H. (EO 7789)
Hahn, Frank (EO 7336, 7580)
Hanna, Margaret M. (EO 7733-A)
Harding, Harvey A. (EO 7348)
Hastings, Charles H. (EO 7755, 7904)
Havenner, George C. (EO 7431, 7704)
Hedgcock, George G. (EO 7475, 7645)
Honey, John G. (EO 7571, 7844)
Hutchison, George W. (EO 7582)
Jarrett, Mrs. Olive H. (EO 7735)
Jeansen, Carl F. (EO 7569)
Kennard, Edward M. (EO 7574, 7859)
Kress, Adolph (EO 7480)
Lane, Bernard H. (EO 7457)
Langheim, Henry W. (EO 7455)
Lefier, Múton L. (EO 7317)

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