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A poor peasant, on his wa to market with his family, has entered at the barber's, who is also a surgeon and dentist, to be rid, by a simple, though very painful operation, of an insufferable torment; and he appears to utter cries, that seem to deeply affect his wife and children. The young attendant, dressed in grey, who is seen to the left, holding a basin, is too much accustomed to similar scenes to pay any attention to them : a friend of the sufferer, standing in the fore-ground, to the right, seems, by his bantering, to impart 'that his years. bave placed him beyond the reach of the toothache. Some persons have pretended to find in the patient's attitude a resemblance with the statue of the Laocoon : but this is carring too far a taste for similitudes.

All the figures are full of expression : the group is well composed. The light is vivid, the chiaroscuro perfectly rendered, and the colouring vigorous, though less brilliant than is generally found in this artist's pictures : and, no doubt it is for this reason that the present picture is known by the name of the Grey Ostade.

This picture is painted on oak wood : it forms part of the Gallery at Vienna, and has been engraved by Seb. Langer.

Width, 16 inches; height, 12 inches.

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