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562. Diseases.

treated by the extract of lead (Liquor

plumbi acetatis), used pure or applied For the proper Remedies and their Doses see

on lint twice a day. Prescriptions."

568. Common CONTINUED FEVER. 563. It should be clearly under- Aperients in the commencement, No. 1, stood, that in all cases of disease, the followed by No. 7, then diaphoretics, advice of a skilful physician is of the No. 8, and afterwards tonics, No. 16, first importance. It is not, therefore, in the stage of weakness. Avoid all intended by the following information excesses. to supersede the important and neces- 569. COMMON Cough.—The linctus, sary practice of the medical man; but No. 57 or No. 58, abstinence from malt rather, by exhibiting the treatment liquor, and protection from cold damp required, to show in what degree his air. Avoid cold, damp, and draughts. aid is imperative. In cases, however, 570. CONSTIPATION. - The obserywhere the disorder may be simple and ance of a regular period of evacuating transient, or in which remote residence, the bowels, which is most proper in the or other circumstances, may deny the morning after breakfast. The use of privilege of medical attendance, the mild aperients, No. 62, brown bread following particulars will be found of instead of white. There should be an the utmost value. Moreover, the hints entire change in the dietary for a few given upon what should be AVOIDED days while taking opening medicine. will be of great service to the patient, 571. CONSUMPTION. - The disease since the physiological is no less may be complicated with various morimportant than the medical treatment bid conditions of the lungs and heart, of disease.

which require appropriate treatment. 564. APOPLEXY.—Immediate and To allay the cough, No. 57 is an admilarge bleeding from the arm, cupping rahle remedy. Avoid cold, damp, exat the back of the neck, leeches to the citement, and over exertion. temples, aperients Nos. 1 and 7, one 572. CONVULSIONS (CHILDREN). or two drops of croton oil rubbed or If during teething, free lancing of the dropped on the tongue. Avoid excesses, gums, the warm bath, cold applications intemperance, animal food.

to the head, leeches to the temples, an 565. BILE, BILIOUS, OR LIVER COM- emetic, and a laxative clyster, No. 24.

-Abstinence from malt liquors, 573. CROUP.—Leeches to the throat, cool homeopathic cocoa for drink, no with hot fomentations as long as the tea or coffee, few vegetables, no broths attack lasts; the emetic, No. 19, afteror soups; lean juicy meat not overcooked wards the aperient, No. 5. Avoid cold for dinner, with occasionally stale bread and damp. and a slice of toasted bacon for break- 574. DROPSY.-Evacuate the water fast. Nos. 59 and 60.

by means of No. 11, and by rubbing 566. CHICKEN Pox.--Mild aperients, camphorated oil into the body night No. 4, succeeded by No. 7, and No. 8, and morning. if much fever accompany the eruption. 575. EPILEPSY.—If accompanied or 567. CHILBLAINS.

Warm, dry produced by fulness of the vessels of woollen clothing to exposed parts in the head, leeches to the temples, bliscold weather, as a preventive. In the ters, and No. 1 and No. 7. If from first stage, frictions with No. 63, used debility or confirmed epilepsy, the mixcold. When ulcers form they should ture, No. 22. Avoid drinking and exbe poulticed with bread and water for a citement. day or two, and then dressed with cala- 576. ERUPTIONS ONTHE FACE.—The mine cerate. Or chilblains in every powder, No. 34, internally, sponging the stage, whether of simple inflammation or face with the lotion, No. 35. Avoid? open ulcer, may always be successfully excesses in diet.




577. ERYSIPELAS.—Aperients, if the BOWELS. — Leeches, blisters, fomentapatient be strong, No. 1, followed by tions, hot baths, iced drinks, the pills No. 7, then tonics, No. 31; No. 31 from No. 33; move the bowels with clysthe commencement in weak subjects. ters, if necessary, No. 24. Avoid cold,

578. FAINTNESS.- Effusion of cold indigestible food, &c. water on the face, stimulants to the 587. INFLAMMATION OF THE BRAIN. nostrils, pure air, and the recumbent --Application of cold to the head, bleedposition ; afterwards, avoidance of the ing from the temples or back of the exciting cause. Avoid excitement. neck by leeches or cupping; aperients

579. FROST - BITE AND FROZEN No. 1, followed by No. 7; mercury to Limbs. — No heating or stimulating salivation, No. 18. Avoid excitement, liquors must be given. Rub the parts study, intemperance. affected with ice, cold, or snow water, 588. INFLAMMATION OF THE Kidand lay the patient on a cold bed. NEYS.-Bleeding from the arm, leeches

580. Gour.—The aperients No. 1, over the seat of pain, aperients No. 5, followed by No. 28, bathing the parts followed by No. 64, the warm bath. with gin-and-water; for drink, weak tea Avoid violent exercise, rich living. or coffee. Warmth by flannels. Abstain 589. INFLAMMATION OF THE LIVER. from wines, spirits, and animal food. -Leeches over the right side, the seat

581. Gravel.-No. 5, followed by of pain, blisters, aperients No. 1, folNo. 7, the free use of magnesia as an lowed by No. 7, afterwards the pill:s aperient. The pill No. 26. Abstain No. 23, till the gums are slightly tender. from fermented drinks, hard water. An- Avoid cold, damp, intemperance, and other form of gravel must be treated by anxiety. mineral acids, given three times a day.

590. INFLAMMATION OF THE LUNGS. 582. HOOPING Cough. — Hooping -Bleeding from the arm or over the cough may be complicated with con- painful part of the chest by leeches, gestion or inflammation of the lungs, or succeeded by a blister; the demulcent convulsions, and then becomes a serious mixture, No. 17, to allay the cough, disease. If uncomplicated, No. 58. with the powders No. 18. Avoid cold,

583. HYSTERICS.— The fit may be damp, and draughts. prevented by the administration of 591. INFLAMMATION OF THE STOthirty drops of laudanum, and as many MACH.—Leeches to the pit of the stoof ether. When it has taken place open mach, followed by, fomentations, cold the windows, loosen the tight parts of iced water for drink, bowels to be the dress, sprinkle cold water on the evacuated by clysters; abstinence from face, &c. A glass of wine or cold water all food except cold gruel, milk and when the patient can swallow. Avoid water, or tea. Avoid excesses, and conexcitement and tight lacing.

diments. 584. INDIGESTION.--The pills No. 2, 592. INFLAMMATORY SORE THROAT. with the mixture No. 22, at the same –Leeches and blisters externally, apetime abstinence from veal, pork, mac- rients No. 1, followed by No. 7, gar, karel, salmon, pastry, and beer; for gle to clear the throat, No. 20. Avoid drink, homeopathic cocoa, a glass of cold, damp, and draughts. cold spring water the first thing every 593. INFLAMED EYES.—The bowels morning. Avoid excesses.

to be regulated by No. 5, a small blis585. INFLAMMATION OF THE BLAD- ter behind the ear or on the nape of DER.—Bleeding, aperients No. 5 and the neck—the eye to be bathed with No. 7, the warm bath, afterwards No. 39. opium : the pill No. 12, threo times a 594. INFLUENZA. No. 4 as an day till relieved. Avoid fermented aperient and diaphoretic. No. 17 to liquors, &c.

allay fever and cough. No. 31 as a 586. INFLAMMATION THE tonic, when weakness only remains





105 roid cold and damp, use clothing the same time a regulated diet. When ited to the changes of temperature. , the piles are external, or can be reached, 595. INTERMITTENT FEVER, one or two applications of the extract

- Take No. 16 during the in- of lead, with an occasional dose of rmission of the paroxysm of the fever; lenitive electuary, will generally suceeping the bowels free with a wine- ceed in curing them. glass of No. 7. Avoid bad air, stagnant 607. QUINSEY. — A blister applied pools, &c.

all round the throat: an emetic, No. 19, 596. Itch.-- The ointment of No. commonly succeeds in breaking the 32, or lotion No. 33.

abscess ; afterwards the gargle No. 20. 597. JAUNDICE.—The pills No. 1, Avoid cold and damp. afterwards the mixture No. 7, drink- 608. RHEUMATISM.–Bathe the afing freely of dandelion tea.

fected parts with No. 27, and take 598. LOOSENESS OF The Bowels internally No. 28, with No. 29 at bed(Exglish CHOLERA).-One pill No. 23, time, to ease pain, &c. Avoid damp and repeated if necessary; afterwards the cold, wear flannel. mixture No. 25. Avoid unripe fruits, 609. RICKETS.— The powder No. acid drinks, ginger beer; wrap flannel 37, a dry, pure atmosphere, a nourisharound the abdomen.

ing diet. 599. MEASLES.-A well-ventilated 610. RINGWORM.—The lotion No. rom, aperients No. 4, with No. 1736, with the occasional use of the to allay the cough and fever.

powder No. 5. Fresh air and clean, 600. MENSTRUATION (Excessive). liness. -No. 47 during the attack, with rest 611. SCARLET Fever.— Well venin the recumbent position; in the inter- tilated room, sponging the body when vals, No. 46.

hot with cold or tepid vinegar, or spirit 601. MENSTRUATION (SCANTY).-In and water; aperients, No. 4; diaphostrong patients, cupping the loins, ex- retics, No. 8. If dropsy succeed the ercise in the open air, 47, the feet in disappearance of the eruption, frequent warm water before the expected period, purging with No. 5, succeeded by the pills No. 45; in weak subjects, No. 7. No. 46. Gentle and regular exercise. 612. SCROFULA.—Pure air, light but Avoid hot rooms, and too much sleep. warm clothing, diet of fresh animal

602. MENSTRUATION (PAINFUL).- food; bowels to be regulated by No. 6 No. 48 during the attack; in the and No. 30, taken regularly for a con. intervals, No. 45 twice a week, with siderable time. No. 46. Avoid cold, mental excite- 613. SCURVY. Fresh animal and ment, &c.

vegetable food, and the free use of ripe 603. Mumps.—Fomentation with a fruits and lemon juice. Avoid cold and decoction of camomiles and poppy damp. heads; No. 4 as an aperient, and 614. SMALL-Pox. - A well-venti. No. 9 during the stage of fever. lated apartment, mild aperients; if fever Avoid cold, and attend to the regularity be present, No. 7, succeeded by diaphoof the bowels.

retics No. 8, and tonics No. 16 in 604. NERVOUSNESS.-Cheerful so- the stage of debility, or decline of the ciety, early rising, exercise in the open eruption. air, particularly on horseback, and No. 615. St. Vitus'S DANCE. The 15. Avoid excitement, study, and late occasional use, in the commencement, meals.

of No. 5, followed by No. 7, afterwards 605. PALPITATION OF THE HEART. No. 61. ---The pills No. 2, with the mixture 616. THRUSH.—One of the powders No. 15.

No. 6 every other night; in the intervals 606. Piles.-- The paste No. 38, at a dessertspoonful of the mixture No. 22


three times a day; white spots to be hours, till they act thoroughly on the dressed with the honey of borax. bowels: in cases of inflammation,

617. Tic Doloreux.-Regulate the apoplexy, &c. bowels with No. 3, and take in the 2. Powdered rhubarb, Socotrine alocs, intervals of pain No. 31. Avoid cold, and gum mastiche, each one scruple; damp, and mental anxiety.

make into twelve pills : one before and 618. TooTHACHE. Continue the one after dinner. use of No. 3 for a few alternate days. 3. Compound extract of colocynth, Apply liquor ammonia to reduce the extract of jalap, and Castile soap, of pain, and when that is accomplished, each one scruple; make into twelve fill the decayed spots with silver suc- pills. cedaneum without delay, or the pain 4. James's powder, five grains; calowili return. A drop of creosote, or a mel, three grains: in fevers, for adults. few drops of chloroform on cotton, For children, the following :-Powdered applied to the tooth, or a few grains of camphor, one scruple; calomel and camphor placed in the decayed opening, powdered scammony, of each nine or camphor moistened with turpentine, grains; James's powder, six grains; will often afford instant relief.

mix, and divide inío six powders. Half 619. TYPHUS FEVER. Sponging of one powder twire a day for an infant the body with cold or tepid water, a a year old; a w hole powder for two well-ventilated apartment, cold applica- years; and for four years, the same tions to the head and temples. Aperients three times a day. No. 4, with refrigerants No. 9; tonics 5. James's powder, six grains; powNo. 16 in the stage of debility. dered jalap, ten grains; mix, and divide

620. WATER ON THE BRAIN. into three or four powders, according to Local. bleeding by means of leeches, the child's age: in one powder if for blisters, aperients No. 5, and mer- an adult. curial medicines No. 18.

6. Powdered rhubarb, four grains ; 621. WHITES.—The mixture No. 43, mercury and chalk, three grains; ginger with the injection No. 44. Clothing in powder, one grain : an alterative apelight but warm, moderate exercise in rient for children. the open air, country residence.

7. Dried sulphate of magnesia, six 622. WORMS IN THE INTESTINES. drachms; sulphate of soda, three drachms; The aperient No. 5 followed by No. 7, infusion of senna, seven ounces; tincafterwards the free use of lime water ture of jalap, and compound tincture of and milk in equal parts, a pint daily. cardamoms, each half an ounce: in acute Avoid unwholesome food.

diseases generally ; take two table623. Prescriptions.

spoonfuls every four hours till it operates

freely. To be used in the Cases enumerated under 8. Nitrate of potass, one drachm and the head " Diseases."

a half; spirits of nitric ether, half an 624. The following prescriptions, ounce; camphor mixture, and the spirit originally derived from various pre- of mindererus, each four ounces: in scribers’ Pharmacopæias, embody the fevers, &c.; two tablespoonfuls three favourite remedies employed by the times a day, and for children a dessertmost eminent physicians:

spoonful every four hours. 1. Take of powdered aloes, nine 9. Spirit of nitric ether, three drachms; grains; extract of colocynth, compound, dilute nitric acid, two drachms; syrup, eighteen grains; calomel, nine grains; three drachms; camphor mixture, seven tartrate of antimony, two grains; ounces: in fevers, &c., with debility; mucilage, sufficient to make a mass, dose as last. which is to be divided into six pills; 10. Spirit of mindererus and camphor two to be taken every twenty-four mixture, of each three ounces and a half;




as last.

wine of antimony, one drachm and a half; carbonate of ammonia, two scruples ; wine of ipecacuanha, one drachm and a compound tincture of bark, six drachms; half; syrup of tolu, half an ounce: dose spirits of ether, two drachms: ono

tablespoonful every twenty-four hours. 11. Decoction of broom, half a pint; 23. Blue pill, four grains; opium, cream of tartar, one ounce; tincture of half a grain : to be taken three times a squills, two drachms: in dropsies; a day. third part three times a day.

24. FOR A CLYSTER.— A pint and a 12. Pills of soap and opium, five half of gruel or fat broth, a tablespoonful grains for a dose, as directed.

of castor oil, one of common salt, and a 13. Compound powder of ipecacu- lump of butter; mix, to be injected anha, seven to twelve grains for a dose, slowly. A third of this quantity enough as directed.

for an infant. 14. Battley's solution of opium, from 25. Chalk mixture, seven ounces ; ten to forty drops; camphor mixture, aromatic and opiate confection, of each an ounce and a half: in a draught at one drachm; tincture of catechu, six bedtime.

draehms: two tablespoonfuls every two 15. Ammoniated tincture of valerian, hours. six drachms ; '-camphor mixture, seven 26. Carbonate of soda, powdered ounces: a fourth part three times a rhubarb, and Castile soap, each one day; in spasmodic and hysterical dis- drachm; make thirty-six pills; three orders.

twice a day. 16. Disulphate of quina, halfa drachm; 27. LOTION. - Common salt, one dilute sulphuric acid, twenty drops ; ounce; distilled water, seven ounces; compound infusion of roses, eight spirits of wine, one ounce: mix, ounces: two tablespoonfuls every four 28. Dried sulphate of magnesia, six hours, in intermittent and other fevers, drachms; heavy carbonate of magnesia, during the absence of the paroxysm. two drachms ; wine of colchicum, two

17. Almond mixture, seven ounces drachms; water, eight ounces: take two and a half; wine of antimony and ipeca- tablespoonfuls every four hours. cuanha, of each one drachm and a half: a 29. Compound powder of ipecatablespoonful every four hours; in cough cuanha, ten grains; powdered guaiacum, with fever, &c.

four grains : in a powder at bedtime. 18. Calomel, one grain ; powdered 30. Brandish's solution of potash; white sugar, two grains; to make a thirty drops twice a day in a wineglasa powder to be placed on the tongue every of beer. two or three hours. Should the calo- 31. Disulphate of quina, half a mel act on the bowels, powdered kino is drachm; dilute sulphuric acid, ten drops; to be substituted for the sugar. compound infusion of roses, eight ounces:

19. Antimony and ipecacuanha wines, two tablespoonfuls every four hours, and of each an ounce; a teaspoonful every as a tonic in the stage of weakness sucten minutes till it vomits : but for an ceeding fever. adult a large tablespoonful to be taken. 32. Flowers of sulphur, two ounces ;

20. Compound infusion of roses, seven hog's lard, four ounces; white hellebore ounces; tincture of myrrh, one ounce. powder, half an ounce; oil of lavender,

21. Decoction of bark, six ounces; sixty drops. aromatic confection, one drachm; tinc- 33. Hydriodate of potass, two ture of opium, five drops.

drachms; distilled water, eight ounces. 22. Infusion of orange peel, seven 34. Flowers of sulphur, half a ounces; tincture of hops, half an drachm; carbonate of soda, a scruple; ounce; and a drachm of carbonate of tartarized antimony, one-eighth of a soda: two tablespoonfuls twice a day. grain: one powder, night and morning, Or, infusion of valerian, seven ounces; in eruptions of the skin or fare.

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