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ral feelings of a bad heart. Smiles, laugh for the purpose of showing kind words and looks, characterize the them. children, and peace and love have their vi. If you have bad ones, do not dwelling there. Study, then, to acquire laugh less than the occasion may jusand maintain a sweet temper.

tify. 1962. Counsels for the Young. vii. If you have pretty hands and -Never be cast down by trifles. If a arms, there can be no objection to your spider break his thread twenty times, playing on the harp if you play well

, twenty times will he mend it again. viii. If they are disposed to be Make up your mind to do a thing, and clumsy, work tapestry. you will do it. Fear not if a trouble ix. If you have a bad voice, rather comes upon you; keep up your spirits, speak in a low tone. though the day be a dark one. If the x. If you have the finest voice in the sun is going down, look up to the stars. world, never speak in a high tone. If the earth is dark, keep your eye on • xi. If you dance well, dance but heaven. With God's promises, a man seldom. or a child may be cheerful. Mind what xii. If you dance ill, never dance at you run after. Never be content with all. a bubble that will burst, firewood that xiii. If you sing well, make no prewill end in smoke and darkness. Get vious excuses. that which you can keep, and which is xiv. If you sing indifferently,

hesiworth keeping. Fight hard against a tate not a moment when you are asked, hasty temper. Anger will come, but for few people are judges of singing, resist it strongly. A fit of passion may but every one is sensible of a desire to give you rause to mourn all the days of please. your life. Never revenge an injury. xv. If you would preserve beauty, If you have an enemy, act

kindly to him, rise early. and make him your friend. You may xvi. If you would preserve esteem, not win him over at once, but try gentle. Let one kindness be followed by an. xvii. If you would obtain

power, other, till you have compassed your condescending. end. By little and little, great things xviii. If you would live happily, are completed; and repeated kindness endeavour to promote the happiness of will soften the heart of stone. What- others. ever you do, do it willingly. A boy 1964. Daughters.-Mothers who that is whipped to school never learns wish not only to discharge well their his lessons well. A man who is com- own duties in the domestic circle, but pelled to work cares not how badly it to train up their daughters for a later is performed. He that pulls off his day to make happy and comfortable coat cheerfully, strips up his sleeves in firesides for their families, should watch earnest, and sings while he works, is well, and guard well, the notions which the man of action.

they imbibe and with which they grow 1963. Advice to Young Ladies. up. There will be so many persons

ready to fill their young heads with false i. If you have blue eyes you need and 'vain fancies, and there is so much not languish.

always afloat in society opposed to duty ü. If black eyes you need not stare. and common sense, that if mothers do

iii. If you have pretty feet there is not watch well, their children may conno occasion to wear short petticoats. tract ideas very fatal to their future hap,

iv. If you are doubtful as to that piness and usefulness, and hold them till point, there can be no harm in letting they grow into habits of thought or feelthe petticoats be long.

ing. A wise mother will have her eyes v. If you have good teeth, do not open, and be ready for every emergency.



A few words of common, downright to learn all that her mother is dispractical sense, timely uttered by her, posed to teach, and will be proud and may be enough to counteract some happy to aid in any domestic occupafoolish idea or belief put into her tions assigned to her. These need never daughter's head by others, whilst if it be made so heavy as to interfere with be left unchecked, it may take such the peculiar daties or enjoyments of possession of the mind that it cannot be her age. If a mother wishes to see corrected at a later time. One falsity her daughter become a good, happy, abroad in this age is the notion that and rational woman, never let there women, unless compelled to it by abso- be contempt for domestic occupalute poverty, are out of place when tions, or suffer them to be deemed engaged in domestic affairs. Now secondary. mothers should have a care lest their 1965. A Wife's Power. - The daughters get hold of this conviction power of a wife for good or evil is as regards themselves—there is danger irresistible. Home must be the seat of it; the fashion of the day engenders of happiness, or it must be for ever it, and the care that an affectionate unknown. A good wife is to a man family take to keep a girl, during the wisdom, and courage, and strength, and time of her education, free from other endurance. A bad wife is confusion, occupations than those of her tasks weakness, discomfiture, and despair. or her recreations, also endangers it. No condition is hopeless where the It is possible that affection may err in wife possesses firmness, decision, and pushing this care too far; for as educa- economy. There is no outward prostion means a fitting for life, and as a perity which can counteract indolence, woman's life is much connected with extravagance, and folly at home. No domestic and family affairs--or ought to spirit can long endure bad domestic be so,-if the indulgent consideration influence. Man is strong, but his heart of parents abstains from all demands is not adamant. He delights in enterupon the young pupil of the school prise and action; but to sustain him not connected with her books or her he needs a tranquil mind, and a whole play, will she not naturally infer that heart. He needs his moral force in the matters with which she is never the conflicts of the world. To recover asked to concern herself are, in fact, his equanimity and composure, home no concern to her, and that any atten- must be to him a place of repose, of tion she ever may bestow on them is peace, of cheerfulness, of comfort; and not a matter of simple duty, but of his soul renews its strength again, and grace, or concession, or stooping, on goes forth with fresh vigour tó enher part ? Let mothers avoid such counter the labour and troubles of life. danger. If they would do so, they But if at home he find no rest, and is must bring up their daughters from there met with bad temper, sullenness, the first with the idea that in this world or gloom, or is assailed by discontent it is required to give as well as to or complaint, hope vanishes, and he receive, to minister as well as to enjoy; sinks into despair. that every person is bound to be useful- 1966. Husband and Wife.practically, literally useful—in his own Being hints to each other for the good sphere, and that a woman's first sphere of both, as actually delivered at our is the house, and its concerns and own table: demands. Once really imbued with 1967. HINTS FOR WIVES.-If your this belief, and taught to see how much husband occasionally looks a little the comfort and happiness of woman troubled when he comes home, do not herself, as well as of her family, depends say to him, with an alarmed counteon this part of her discharge of duty, nance, “What ails you, my dear?” a young girl will usually be anxious Don't bother him; he will tell you of



his own accord, if need be. Don't be without a newspaper; treat it as a rattle a hailstorm of fun about his ears great agent in the work of civilization, either; be observant and quiet. Don't which it assuredly is; and think how suppose, whenever he is silent and much good newspapers have done by thoughtful, that you are of course the exposing bad husbands and bad wives, cause. Let him alone until he is in- by giving their errors to the eye of the clined to talk; take up your book or public. But manage you in this way; your needlework (pleasantly, cheer- when your husband is absent, instead fully; no pouting-no sullenness), and of gossiping with neighbours or lookwait until he is inclined to be sociable. ing into shop windows, sit down quietly, Don't let him ever find a shirt-button and look over that paper; run your missing. A shirt-button being off a eye over its home and foreign news; collar or wristband has frequently pro- glance rapidly at the accidents and duced the first hurricane in married casualties; carefully scan the leading life. Men's shirt-collars never fit articles; and at tea-time, when your exactly--see that your husband's are husband again takes up the paper, say, made as well as possible, and then, if “My dear, what an awful state of he does fret a little about them, never things there seems to be in India!" mind it; men have a prescriptive right or, ** What a terrible calamity at to fret about shirt-collars.

Santiago !" or, “Trade appears to be 1968. HINTS FOR HUSBANDS.—If flourishing in the north ;' and depend your wife complain that young ladies upon it, down will go the paper. If he * now-a-day'' are very forward, don't has not read the information, he will accuse her of jealousy. A little concern hear it all from your lips, and when on her part only proves her love for you, you have done, he will ask, “Did you, and you may enjoy your triumph with my dear, read Banting's Letter on Corout saying a word. Don't evince your pulence ?” And whether you did or weakness either, by complaining of not, you will gradually get into as every trifling neglect. What though cosy a chat as you ever enjoyed ; her chair is not set so close to yours as it and you will discover that, used to be, or though her knitting and rightly used, the newspaper is the crochet seem to absorb too large a share wife's real friend, for it keeps the of her attention ; depend upon it, that husband at home, and supplies capital as her eyes watch the intertwinings of topics for every-day table-talk. the threads, and the manæuvres of the 1970. HINTS FOR HUSBANDS. You needles as they dance in compliance can hardly imagine how refreshing it is to her delicate fingers, she is thinking to occasionally call up the recollection of courting days, love-letters, smiles, of your courting days. How tediously tears, suspicions, and reconciliations, the hours rolled away prior to the apby which your two hearts became en- pointed time of meeting; how swiftly twined together in the network of love, they seemed to fly when you had met; whose meshes you can neither of you how fond was the first greeting; how

tender the last embrace; how fervent 1969. HINTS FOR WIVES.–Never were your vows; how vivid your dreams complain that your husband pores too of future happiness, when, returning to much over the newspaper, to the exclu- your home, you felt yourself secure sion of that pleasing converse which in the confessed love of the object of you formerly enjoyed with him. Don't your warm affections! Is your dream hide the paper; don't give it to the realized ?—are you as happy as you children to tear; don't be sulky when expected ? Consider whether, as ļ the boy leaves it at the door; but take husband, you are

as fervent and it in pleasantly, and lay it down before constant as you were when a lover. your spouse. Think what man would Remember that the wife's claims to


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your unremitting regard, great before less ecstasy; cattle group in peaceful marriage, are now exalted to a much nooks, by cooling streams; even the higher degree. She has left the world flowers seem to love, as they twine their for you—the home of her childhood, tender arms around each other, and the fireside of her parents, their watch- throw their wild tresses about in beautiful care and sweet intercourse have all ful profusion; the happy swain sits been yielded up for you. Look, then, with his loved and loving, mistress most jealously upon all that may tend beneath the sheltering oak, whose arms

attract you from home, and to spread out, as if to shield and sanctify weaken that union upon which your their pure attachment. What shall the temporal happiness mainly depends; husband do now, when earth and and believe that in the solemn relation- heaven seem to meet in happy union ? ship of husband is to be found one of Must he still pore over the calculations the best guarantees for man's honour of the counting-house, or ceaselessly and happiness.

pursue the toils of the work-room1971. HINTS FOR WIVES. -- Per- sparing no moment to taste the joys chance you think that your husband's which Heaven measures out so libedisposition is much changed; that he is rally? No! “Come, dear wife, let us no longer the sweet-tempered, ardent once more breathe the fresh air of lover he used to be. This may be a heaven, and look upon the beauties of mistake. Consider his struggles with earth. The summers are few we may the world—his everlasting race with the dwell together; we will not give them busy competition of trade. What is it all to Mammon. Again let our hearts makes him so eager in the pursuit of glow with emotions of renewed love gain-so energetic by day, so sleepless our feet shall again tread the green by night—but his love of home, wife, sward, and the music of the rustling and children, and a dread that their re- trees shall mingle in our whisperings of spectability, according to the light in love!” which he has conceived it, may be en- 1973. HINTS FOR WIVES. croached upon by the strife of exist- was!" “It was not!” “ It was !" ence? This is the true secret of that “It was not !“Ah!” “Ha!”. silent care which preys upon the hearts Now who's the wiser or the better for of many men; and true it is, that when this contention for the last word ? love is least apparent, it is nevertheless Does obstinacy establish superiority or the active principle which animates the elicit truth? Decidedly not! Woman Treart, though fears and disappoint- has always been described as clamourments make up a cloud which obscures ing for the last word: actors, authors, the warmer element. As above the preachers, and philosophers, have agreed clouds there is glorious sunshine, while in attributing this trait to her, and in below are showers and gloom, so with censuring her for it. Yet why they the conduct of man-behind the gloom should condemn her, unless they wish of anxiety is a bright fountain of high the matter reversed, and thus committed and noble feeling. Think of this in themselves to the error imputed to her, those moments when clouds seem to it were difficult to discover. However, lower upon your domestic peace, and, so it is ;-and it remains for some one by tempering your conduct accordingly, of the sex, by an exhibition of noble the gloom will soon pass away, and example, to aid in sweeping away the warmth and brightness take its place. unpleasant imputation. The wife who

1972. HINTS FOR HUSBANDS. will establish the rule of allowing her Summer is the season of love! Happy husband to have the last word, will birds mate, and sing among the trees; achieve for herself and her sex a great fishes dart athwart the running streams, moral victory! Is he right?-it were a and leap from their element in resist- \ great error to oppose him. Is he wrong?

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- he will soon discover it, and applaud respect, who has kept his promise with the self-command which ore unvexed honourable fidelity, and linked all his his pertinacity. And gradually there hopes of future happiness with yours ! will spring up such a happy fusion of If you can manage these matters with. feelings and ideas, that there will be no out appearing to study them, so much “last word” to contend about, but a the better. Some husbands are impa. steady and unruffled flow of generous tient of the routine of the toilette, and sentiment.

not unreasonably so—they possess ac1974. HINTS FOR HUSBANDS. tive and energetic spirits, sorely disWhen once a man has established a turbed by any waste of time. Some home, his most important duties have wives have discovered an admirable fairly begun. The errors of youth may facility in dealing with this difficulty; be overlooked ; want of purpose, and and it is a secret which, having been even of honour, in his earlier days may discovered by some, may be known to be forgotten. But from the moment of all, and is well worth the finding his marriage he begins to write his in- out. delible history; not by pen and ink 1976. HINTS FOR HUSBANDS. but by actions—by which he must ever Custom entitles you to be considered afterwards be reported and judged. the “lord and master” over your houseHis conduct at home; his solicitude for hold. But dou't assume the master and his family; the training of his children; sink the lord. Remember that noble his devotion to his wife ; his regard for generosity, forbearance, amiability, and the great interests of Eternity; these are integrity, are among the more lordly the tests by which his worth will ever attributes of man. As a husband, thereafterwards be estimated by all who fore, exhibit the true nobility of man; think or care about him. These will ) and seek to govern your own household determine his position while living, by the display of high moral excellence. and influence his memory when dead. A domineering spirit-a fault-finding He uses well or ill the brief space petulance-impatience of trifling delays allotted to him, out of all eternity, to --and the exhibition of unworthy pasbuild up a fame founded upon the most sions at the slightest provocation, can solid of all foundations-private worth ; add no laurel to your own “lordly" and God will judge him, and man judge brow, impart no sweetness to home, and of him, accordingly.

call forth no respect from those by whom 1975. HINTS FOR WIVES.—Don't you may be surrounded. It is one thing imagine, when you have obtained a hus- to be a master—another thing to be a band, that your attention to personal man. The latter should be the husband's neatness and deportment may be re- aspiration; for he who cannot govern laxed. Then, in reality, is the time for himself is ill-qualified to govern you to exhibit superior taste and ex- another. cellence in the cultivation of your 1977. HINTS FOR WIVES. – It is dress, and the becoming elegance of astonishing how much the cheerfulyour appearance. If it required someness of a wife contributes to the haplittle care to foster the admiration of a piness of home. She is the sun-the lover, how much more is requisite to centre of a domestic system, and her keep yourself lovely in the eyes of him children are like planets around her, to whom there is now no privacy or dis- reflecting her rays. How merry the little guise-your hourly companion! And ones look when the mother is joyous if it was due to your lover that you and good-tempered; and how easily should always present to him, who pro- and pleasantly her household labours posed to wed and cherish you, a neat are overcome! Her cheerfulness is reand lady-like aspect ; how much more flected everywhere : it is seen in the is he entitled to a similar mark of neatness of her toilette, the order of

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