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her table, and even the seasoning of her cept but by example, and, so to speak, dishes. We remember hearing a hus- by contact it is increased more widely. band say that he could always gauge Kindness is communicated in the same the temper of his wife by the quality of way. Virtue of every kind acts like an her cooking: good temper even influ- electric shock. Those who come under enced the seasoning of her soups, and its influence imbibe its principles. The the lightness and delicacy of her pastry. same with qualities and tempers that do When ill-temper pervades, the pepper no honour to our nature. If servants is dashed in as a cloud-perchance the come to you bad, you may at least top of the pepper-box is included, as a improve them; possibly almost change kind of diminutive thunderbolt; the their nature. Here follows,, then, a salt is all in lumps; and the spices receipt to that effect :- · Receipt for seem to betake themselves to one obtaining good servants. - Let them spot in a pudding, as if dreading the observe in your conduct to others just . frowning face above them. If there be the qualities and virtues that you a husband who could abuse the smiles of would desire they should possess and a really good-tempered wife, we should practise as respects you. Be uniformly like to look at him! No, no, such a kind and gentle. If you reprove, do phenomenon does not exist. Among so with reason and with temper. Be elements of domestic happiness, the respectable, and you will be respected amiability of the wife and mother is of by them. Be kind, and you will meet the utmost importance—it is one of the kindness from them. Consider their best securities for the HAPPINESS OF interests, and they will consider yours. HOME.

A friend in a servant is no contemptible 1978. Servants.-There are fre- thing. Be to every servant a friend; quent complaints in these days, that and heartless, indeed, will be the servants are bad, and apprentices are servant who does not warm in love to bad, and dependants and aiding hands you. generally are bad. It may be so. But 1979. Oyster Ketchup.--Take if it is so, what is the inference? In fine fresh Milton oysters; wash them in the working of the machine of society, their own liquor, strain it, pound them class moves pretty much with class; in a marble mortar; to a pint of oysters that is, one class moves pretty much add a pint of sherry; boil them up, and with its equals in the community add an ounce of salt, two drachms of (equals so far as social station is con- pounded mace, and one of cayenne; cerned), and apart from other classes, let it just boil up again, skim it, and as much those below as those above rub it through a sieve; and when cold, itself; but there is one grand exception bottle it, cork well, and seal it down. to this general rule, and that is, in the 1980. Walnut Ketchup.-Take case of domestic servants. The same two sieves of green walnut shells, put holds, though in less degree, with ap- them into a tub, mix them up well prentices and assistant hands; and in with common salt, from two to three less degree only, because in this last pounds, let them stand for six days, case, the difference of grade is slighter. frequently beating and mashing them: Domestic servants, and assistants in by this time the shells become soft and business and trade, come most closely pulpy, then by banking the mass up on and continually into contact with their one side of the tub, and at the same employers; they are about them from time raising the tub on that side, the morning till night, and see them in liquor will drain clear off to the other; every phase of character, in every style then take that liquor out: the mashing of humour, in every act of life. How and banking-up may be repeated as powerful is the force of example! often as liquor is found. The quantity Rectitude is promoted, not only by pre-/ will be about six quarts. When done,



let it be simmered in an iron boiler as then fill up the bottle with good vinelong as any scum arises; then bruise a gar; and after it has been corked close quarter of a pound of ginger, a quarter for two or three weeks, it is to be of a pound of allspice, and two ounces poured off clear into another bottle, and of long pepper, two ounces of cloves. kept well corked for use Serve with Let it slowly boil for half an hour with lamb when mint cannot be obtained. the above ingredients; when bottled, let 1986. Cress Vinegar.-Dry and an equal quantity of the spice go into pound half an ounce of cress seed (such each bottle; when corked, let the as is sown in the garden with mustard), bottles be filled quite up: cork them pour upon it a quart of the best vinegar, tight, seal them over, and put them let it steep for ten days, shaking it into a cool and dry place for one year up every day. This is very strongly before they are used.

flavoured with cress, and for salads, 1981. Essence of Mushroom. and cold meats, &c., it is a great -This delicate relish is made by favourite with many ;—the quart of sprinkling a little salt over either flap sauce costs only a ifpenny more than or button mushrooms ;-three hours the vinegar. Celery vinegar may be after, mash them,-next day strain off made in the same manner. the liquor that will flow from them, 1987. Cheap and Good Vineput it into a stewpan, and boil it till it gar.–To eight gallons of clear rain is reduced one half. It will not keep water, add three quarts of molasses; long, but is preferable to any of the turn the mixture into a clean tight ketchups containing spice, "&c., to cask, shake it well two or three times, preserve them, which overpowers the and add three spoonfuls of good yeast, flavour of the mushrooms. An artificial or two yeast cakes; place the cask in a mushroom bed will supply these all the warm place, and in ten or fifteen days

add a sheet of common wrapping paper, 1982. Essence of Celery.-This smeared with molasses, and torn into is prepared by soaking for a fortnight narrow strips, and you will have good half an ounce of the seeds of celery in vinegar. The paper is necessary to a quarter of a pint of brandy. A few form the “mother," or life of the drops will flavour a pint of soup or vinegar. broth equal to a head of celery. 1988. Cayenne Pepper. - Dr.

1983. Tincture of Allspice.- Kitchiner says (in his excellent book, Bruised allspice, one ounce and a half; “ The Cook's Oracle” *),—“We advise brandy, a pint. Steep for a fortnight, all who are fond of cayenne not to think occasionally shaking, then pour off the it too much trouble to make it of English clear liquor. Excellent for many of the chilis,-there is no other way of being uses of allspice, for making a bishop, sure it is genuine,—and they will obtain mulling wine, flavouring gravies, potted a pepper of much finer flavour, without meats, &c.

half the heat of the foreign. A hundred 1984. Horseradish Vinegar. large chilis, costing only two shillings, -Pour a quart of best vinegar on three will produce you about two ounces of ounces of scraped horseradish, an ounce cayenne,—so it is as cheap as the comof minced shalot, and one drachm of monest cayenne. Four hundred chilis, cayenne; let it stand a week, and you when the stems were taken off, weighed will have an excellent relish for cold half a pound; and when dried produced beef, salads, &c., costing scarcely any- a quarter of a pound of cayenne pepper. thing. Horseradish is in the highest The following is the way to make it :perfection about November.

Take away the stalks, and put the pods 1985. Mint Vinegar.- Put into into a cullender; set it before the fire, a wide-mouthed bottle, fresh nice clear mint leaves enough to fill it loosely ; | * London: Houlston & Wrigat.

year round.


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they will take full twelve hours to dry; coriander seed, half an ounce of pow

-then put them into a mortar, with one- dered ginger, two drachms of cinnamon, fourth their weight of salt, and pound six drachms of cayenne pepper, four them and rub them till they are as drachms of black pepper, one drachm fine as possible, and put them into a of mace and cloves, powdered fine, two well-stoppered bottle."

drachms of pimento, four drachms of 1989. Peas Powder.-Pound in nutmeg, and an ounce and a half a marble mortar half an ounce each of fennel seed; powder finely, mix, of dried mint and sage, a drachm of dry, and bottle for use. ii. Take of celery seed, and a quarter of a drachm coriander seed and turmeric, each six of cayenne pepper; rub them together drachms; black

pepper, four drachms; through a fine sieve. This gives a very fennel seed and powdered ginger, each savoury relish to pea soup and to two drachms; cayenne pepper, half a gruel, so that a person partaking of the drachm: powder finely, mix, dry, and latter may fancy he is sipping good pea bottle for use. soup. A drachm of allspice, or black 1995. Oyster Powder.-Open pepper, may be pounded with the above the oysters carefully, so as not to cut as an addition, or instead of the cayenne. them, except in dividing the gristle

1990. Horseradish Powder. which adheres to the shells. Put them —The time to make this is during No- into a mortar, and when you have got as vember and December: slice the radish many as you can conveniently pound at the thickness of a shilling, and lay it to once, add about two drachms of salt to dry very gradually in a Dutch oven (a a dozen oysters; pound them, and rub strong heat soon evaporates its flavour); them through the back of a hair sieve, when dry enough, pound it and bottle it. and put them into a mortar again (pre

1991. Curry Powder (a genuine viously thoroughly dried) with as much Indian receipt).—Turmeric, coriander, flour as will convert them into a paste; black pepper, four ounces each ; fenu- roll this paste out several times, and greek, three ounces; ginger, two ounces; lastly, four it, and roll it out the thickcummin seed, ground rice, one ounce ness of half a crown, and cut it into each; cayenne pepper, cardamums, half pieces about one inch square; lay them an ounce each.

in a Dutch oven, where they will dry 1992. Another Curry Powder. so gently as not to get burned; turn -Coriander, twelve ounces; black pep- them every half hour, and when they per, six ounces; turmeric, four ounces begin to dry, crumble them. They and three quarters ; cummin seed, three will take about four hours to dry. ounces; cayenne, one ounce and a half; Pound them, sift them, and put them ground rice, one ounce; cardamums, into dry bottles; cork and seal them. half an ounce; cloves, quarter of an Three dozen of natives require seven ounce. It is best to have the above ounces and a half of flour to make them receipts prepared at a chemist's. into a paste weighing eleven ounces,

1993. True Indian Curry and when dried, six and a half ounces. Powder.-Turmeric, four ounces; co- To make half a pint of sauce, put one riander seeds, eleven ounces; cayenne, ounce of butter into a stewpan with half an ounce; black pepper, five ounces; three drachms of oyster powder, and pimento, two ounces; cloves, half an six tablespoonfuls of milk; set it on a ounce; cinnamon, three ounces; ginger, slow fire, stir it till it boils, and season two ounces; cummin seed, three ounces; it with salt. As a sauce, it is excellent shalots, one All these ingre- forfish, fowls, or rump steaks. Sprinkled dients should be of a fine quality, and on bread and butter, it makes a good recently ground or powdered.

sandwich. 1994. Curry Powder.-i. Take 1996. Anchovy Butter.-Scrape two ounces of turmeric, six ounces of the skin from a dozen fine anchovies,





take the flesh from the bones, pound it peel, grated or minced fine,-or boil a smooth in a mortar ; rub through a small piece with the apples. Many hair sieve, put the anchovies into the persons are fond of apple sauce with mortar with three quarters of a pound cold pork. of fresh butter, a small quantity of

2001. Grill Sauce.-To a quarter cayenne, and a saltspoonful of grated of a pint of gravy add half an ounce nutmeg and mace; beat together until of butter and a dessertspoonful of thoroughly blended. If to serve cold, flour, well rubbed together; the same mould the butter in small shapes, and of mushroom or walnut ketchup; & turn it out. For preservation, press teaspoonful of lemon juice; half a teathe butter into jars, and keep cool. spoonful of made mustard, and of

1997. Lobster Butter is made minced capers; a small quantity of in the same manner as anchovy butter. black pepper; a little rind of lemon, A mixture of anchovy butter and grated very thin; a saltspvonful of lobster butter is considered excellent. essence of anchovies, and a little shalot

1998. Liver Sauce for Fish.- wine, or a very small piece of minced Boil the liver of the fish, and pound it shalot, and a little chili vinegar, or a few in a mortar with a little flour, stir it into grains of cayenne; simmer together for some broth, or some of the liquor the a few minutes : pour a portion of it over fish was boiled in, or melted butter, the grill, and send up the remainder in parsley, and a few grains of cayenne, a sauce-tureen. a little essence of anchovy, soy, or 2002. Tomata, or Love Apple ketchup;—give it a boil up, and rub it Sauce.-Twelve tomatas, ripe and through a sieve: you may add a little red; take off the stalk; cut in halves; lemon juice, or lemon cut in dice. squeeze enough to get all the water and

1999. Sauce for Fish.—Twenty- seeds out; put them in a stewpan with four anchovies, chopped; ten shalots; a capsicum, and two or three tabletwo ounces of horseradish, scraped; spoonfuls of beef gravy; set on a slow four blades of mace; one lemon, sliced; stove till properly melted; rub them twelve cloves; one quarter of an ounce through a tamis into a clean stewpan; of black pepper, whole; one gill of the add a little white pepper and salt, and let anchovy liquor; one quart of best vine- them simmer a few minutes.- French gar; one quart of water. Let the whole cooks add an onion or shalot, a clove or simmer on the fire, in a covered sauce- two, or a little tarragon vinegar. pan, until reduced to one quart, strain, 2003. Beef Gravy Sauce (Or and bottle for use. If required for Brown Sauce for Ragout, Game, Poultry, long keeping, add a quarter of an ounce Fish, 8c.)- If you want gravy, furnish of cayenne pepper.

a thick and well-tinned stewpan with a 2000. Apple Sauce.-Pare and thin slice of fat ham or bacon, or an core three good-sized baking apples, put ounce of butter, and a middling-sized them into a well-tinned pint saucepan, onion; on this lay a pound of nice with two tablespoonfuls of cold water; juicy gravy beef (as the object in cover the saucepan close, and set it on making gravy is to extract the nutria trivet over a slow fire a couple of tious qualities of the meat, it must be hours before dinner,—some apples will beaten so as to reduce the containing vestake a long time stewing, others will sels, and scored to render the surface more be ready in a quarter of an hour. susceptible to the action of the water); When the apples are done enough pour cover the stewpan, set it on a slow fire; off the water, let them stand a few when the meat begins to brown, turn minutes to get dry; then beat them up it about, and let it get slightly browned with a fork, with a bit of butter about (but take care it is not at all burnt): as big as a nutmeg, and a teaspoonful of then pour in a pint and a half of boiling powdered sugar: some persons add lemon water, set the pan on the fire;-when

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it boils, carefully catch the scum, and butter as big as an egg; when it is then put in a crust of bread toasted melted, stir into it a tablespoonful of brown (don't burn it); a sprig of winter fine flour, and half a pint of the broth savoury, or lemon thyme and parsley, of the beef; add a tablespoonful of a roll of thin-cut lemon peel, a dozen vinegar, one of mushroom ketchup, or berries of allspice, and a dozen of black port wine, or both, and a teaspoonful pepper; cover the stew pan close, let it of made mustard; simmer together till stew very gently for about two hours, it is as thick as you wish, put in the then strain it through a sieve into a parsley and pickles to get warm, and basin. If you wish to thicken it, set a pour it over the beef, or send it up in clean stewpan over a slow fire, with a sauce-tureen. This is excellent for about an ounce of butter in it; when stewed or boiled beef. it is melted, dredge into it (by degrees) 2006. Sage and Onion, or as much flour as will dry it up, stir- Goose Stuffing Sauce.-Chop very ring them intimately; when thoroughly fine an ounce of onion and half an mixed, pour in a little of the gravy, ounce of green sage leaves, put them stir it well together, and add the re- into a stewpan with four spoonfuls of mainder by degrees; set it over the fire, water, simmer gently for ten minutes, let it simmer gently for fifteen or twenty then put in a teaspoonful of pepper minutes longer, and skim off the fat, &c., and salt, and one ounce of fine breadas it rises; when it is about as thick as crumbs; mix well together; then pour cream, squeeze it through a tamis or to it a quarter of a pint of broth, or fine sieve, and you will have a fine rich gravy, or melted butter; stir well tobrown sauce, at a very moderate ex- gether, and simmer it á few minutes pense, and without much trouble. Ob- longer. This is a very relishing sauce serve—If you wish to make it still more for roast pork, poultry, geese or ducks, relishing,—for Poultry, you may pound or green peas. the liver with a piece of butter, rub it 2007. Garnishes.- Parsley is the through a sieve, and stir it into the most universal garnish for all kinds of sauce when you put in the thicken- cold meat, poultry, fish, butter, cheese, ing

and so forth. Horseradish is the gar2004. Chutney.-One pound of nish for roast beef, and for fish in genesalt, one pound of mustard seed, one ral; for the latter, slices of lemon are pound of stoned raisins, one pound of sometimes laid alternately with the brown sugar, twelve ounces of garlic, horseradish. six ounces

of cayenne pepper, two quarts Slices of lemon for boiled fowl, turof unripe gooseberries, two quarts of key, and fish, and for roast veal and best vinegar. The mustard seed gently calf's head. dried and bruised; the sugar made into Carrot in slices for boiled beef, hot or a syrup with a pint of the vinegar; the cold. gooseberries dried and boiled in a quart Barberries, fresh or preserved, for of the vinegar; the garlic to be well game. bruised in a mortar. When cold, gra- Red beet-root sliced for cold meat, dually mix the whole in a large mortar, boiled beef, and salt fish. and with the remaining vinegar tho- Fried smelts as garnish for turbot. roughly amalgamate thein. To be tied Fried sausages or forcemeat balls are down close. The longer it is kept the placed round turkey, capon, or fowl. better it will become.

Lobster coral and parsley round boiled 2005. Wow Wow Sauce.--Chop fish. parsley leaves fine; take two or three Fennel for mackarel and salmon, pickled cucumbers, or walnuts, and either fresh or pickled. divide into small squares, and set them Currant jelly for game, also for cusby in readiness; put into a saucepan tard or bread pudding.

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