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ternally as local stimulants, to relieve Use, as a stimulant application to ulcers, deep-seated inflammations when other burns, scalds, &c. means cannot be employed, as they are 485. Enemas.—These are a pecumore casily applied locally.

liar kind of medicines, administered by 478. ANODYNE AND DISCUTIENT. — injecting them into the rectum or outlet Take two drachms of scraped white soap, of the body. The intention is either to half a drachm of extract of henbane, and empty the bowels, kill worms, protect dissolve them by a gentle heat in six the lining membrane of the intestines ounces of olive oil

. Use, about half an from injury, restrain copious discharges, ounce to be well rubbed into the part allay spasms in the bowels, or to nourish twice a day, for glandular enlargements the body. These clysters, or glysters, which are painful and stubborn. are administered by means of bladders

479. STRONG AMMONIATED. — Add and pipes, or a proper apparatus. one ounce of strong liquid ammonia 486. LAXATIVE.—Take two ounces (Liquoris ammoniæ fortius) to two ounces of Epsom salts, and dissolve in three of olive oil; shake them well together quarters of a pint of gruel, or thin broth, until they are properly mixed. Use, with an ounce of olive oil. Use, as all employed as a stimulant in rheumatic enemas are used. pains, paralytic numbnesses, chronic 487. NUTRITIVE. - Take twelve glandular enlargements, lumbago, sci-ounces of strong beef tea, and thicken atica, &c. This embrocation must be with hartshorn shavings or arrowroot. used with care, and only employed in 488. TURPENTINE. —Take half an very obstinate cases.

ounce of oil of turpentine, the yolk of 480. COMPOUND AMMONIATED. one egg, and half a pint of gruel. Mix Add six drachms of oil of turpentine to the turpentine and egg, and then add the strong ammoniated liniment above. the gruel. Use, as an anthelmintic. Use, for the diseases mentioned under 489. COMMON.-Dissolve one ounce the head of strong ammoniated liniment, of salt in twelve ounces of gruel. and chronic affections of the knee and 490. Castor Oil.-Mix two ounces ankle joints.

of castor oil with one drachm of starch, 481. LIME AND OIL. Take equal then rub them together, and add fourparts of common linseed oil and lime teen ounces of thin gruel. Use, purgawater (Liquor calcis), and shake well. tive. Use, applied to burns, scalds, sun peel- 491. OPIUM.—Rub three grains of ings, &c.

opium with two ounces of starch, then 482. CAMPHORATED.—Take half an add two ounces of warm water. Use, ounce of camphor and dissolve it in two as an anodyne, in colic, spasms, &c. ounces of olive oil. Use, as a stimulant, 492. Oil.–Mix four ounces of olive soothing application, in stubborn breasts, oil with half an ounce of mucilage and glandular enlargements, dropsy of the half a pint of warm water. Use, as a belly, and rheumatic pains.

demulcent. 483. SOAP LINIMENT WITH SPANISH 493. AsSAFETIDA.-Mix one drachm Flies.— Take three ounces and a half of the tincture of assafoetida in a pint of of soap liniment, and half an ounce of barley water. Use, as an anthelmintic, tincture of Spanish flies; mix and shake or in convulsions from teething. well. Use, as a stimulant to chronic 494. Gargles.- These are remebruises, sprains, rheumatic pains, and dies used to stimulate chronic sore indolent swellings.

throats, or a relaxed state of the swal484. TURPENTINE. Take two low, or uvula. ounces and a half of resin cerate (Cera- 495. ACIDULATED.—Mix one part of tum resine), and melt it by standing the white vinegar with three parts of vessel in hot water; then add one ounce honey of roses, and twenty-four of and a half of oil of turpentine, and mix. barley water. Use, in chronic inflam


99 mations of the throat, malignant sore cold, and use for painful ulcers, bruises, throat, &c.

&c. 496. ASTRINGENT. Take two 507. STIMULANT. Dissolve one drachms of roses and mix with eight drachm of caustic potash in one pint of ounces of boiling water, infuse for one water, and then gradually pour it upon hour

, strain, and add one drachm of twenty-four grains of camphor and one alum and one ounce of honey of roses. drachm of sugar, previously bruised Use, in severe sore throat, relaxed together in a mortar. Used as in funuvula, &c. 497. For SALIVATION.—Mix from

goid and flabby ulcers.

508. ORDINARY.-Mix one drachm one to four drachms of bruised gall-nuts of salt with eight ounces of water. Used with a pint of boiling water, and in- for foul ulcers and

flabby wounds. fuse for two hours, then strain and 509. COLD EVAPORATING. — Add sweeten.

two drachms of Goulard's extract 498. TONIC AND STIMULANT.-Mix (Liquor plumbi diacetatis), and the same six ounces of decoction of bark with two quantity of sulphuric ether (Ether ounces of tincture of myrrh, and half a sulphuricus), to a pint of cold water. drachm of diluted sulphuric acid. Use, Use, as a lotion for contusions, sprains, in scorbutic affections.

inflamed parts, &c. 499. ALUM.- Dissolve one drachm 510. HYDROCHLORATE OF AMMONIA. of alum in fifteen ounces of water, then -Dissolve two drachms of sal ammoniac add half an ounce of treacle and one (Ammoniæ hydrochloras) in six ounces drachm of diluted sulphuric acid. Use, of water, then add an ounce of distilled astringent.

vinegar and the same quantity of recti500. MYRRH.—Add six drachms of fied spirit. Use, as a refrigerant. tincture of myrrh to seven ounces of in- 511. Yellow LOTION.-Dissolve one fusion of linseed, and then add one grain of corrosive sublimate (Hydrardrachm of diluted sulphuric acid. Use, gyri chloridum, A VIOLENT POISun) in as a detergent.

an ounce of lime water, taking care to 501. FOR Slight INFLAMMATION bruise the crystals of the salt in order OF THE THROAT.-Add one drachm of to assist its solution. Use, as a detersulphuric ether to half an ounce of gent. syrup of marsh-mallows, and six ounces 512. BLACK WASH. Add half a of barley water. This may be used fre- drachm of calomel to four ounces of quently

lime water, or eight grains to an ounce 502. Lotions.-Lotions are usu- of lime water; shake well. Use, as a ally applied to the parts required by detergent. means of a piece of linen rag or piline, 513. ACETATE OF LEAD WITH OPIUM. wetted with them, or by wetting the - Take twenty grains of acetate of lead, bandage itself.

and a drachm of powdered opium, mix, 503. EMOLLIENT.–Use decoction of and add an ounce of vinegar and four marsh-mallow or linseed.

ounces of warm water, set aside for an 504. ELDER FLOWERS.–Add two hour, then filter. Use, as an astrindrachms and a half of elder flowers to gent. one quart of boiling water, infuse for 514. CREOSOTE.—Add a drachm of one hour, and strain. Use, as a dis- creosote to a pint of water, and mix by cutient.

shaking. Use, as an application in tinea 505. SEDATIVE. Dissolve

one capitis, or other cutaneous diseases. drachm of extract of henbane in twenty

515. GALLS.- Boil one drachm of four drachms of water.

bruised galls in twelve ounces of water 506. Opium. — Mix two drachms until only half a pint remains, then of bruised opium with half a pint strain, and add one ounce of laudanum. of boiling water, allow it to grow Use, as an astringent and sedativo,



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516. Ointments and Cerates. 526. COMMON PURGATIVE.—Take of - These remedies are used as topical powdered jalap and compound extract applications to parts, generally ulcers, of colocynth each four grains, of caloand are usually spread upon linen or mel two grains, mix as usual, and other materials.

divide into two pills. Dose, one or two 517. CAMPHORATED.—Mix half an occasionally. ounce of camphor with one ounce of 527. TONIC. Mix twenty-four lard, having, of course, previously pow-grains of extract of gentian and the dered the camphor, by adding a few same of purified green vitriol (sulphate drops of spirit of wine. Use, as a discu- of iron) together, and divide into twelve tient and stimulant in indolent tumours. pills. Dose, one or two when neces

518. Chalk.-Mix as much pre- sary. Use, in debility. pared chalk as you can into some lard, 528. Cough.—Mis one drachm of so as to form a thick ointment. Use, as compound powder of ipecacuanha with an application to burns and scalds.

one scruple of gum ammoniacum and 519. For ITCH.—Mix four drachms one of dried squill bull in powder. of sublimed sulphur, two ounces of lard, Make into a mass with mucilage, and and half a drachm of diluted sulphuric divide into twenty pills. Dose—one, acid together. This is to be rubbed three times a day. into the body.

529. ASTRINGENT. Mix sixteen 520. For SCROPULOUS ULCER- grains of acetate of lead (sugar of lead) ATIONS.— Mix one drachm of ioduret with four grains of opium, and make of zinc and one ounce of lard together. into a mass with extract of dandelion, Use, twice a day to the ulcerations. so as to make eight pills. Dose, from

521. Catechu.—Mix one ounce of one to two. Use, as an astringent in powdered catechu, two drachms and a obstinate diarrhoea, dysentery, and half of powdered alum, one ounce of spitting of blood. powdered white rosin, and two ounces and a half of olive oil, together. Use,

530. Mixtures. to apply to flabby and indolent ulcer- 531. FEVER, SIMPLE.—Add three at ons.

ounces of spirit of mindererus (Liquor 522. TARTAR EMETIC.—Mix twenty ammonia acetatis), three drachms of grains of tartar emetic and ten grains of spirits of sweet nitre, four drachms of white sugar with one drachm and a antimonial wine, and a drachm of syrup half of lard. Use, as a counter-irritant of saffron, to four ounces of water, or in white swellings, &c.

medicated water, such as cinnamon,

aniseed, &c. Dose for an adult, one or 523. Pills.

two tablespoonfuls every three hours. 524. STRONG PURGATIVE.—Take of Use, as a diaphoretic. Powdered aloes, scammony, and gam

532. AROMATIC.—Mix two drachms boge each fifteen grains, mix, and add of aromatic confection with two drachms sufficient Venice turpentine to make of compound tincture of cardamoms, into a mass, then divide into twelve and eight ounces of peppermint water. pills. Dose, one or two occasionally. Dose, from one ounce to one and a half.

525. Milder PURGATIVE. Pake Use, in flatulent colic and spasms of four grains of powdered scammony and the bowels. the same quantity of compound extract 533. CATHARTIC. Dissolve two of colocynth, and two grains of calomel; ounces of Epsom salts in six ounces of mix well, and add two drops of oil of compound infusion of senna, then add cloves, or thin gum-water, to enable two ounces of peppermint water. Dose, the ingredients to combine properly, from one and a half to two ounces. and divide into two pills. Dose, one or Use, as a warm and active cathartic. two when necessary.

534. DIURET.C.—Dissolve in three



ounces of camphor mixture, one drachm down in three ounces and a half of of powdered nitre; add five ounces of peppermint water, then add sal volatile the decoction of broom, with six drachms and compound tincture of gentian, each of sweet spirits of nitre, and three one drachm and a half; mix. Dose, drachms of tincture of squills; mix. from one to one ounce and a half. Use, Dose, one teaspoonful every two hours, as a tonic, stimulant, and stomachic. or two tablespoonfuls every three hours. Use, excellent in dropsies.

540. Drinks. 585. Cough.—Dissolve three grains 541. TAMARIND.—Boil two ounces of tartar emetic and fifteen grains of of the pulp of tamarinds in two pints opium in one pint of boiling water, of milk, then strain. Use, as a refrigethen add four ounces of treacle, two rant drink. ounces of vinegar, and one pint more

542. TAMARIND.— Boil two ounces of boiling water. Dose, from two tea- of the pulp in two pints of warm water, spoonfuls to two tablespoonfuls, accord- and allow it to get cold, then strain. ing to circumstances, every three hours, Use, refrigerant. or three times a day. Use, in common catarrh, bronchitis, and irritable

543. Powders. cough.

544. COMPOUND SODA.--Mixtwenty536. Cough (FOR CHILDREN).-Mix four grains of calomel, thirty-six grains three drachms of ipecacuanha wine with of sesqui-carbonate of soda, and one half an ounce of oxymel of squills, the drachm of compound chalk powder, tosame quantity of syrup of tolu, one ounce gether. Divide into twelve powders. of mucilage, and two ounces of water. One of the powders to be given for a Dose, one teaspoonful for children under dose when required. Use, as a mild one year, two teaspoonfuls from one to purgative for children during teething. five years, and a tablespoonful from five 545. Tonic. — Mix one drachm of years, every time the cough is trouble- powdered rhubarb with the same quan

tity of dried carbonate of soda, then 537. ANTI-SPASMODIC. — Dissolve add two drachms of powdered calumba fifty grains of camphor in two drachms root. Dose, from ten to twenty grains of chloroform, and then add two drachms as a tonic after fevers, in all cases of of compound' tincture of lavender, six debility, and dyspepsia attended with drachms of mucilage of gum arabic, acidity. eight ounces of aniseed, cinnamon, or 546. RHUBARB AND MAGNESIA. some other aromatic water, and two Mix one drachm of powdered rhubarb ounces of distilled water; mix well. with two drachms of carbonate of magDose, one tablespoonful every half hour nesia, and half a drachm of ginger

. if necessary. Use, in cholera in the Dose, from fifteen grains to one drachm. cold stage, when cramps are severe, or Use, as a purgative for children. exhaustion very great; and as a general 547. SULPHUR AND Potash.—Mix anti-spasmodic in doses of one dessert one drachm of sulphur with four scruspoonful when the spasms are severe. ples of bicarbonate of potash, and two

538. TONIC AND STIMULANT.-Dis- scruples of nitre. Dose, from half a solve one drachm of extract of bark, and drachm to one drachm. Use, as a purhalf a drachm of powdered gum arabic, gative, diuretic, and refrigerant. in six ounces of water, and then add 548. ANTI-DIARRHEAL.-Mix one one ounce of syrup of marsh-mallow, grain of powdered ipecacuanha, and and the same quantity of syrup of tolu. one grain of powdered opium, with the Dose, one tablespoonful every three same quantity of camphor. Dose, one. hours. Use, after fevers and catarrhs. of these powders to be given in jam,

539. STOMACHIC. Take twenty treacle, &c., once or twice a day; but grains of powdered rhubarb, and rub it to adults only.





549. ANTI-SPASMODIC. - Mix four of cloves. Dose, as prepared, early in grains of subnitrate of bismuth, forty- the morning. eight grains of carbonate of magnesia,

557. To PREVENT PITTING AFTER and the same quantity of white sugar, SMALL-Pox.-Spread a sheet of thin and then divide in four equal parts. leather with the ointment of ammoniaDose, one-fourth part. Use, in obsti- cum with mercury, and cut out a place nate pain in the stomach with cramps, for the mouth, eyes, and nostrils. unattended by inflammation.

This forms what is called a mask, and, 550. ANTI-PERTUSSAL, OR AGAINST after anointing the eyelids with a little HOOPING-Cough.-Mix one drachm of blue ointment (Unguentum hydrargyri), powdered belladonna root, and two it should be applied to the face, and ounces of white sugar, together. Dose, allowed to remain for three days for six grains morning and evening for the distinct kind, and four days for the children under one year; nine grains running variety. Period to apply it :for those under two and three years of Before the spots fill with matter, alage; fifteen grains for those between though it will answer sometimes even five and ten; and thirty grains for after they have become pustulous. It adults. Caution, this should be pre- may be applied to any part in the same pared by a chemist, as the belladonna way. is a poison, and occasional doses of 558. ANOTHER METHOD, and one castor oil should be given while it is more reliable, is that of touching every being taken.

pustule, or poc, on the face or bosom 551. PURGATIVE (Common):— Mix with a camel-hair pencil dipped in a ten grains of calomel, with one drachm weak solution of lunar caustic (nitrate of powdered jalap, and twenty grains of silver), made in the proportion of of sugar. Dose, one-half of the whole two grains of nitrate of silver to one for adults.

ounce of distilled water. The time for 552. SUDORIFIC. — Mix six grains application is about the seventh day, of compound antimonial powder, two while each pustule is filled with a grains of ipecacuanha, and two grains limpid fluid, or before suppuration takes of sugar, together. Dose, as mixed, to place, the lotion arresting that action, be taken at bed-time. Use, in catarrh and by preventing the formation of and fever.

matter, saving the skin from being

pitted; a result that follows from the 553. Miscellaneous. conversion of the adipose tissue into 554. ETHEREAL TINCTURE OF MALE pus. FERN.-Digest one ounce male fern 559. A THIRD METHOD of effecting buds in eight ounces of sulphuric the same purpose is by passing a fine ether, then strain. Dose, thirty drops needle through each poc, when fully early in the morning. Use, to kill tape- distended with lymph; the escape of

the fluid averting, as in the other mode, 555. EMULSION, LAXATIVE. - Rub the suppuration which would otherdown an ounce of castor oil in two wise ensue. drachms of mucilage of gum arabic, 560. MUCILAGE OF GUM ARABIC. add three ounces of dill water, and a Rubone ounce of gum arabic in a drachm of tincture of jalap, gradually. mortar, with four ounces of warm Dose, as prepared, the whole to be water. Use, for coughs, &c. taken while fasting in the morning. 561. MUCILAGE OF STARCH.-Rub

556. EMULSION, PURGATIVE.—Rub one drachm of starch with a little down six grains of scammony with six water, and gradually add five ounces of drachms of white sugar in a mortar, water, then boil until it forms a muciand gradually add four ounces of al- lage. Use, for enemas, topical applicamond emulsion, and two drops of oil) tions, and demulcents.



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