Fenner's Working Formulae, a Hand-book of the Old and the New Pharmacopoeias ...: Being a Comparison of the 1870 with the 1880 Pharmacopoeia ...

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B. Fenner, 1884 - 528 pages

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Page 30 - When the dregs of a tincture, or similar preparation, are to be subjected to percolation, after maceration with all or with the greater portion of the menstruum, the liquid portion should be drained off as completely as possible, the solid portion packed in a percolator, as before described, and the liquid poured on, until all has passed from the surface, when immediately a sufficient quantity of the original menstruum should be poured on to displace the absorbed liquid, until the prescribed quantity...
Page 29 - The glass tube, which must not project above the inner surface of the cork, should extend from 3 to 4 Cm. beyond the outer surface of the cork, and should be provided with a closely fitting rubber tube, at least one-fourth longer than the percolator itself, and ending in another short glass tube, whereby the rubber tube may be so suspended that its orifice shall be above the surface of the menstruum in the percolator, a rubber band holding it in position. "The shape of a percolator should be adapted...
Page 29 - The moist powder is now transferred to a sheet of thick paper and the whole quantity poured from this into the percolator. It is then shaken down lightly and allowed to remain in that condition for a period varying from fifteen minutes to several hours, unless otherwise directed; after which the powder is pressed, by the aid of a plunger of suitable dimensions, more or less firmly, in proportion to the character of the powdered substance and the alcoholic strength of the menstruum; strongly alcoholic...
Page 28 - When the process is successfully conducted, the first portion of the liquid, or percolate, passing through the percolator will be nearly saturated with the soluble constituents of the substance treated; and if the quantity of menstruum be sufficient for its exhaustion, the last portion of the percolate will be destitute of color, odor, and taste, other than that possessed by the menstruum itself.
Page 69 - Bismuth with 20 parts of distilled water to a smooth paste, and gradually add Water of Ammonia until the salt is dissolved, and the liquid has a neutral or only faintly alkaline reaction. Then filter the solution, evaporate it to a syrupy consistence and spread it on plates of glass, so that on drying the salt may be obtained in scales.
Page 29 - The apparatus is then allowed to stand at rest for the time specified in the formula. To begin percolation, the rubber tube is lowered and its glass end introduced into the neck of a bottle previously marked for the quantity of liquid to be received, if the percolate is to be measured, or of a tared bottle if the percolate is to be weighed; and by raising or lowering this recipient, the rapidity of percolation may be increased or lessened, as may be desirable.
Page 29 - Pharmacopoeia should be nearly cylindrical, or slightly conical, with a funnel-shaped termination at the smaller end. The neck of this funnel-end should be rather short, and should gradually and regularly become narrower toward the orifice, so that a perforated cork, bearing a short glass tube, may be tightly wedged into it from within until the end of the cork is flush with the outer edge of the orifice. The glass tube, which must not project above the inner surface of the cork, should extend from...
Page 118 - ... menstruum to saturate the powder and leave a stratum above it. When the liquid begins to drop from the percolator, close the lower orifice, and, having closely covered the percolator, macerate for forty-eight hours. Then allow the percolation to proceed, gradually adding menstruum, until the hydrastis is exhausted.
Page 367 - Macerate the vanilla in 500 cc. of this mixture for twelve hours, then drain off the liquid and set it aside. Transfer the vanilla to a mortar, beat it with the sugar into a uniform powder, then pack it in a percolator, and pour upon it the reserved liquid. When this has disappeared from the surface, gradually pour on the menstruum, and continue the percolation, until 1000 cc. of tincture are obtained.
Page 103 - Heat the Aloes, by means of a water-bath, until it is completely melted. Then add the Alcohol, and, having stirred the mixture thoroughly, strain it through a fine sieve, which has just been dipped into boiling water. Evaporate the strained mixture by moans of a water'bath, constantly stirring, until a thread of the mass becomes brittle on cooling.

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