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gist on individual prescriptions, there is another form of substitution which, while in a sense is not deceptive nor fraudulent, is nevertheless an imposition upon the original manufacturer and a source of positive financial loss to him.

This form of substitution is found in the drug stores presumed to be of the higher grade, the store located on the principal street and the most prominent corner. The proprietor has a certain percentage more brains than his uptown or downtown competitor; he has the ability to develop his one time drug store into a department store with a drug department; he is patronized by the elite, and the high-priced doctors send their prescriptions to him for compounding.

Does this druggist substitute? Not much! He has sufficient intelligence to see beyond the extra dime or quarter profit he might make by using a cheap substitute for a high-priced proprietary; he argues that he charges good prices for his prescriptions and can afford to buy all the high-priced chemicals and compounds that the doctor may write for, but his keenly developed mental equipment soon reaches the conclusion that there is a shorter road to wealth than by the prescription, via proprietary remedy, route.

By the aid of his knowledge of chemistry and pharmacy, and a few timely hints by the editor of his drug journal, he soon perfects an elegant imitation of a certain proprietary, which, strange to relate, often possesses more virtue and curative power than the original. (?)

He now calls upon Dr. So and So and the others who have favored him with their business, thereby conceding evidence of their confidence in him and mutely acknowledging their belief in his superior ability, and in a few well-chosen words convinces the doctor that it is foolish to pay one dollar an ounce, or one dollar a pint for a remedy that can be duplicated for less than half the amount, as he supposes. The doctor's attention is called to the fact that he, as an intelligent and educated physician, can, of course, readily see that nothing is gained by adhering to the old and genuine preparation, and the result is, he prescribes the druggists' imitation product more or less afterward. By continual efforts in this direction, worthy of a nobler purpose, doctors are constantly imposed upon through a want of a proper knowledge of the facts, but who believe the statements repeatedly made by the interested parties.

That harm frequently results from lack of precaution on the part of the physician there can be no doubt, yet, the remedies prescribed are not always absolutely indicated and in many cases the expected results are not obtained, even when genuine remedies are dispensed, but when this is the case under the best possible conditions, what can one expect from the use of imitations that are known and prescribed as such?

Apart from therapeutic views, it is unfair, venal, dishonest. Persons who further their own interests by appropriating the discoveries of others and who confiscate the products of the brains of their superiors, are conducting their business along lines which the self-respecting and conscientious physician cannot follow with profit to himself, nor advantage to his patient.

Anything done that will make substitution easy, or which will enable the skilled but dishonest pharmacist to become a party to the deception of physicians, cannot but be looked upon as a step decidedly unwise, and in direct opposition to true progress and meritorious advancement.

The outcome of the plans proposed by the A. of S. M. J. will be watched with interest.


By Edmond John Melville, M. D., C. M., Bakersville, Vt. In the treatment of this disease I usually follow these lines: Have your patient take a hot mustard foot bath, followed by a hot pack, where practicable, administer a saline laxative and a Dover's powder and put the patient to bed between warm sheets and keep him there for at least twelve hours. In conjunction with the above I have made it a routine practice to prescribe Glyco-Thymoline, used in the K. & O. Nasal Douche every two hours, diluted one to four in warm water. This bland solution remains in contact with the mucous membrane for a considerable period of time on account of its oily consistency and relieves inflammation by exosmosis, depleting engorgements rapidly. The above treatment followed out faithfully and well by physician and patient will cure the severest case of acute nasopharyngeal catarrh in twenty-four hours. This means in a great many cases the breaking up of an incipient case of la grippe, bronchitis, or even pneumonia, as we all know the tendency of acute inflammation of the mucous membranes to extend to adjacent structures by contiguity of tissue. All of my patients who are at all susceptible to colds are now equipped with a supply of Glyco-Thymoline and a K. & O. Nasal Douche, with instructions to begin its use upon the first symptom of a naso-pharyngitis coming on.

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Hall's Perfect Abdominal & Uterine Supporters,

The Wonderful Supporter for replacing the displaced uterus and for supporting the abdomen after pelvic and abdominal operations.

They are based on scientific principles and are as far in advance of all others as the Surgical Instruments of the present day are over those of a century ago. They are so neat, light and comfortable to wear and give such quick relief that ladies like to wear them. They are being used and endorsed by the best physicians and surgeons of the country, and the wonderful results obtained from their use surprises those who have used them.


We have received many letters from physicians like the jollowing:

Dr. Webster of Chicago: "They are far superior to all other Supporters".

Dr. Boehmer, Sandusky, 0.: "They are the only sensible and effective Supporters I have ever used in my practice".

Dr. Myers, Alfarta, Pa.: "I had no idea that an outside Supporter could accomplish what this one doos".

They are made in sizes 28 to 46, larger or smaller sizes made to order. In taking the measure take a close measure over the hips, sloping in front, the same as in the cut, this will give the correct size. Price to Physicians, $4.00. Sold by all dealers or sent by mail to any address,

Send for pamphlet.


The Easton





Physicians, parents, guardians, or friends who desire to place any mental or nervous patients in a quiet, wellfurnished home, where they can receive good care, and Homeopathic treatment,

NASAL.THROAT should visit Easton before making ar

INTESTINAL rangements elsewhere.

STOMACH.RECTAL Over twenty years experience in the

&UTERO-VAGINAL Middleton (N. Y.) State Homeopathic Hospital.

Kress&Owenc For Circulars, address

210 Fulton St. NY

Sole Agents for Great Britain:
Hos. Christy

& Co., 4, 10 & 12 Old Swan Lane, London, E.C. When addressing our ad vortisers mention the Reporter,


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