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Telephone, Main 2592. Cuy. C. 1076.


MANUFACTURERS AND IMPORTERS OF Surgical and Sick Room Supplies.

The Aseptic Body-Bottle never leaks, never bursts and never produces that most unmanageable of burns,—that of rubber.

It can be applied to the sides or back by lying in or on it.

Applied over a poultice it obviates the necessity of frequent heating of the poultice, as the Aseptic Body-Bottle, when filled with hot water, will keep it warm for hours.

It can be strapped to the chest, abdomen or back by means of a towel or bandage and worn under the clothing.

We carry a complete stock of Parke, Davis & Co.'s, Frazer's, Mulford's, Bell's and Wyeth's Tab lets, Elixirs, Fluid Eso tracts, Specialties, and Parke, Davis & Co.'s Serums and Vaccine.


Exclusive Agents for
Luytie's Homeopathic
Remedies and Sundries.

Orders Promptly Filled.
To cover as large an area of the hu-
man body as does the Aseptic Body-

We make a specialty in the manufacBottle a rubber bag would have to contain at least three gallons of water, —

ture of Orthopedic Appliances and can do an unbearable weight.

| work promptly at POPULAR PRICES.

Abdominal Supporters Specially made to order and fitted on short notice.

Lady in Attendance,

Special Oxygen Gas in 40, 65 and 100

gallon tanks delivered immediately upon receipt of order at all hours of the day and night.

Night ’Phone, R. 388.

When addressing our advertisers mention the Reporter.

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When addressing our advertisers mention the Reporter.


O TUDENTS who are contemplating the study

of MEDICINE, should note the following

fact, namely, that the professsion of Medicine as a whole, is overcrowded, and many well educated physicians make little more than a living ; yet the Homeopathic physicians are usually among the successful ones in any community.

Why is it that the Homeopathic Physician succeeds where others fai!? 1 3. 2

. 3 3 3 3 3 3

Here are some of the reasons for the uniform success
of Homeopathic Physicians.

BECAUSE The Homeopathic Colleges are pathic Law of Cure, similia similibus equipped to give instruction in all curentur. branches of medicine including ther. The Homeopathic Law of Cure apeutics, fully as well as other is distinctively a law, as compared schools.

with the empiricism of other systems In addition to a knowledge of or therapeutics. therapeutics, as taught in other In other words, the Homeoschools, the Homeopathic Physician pathic Physician is better equipped adds a knowledge of the Homeo- to cure disease.

Choose for your ALMA MATER The Cleveland Homeopathic Medical College The Annual Announcement, gives in detail, the Courses of Instruction in the different departments and the most careful and critical comparison of this work with that of other srhools is invited. We believe that the work done in this college is not excelled in any other school.

Send for an Announcement. Cleveland Homeopathic Medical College, Cleveland, Ohio

When addressing our advertisers mention the Repurter.

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