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The EASTERN AssociaTION will be holden at TURNER, (Me.) on the fourth Wednesday and Thursday, in June, instant.

The several Societies belonging thereto, are respectfully and earnestly requested to be punctual in sending Delegates to represent their standing.

N. B.-- Agents for the INTELLIGENCER, and individual subscribers, who have not paid, will do a great kindness to the Editor, to make payment at that time, unless it can be coveniently done before.

Portland, June, 1822.

TO CORRESPONDENTS. “ Original Anecdote, with Remarks,” was gratefully received, but too late for this Number..

“ Origen," on the word Heresy, likewise, but was unavoidably ovitted. They will appear in our next; and we solicit further favors.


No. 1-First Edition--page 5, 11th line from the top, for renovened. read renowned. Second Edition—page 27, 15th line, for alter read altar.

28, 22d line, for damand read demand. Page 33, 10th line from the bottom, for vail read vale. 82, 15th

read 6

real. 87, 2d line from the top,

on 88, 4th

" after the word fiery, read, furnace into which the three men (Daniel vi.) were cast, &c.

There are some errors in orthography which are left uncorrected.



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NUMEROUS and important are the advantages, derivable, by a christian community, from religious periodical publications. Several are now in circulation, in different States, and are doing much for the dissemination of correct principles. None, however, is either published or generally circulated in this State, which affords a presumption, that this attempt to introduce a “ CHRÍSTIAN INTELLIGENCER," will meet with suitable enouragement: Though the number of subscribers is not so great as was expected, and but few papers have been returned, yet from the solicitations of individuals, in different parts of this State, and some others, and their professed readiness to assist in its circulation, the Editor is induced to commence the publication of the INTELLIGENCER, and solicit the aid of Zion's friends, that it may be circulated and encouraged. Its pages will be devoted to the promotion of sound theoretical, and practical religion. If, in the judgment of a candid and enlightened public, any thing subversive of these should be discovered, it is hoped, it will be attributed to a want of judgment, and not a sinister intention. Any friendly intimation of errors will be duly considered, and gratefully acknowledged. To exhibit the truth and excellency of the Christian religion, in such a plain and artless manner, that the common people as well


as the learned, may enter into a participation of the subject, is a principal object in commencing this publication. Different doctrines which have been too long concealed, and their deformities or beauties but half discovered by the inquiring multitude, ought to be fairly exposed to public inspection, that their relative worth may be duly appreciated.-Every religious creed ought to be so expressed, as to be inost clearly and fully understood by all, that no deception may be practised upon the illiterate and unsuspecting part the community. The Editor of this work had rather be faulted by grammarians and rhetoricians, than to become “a barbarian to the populace," by speaking in an unknown tongue."

The sentiments which will occupy a considerable part of the following pages, are those which the Editor has learned from the scriptures of truth and a prayerful investigation of religious subjects. Having received them from no human uninspired guide, he holds himself accountable for their defence. In the illustration of parables and other scriptures, those will be selected which are conceived to be most generally misunderstood. The title, “CHRISTIAN INTELLIGENCER, will naturally excite expectations that something, original and new will be offered, and which has not before been published. A word of caution may be proper, viz.--that the reader should not precipitately condemn a sentiment because it is new, but, patiently and candidly compare it with the dictates of reason and the testimony of inspired writers. Should any objections be presented for publication, the characteristic of the Christian, moderation, candor and brevity, will be indispensable to their admission into our pages. Freedom of inquiry and discussion will be indulged, but all polemical asperity, cautiously avoided. Unsupported by the potent arm of “human infallibility," undefended by the dreadful authority of “the Orthodox, and not tenacious of any opinion, unless warranted by the positive testimony of Holy Writ, an unreserved appeal to that volume will be made, as the criterion for testing all doctrinal points. The assistance of correspondents is solicited; and that they would strive for the cultivation of peace among brethren. Religious intelligence in general, and especially interesting accounts of revivals and reformations in religion, changes of religious opinion, remarkable deaths in the triumphs of the christian faith, &c. will receive suitable attention. It is hoped no offence will be given to any sincere follower of the Lord Jesus, whose liberality shall incline him to peruse these sheets, though the different creeds of our churches are unveiled, and their true features brought to light.

It is a maxim with the Editor, that every man has an equally indisputable right to his own opinion, in subjects of a religious, as well as every other, nature. Hence it follows, that all persecution, on account of religious faith, is tyrannical and oppressive. But fairly to state the different views of men, and to compare them with each other, for the instruction and benefit of all, is an office both of humanity and of christianity. No divine, who is convinced his system is scriptural and sound, will be alarmed or offended, at seeing its most prominent features fully delineated.

It will not be expected that every particular, mentioned in the Prospectus, will be included in each number, though all will be noticed in due time, and in their proper place.

As those who are friendly to this publication would not wish the Editor to sustain a loss, he hopes they will use their endeavors to obtain additional subscribers, and forward their names to him, immediately.

Agents are particularly solicited to try their influence, for the spread of the gospel of eterval life, and the righteous suppression of all heretical doctrines. Were all those who have already espoused the real doctrine of the gospel, sensible of what they are able to accomplish, by their exertions in the use of means, no trivial embarrassments would prevent their united efforts, to disseminate the knowledge of the truth to every part of our State and country. Let a bold and determined step be now taken, to defend the doctrine of impartial benevolence, destroy the spell of infidel imposition, expose the horns of the religion of the beast, designate the consequences of a spirit of unbelief, and demonstrate the glorious effects of the fruit of the spirit, which is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance.

N. B.-All communications sent to the Editor, by mail, for this work, must be post paid. The delay in the returns of subscription papers, is the apology for delaying the publication of the Intelligencer.

ARE CHRISTIANS CHARITABLE ? Professors of the Christian religion are of all men most inexcusable, in the exhibition of a cruel and persecuting spirit. Every period, in the history of that exalted Leader whom we profess to follow, is a reproof upon such conduct. Reader, let us for a moment seriously meditate upon this important point. Frequently as the subject of religious toleration and christian charity is discussed by the preachers, and assented to by the people, do we behold a general and habitual exercise of that heavenly principle, among the followers of the meek and lowly Jesus? Do we see a disposition to pity each other's imperfections, feelingly correct a neighbor's errors, appreciate his virtues, and defend his good name from unreasonable aspersions? Do we see a professor's face, wet with tears of grief, on witnessing the deterioration of a christian friend, of another sect, fro

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