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do deny it, which would prove him, unregenerate, he might still be admitted to heaven. Does not this suppose a man may be saved, without regeneration? Respecting a belief in endless misery, Mr. Thurston says, that those who disbelieve it, do not believe in the same God that he does, and if his be the true one, theirs is the false god! and yet, if it led to the denial of no other truth, “it would not be so dangerous.” Hence, it is not very dangerous, according to his views, to believe in a false god, and be an idolator! What christianizing reasoning! Will not the world be immediately illuminated by this sun of ratiocination and wisdom? The Calvinistic clergy, of the present and future ages, will have reason to bless their stars, for being introduced on to the stage of life, under the auspices of such a glorious actor. By some inexplicable movement in tergiversation, he can persuade a christian church, that statements, directly contradictory, constitute such forcible reasoning, as ought to be printed and preserved for the perusal and instruction of future generations !

Now we ask, in the name of all which is rational, how these things can harmonize? After mentioning four cardinal points, allow that any one of them may be safely denied ! As he compared them to the heart or head of a person, it indulges in the denial of a quarter of it, and yet be right, or be saved, and be wrong! So that four neighbors, might among them, deny the whole truth, and yet be saved! Most admirable reasoning! Whether it be the production of three cardinal points of a sound head, common sense, memory and prudence, (omitting truth) is a subject for conjecture. But as Mr. Thurston warns his bearers against reading authors on Universal Benevolence, though, by his quoting from him, we conclude he peruses “ Paine's Age of Reason,” they will not probably see an exposition of his inconsistency and contradictions. Mr. Thurston is informed

.6 believe in the Saviour of all men;" that Jesus was a divine person,

“the Son of God;" the atonement was proper, answering the purpose intended by it; and that men must be regenerated or born from above to be happy; denying the Pagan, Mahometan, Catholic and Protestant heresy of endless misery. This is our doctrine, and so we preach, whether Jews or Samaritans, infidels or christians. FAREWELL.

that we

THE EDITOR'S SOLEMN PROTESTATIONS. “What promises, what protestations, what vows have you made."

Dr. E. PAYSON. In all ages since the apostacy of the church, those who Protested against doctrinal or practical corruptions among her priests and leaders, have subjected themselves to the frowns and anathemas of those, whose errors and wickedness were exposed. The first atteinpts at reformation have appeared presumptuous, and the many been opposed to the few. Many of those who were deceived by the priests have, from mistaken motives, ambitiously rushed into the field of danger and of death, or have used means and weapons as unbecoming the religion of the Son of God, to oppose and persecute those, who were zealous to reform an apostatized church. Reformers whose ambition, boldness, fortitude and zeal were not invincible while life was spared, have rarely succeeded in their attempts. He whose love for what, in his soul, he believed to be the truth, was not supreme, whose countenance would change on approaching a dungeon, in chains; his faith tremble at the light of a faggot, and his courage shrink at the threats of his persecutors, though their language were thunder and their eyes twinkled lightning, could promise himself little, as to effecting a reformation of doctrines. The true Witness who said, “Be thou faithful unto death,” that is, though it expose you to death, "and I will give thee a crown of life,” well knew the difficulties attending the removal of those errors and prejudices, which were sanctioned by time, cherished by pride, and strengthened by an unholy ambition for supremacy on earth. Though it is not the design of this publication to encourage controversy, or indulge in personal invective, still it is my privilege to examine and make remarks on any work or religious production which may fall into my hands, for the reformation of doctrines; holding myself accountable for a defence or recantation. All who will


their see, will discover, that a refutation of a man's doctrine, while he is treated with respectful language, is no proof of enmity to him, unless their identity can be proved. Since a man may be innocent in an error, to attempt to correct hirn, is rather a proof of friendship, than otherwise. That any man, however learned, or eloquent, or famed for talents,

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should be above our notice, is a concession inconsistent with the boldness of him, who said an angel should be anathematized, if he preached another gospel. Or who can be considered the follower of Christ, that will say Rabboni to men, whose doctrine he is convinced is erroneous, lest he should not receive the applause of those who honor them with the respect due to infallibility ? Must those who know the truth in the love of it, submit to the degraded feelings of such, as are willing to be cyphers in the presence of their preacher, if they may be written at his right hand, individually augmenting his importance in a tenfold proportion? These observations and questions are important, and should be engraven on the heart with the pencil of heaven. Had the reformers been influenced by such servility as we oppose, the right of expresssing an opinion would now have slept in concealment, and the tree of gospel liberty remained in the shell of priestcraft, nor waved its branches in America, perfuming the world with its fragrance.

I do, therefore, most solemnly protest against that "timeserving policy” by which doctrines directly opposite are blended together, producing a mixed existence, ashamed of itself and disowned by its parents. I have respect to certain Calvinist and Hopkinsian ministers, in their professing one doctrine and preaching another; or in feeding their hearers with Arminian bread, which they are forbid to eat because of its pollution, except on a Calvinistic table. It is a truth which Heaven will approve, that if Calvinism be true, Arminianism is false; and, if Arminianism be true, Calvinism is false. Then from what justifiable motive are they so intermixed by the Calvinist preachers, that but few of their hearers know what they believe? If Arminians are able so to preach, as not to be suspected of embracing Calvinism, why cannot the others so speak, as not to be mistaken for Arminians? Are they less able to express their meaning, or do they mean to be misunderstood? They do know that some of their hearers, have no mistrust of their holding to the five points. In the name of Calvin, Zuinglius, Melancthon, and Gale, Robbinson, Gill, I do protest against that conduct, as being “inconsistent with sound Orthodoxy.” However highly I may appreciate their talents, erudition, and good conduct in general, I must

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consider them unjustifiable in the above respect, unless the deception practised upon the people, is shown to be consistent with the ministry of Jesus !

Furthermore. I do solemnly protest against the conduct of all those professors of the christian religion, who defame each other merely on account of a difference of opinion on doctrinal subjects, and who use their influence to destroy the reputation and usefulness of those, whose light is as independent of their exertions, as the truth of God is above the mixture of decrees and contingences.

I PROTEST against the conduct of all such, as indulge themselves and their ministers in pointing out, not to say, making a burlesque, of the supposed, erroneous opinions or practices of others, even to accuse men of the worst of crimes, of being christian Hyenas, “ feasting on the price of blood; the blood of immortals;" and yet become intolerant and angry at the exposure of contradictions in their own productions, which their whole conclave of divines, is not able to gainsay or refute.

Lastly. As a professor of that religion which is given for wise, noble and benevolent purposes, whose leading principles are supreme love to God and good will towards men, demonstrated by acts of justice, beneficence, and charity, I protest against all the hidden things of dishonesty, sinful craftiness and spiritual wickedness in high places, that, with all long-suffering, and by speaking the truth in love, I may commend myself to every man's conscience in the sight of God! Amen.

AN INSTRUCTIVE SERMON. A learned, eloquent preacher, delivered a discourse on the Missionary cause, begging with all his might that his audience would contribute generously for the salvation of souls, each of which was worth more than a thousand worlds. But before he closed, he told them that five dollars, one dollar, twenty-five, or even one cent, might be the means of saving thousands of them from the justice of God; or the endless misery which they justly deserved. A man of reputed generosity, was asked how he liked the sermon. He replied, it was the most instructive discourse he ever

heard on the missionary subject. Then, why did you not contribute? Why, said he, while he maintained any consistency, and kept up the price of Heathens, I was affected, and did not see the craft ; but when he fell on the price, without any one's asking it, so that a thousand souls, individually worth more than a thousand worlds, could be bought for a mere trifle, my eyes were opened and the mystery explained. Do you believe the ministers would preach such tearful sermons, to bribe the justice of God and purchase souls at such a discount, if they had none of the money? Yes, indeed, says the honest devotee to missionaries, I don't believe they have a cent of it; but they expect to be paid for their labors at the judgment, and have a hundred fold for every cent they raise by disinterested labors.

PULPIT ELOQUENCE. The following is a serious Parody, on an example of Pulpit Eloquence, in' the Recorder of Nov. 10, 1821.

Now then, my friends, my reasons are all before you, and I hope to be justified by your consciences, while I execute the commission given me and as a watchman sound the alarm. I therefore solemnly declare, in the name of God, that there is a' SUCCESSFUL war waged by all the divine attributes against sin—that the sacred rights of Heaven have taken the field—that every glory of the Godbead holds a livid lightning pointing at every CRIME—that the inviolable honor of heaven's King is enlisted, and is coming down to' SUBDUE “ a rebellious world. In equally solemn tones I declare, as my office obliges, and call on every angel to witness, that in this war, God is right and

I , hope to pronounce with my dying breath, God is right and the World is wrong! I wish they were set forth in broad letters upon every forehead, and with a pencil dipped in heaven, were written upon every heart. I wish they were set upon the frontispiece of every book, and posted in sun-beams at the 'corner of every street—that they were written with the point of a diamond in the rock forever

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