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Pious men go about “ from house to house” to chastise people for “ proving all things, that they may hold fast what is good ;” and threaten to withhold the hand of charity, if they go

" to hear what the babbler has to say !" The pious of both sexes that pretend to have new hearts, and “ follow him who was born in a manger,” discourage strangers from going to a certain meeting, as far as possible, by telling them the Society is made up of the most infamous and abandoned characters. If these be 6 pious frauds” we hope some of the pious people will look into this MIRROR.

DEDICATIONS. We are happy to learn that during the last season, no less than seven new and commodious Houses, for public worship, were DEDICATED to the service of God, in the Commonwealth of the General Convention of Universalists. One in Roxbury, Milford, Westminster, Brookfield, Mass. one in Otsego, Madison, N. Y. and one in Portland, Me.

The House in Portland, was commenced by a few “Israelites indeed," and progressed with unexampled rapidity to its completion, which was short of three months. The utmost harmony and good fellowship prevailed, from the moment it was said " Let us build an house to the Lord," till “ the chief corner stone” “ was brought forth," at the DEDICATION ; when we heartily exclaimed, “Praise ye the LORD, for he is good; for his MERCY ENDURETH FOREVER. PRAISE YE THE LORD.'

Though “ the sound of the axe, hammer and” almost every “ tool of iron, was heard on the building," from five in the morning to seven in the evening, still, as great harmony was seen among the workmen, as at the erection of the Solomonian temple ; and neither violence nor accident was beheld, to damp the ardor of " so glorious an undertaking." The master-workman and several of the others, were favorable to the erection of the house, and did themselves lasting honor, both for their assiduity and faithfulness, the display of ingenuity and economy, neatness and elegance; without the pageantry of Pagodas or the rusticity of the birth-place of the Son of Mary. The building is seventy-five by forty-six feet, with a convenient gallery in front of the desk for the singers, and several pews on either hand. There is a well proportioned tower of an hundred and thirty feet in height, in which, is a sufficiently large and well-toned bell ;- for a considerable part of which, we are in gratitude indebted, to liberal and generous Christians in this place. That the intervening time, from the oaks, waving in the forest, to their making the beams of a completely finished house, in which the solemnities of Dedication and Installation were performed, should be less than ninety days, has been a matter of no inconsiderable surprise. But it only corresponds with the maxim, “ United we stand; divided we fall.” Long, very long may the brethren live, who erected that house, and those who worship there, and know " how good and how pleasant it is, for brethren to dwell together in unity.'

On the 16th of August, it was religiously and solemnly DEDICATED to the worship and service of the one God, whose universal love is manifested for the salvation of the world, through one Lord Jesus Christ, and impressed upon the heart of every man, by the gift and influence of one Holy Spirit. The services commenced with an appropriate anthem, performed to the highest admiration of a numerous audience.

Our Rev. Br. Ballou, of Boston, made the introductory and Consecrating prayer, in a manner, uncommonly devout, solemn and fervent. Rev. Br. STREETER, of Portsmouth, delivered the Dedication Sermon, from Haggai, chapter II. 6, 7, 8. 9.

" For thus saith the Lord of hosts, Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land. And I will shake all nations, and the DESIRE of all nations shall come : and I will fill this house with glory, saith the LORD of hosts. The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts ; and in this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts." The discourse was appropriate, ingenious, able and evangelical, and pronounced with that fervor and eloquence which left a most favorable and lasting impression on the hearts of a crowded, brilliant and respectable audience. Rev. Br. COBB, of Waterville, followed in solemn and fervent prayer.

In the P. M. Br. Russell STREETER, was Installed over the Society in Portland. Brother Ballou made the prayer, and delivered a DISCOURSE, from JEREMIAH, III. 15. “I will give you Pastors after mine heart, that shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.” The arguments were cogent, the arrangement judicious, the subject appropriate and the oratory masterly. Many who were not present, were afterwards filled with admiration, by the relation of intelligent gentlemen, of the pulpit performances of the day. May we not say, as did one on a different occasion, concerning the Grecian orator, “ What would have been their feelings, while sitting under the storm of eloquence.” Br. STREETER made the Installation prayer, and presented the Hand of Fellowship ; and Brother COBB closed by fervent prayer and thanksgiving. Mr. Davis and his respectable Choir, performed in a manner suitable to the importance of the occasion. “0, that men would praise the Lord for his goodness; and for his wonderful works to the children of men.”

PUBLICATIONS. Several interesting, argumentative and ably edited PERIODICAL PUBLICATIONS are now in circulation, devoted to the defence of the gospel of God, which bringeth life and immortality to light, unclouded with the horrors of eternal death or endless misery, viz:

THE UNIVERSALIST MAGAZINE,published at Boston,every Saturday, by Mr. Henry Bowen, of which the third volume is nearly out. Price two dollars fifty cents per annum, in advance.

The Gospel HERALD, published at the City of NewYork, every Saturday, by Mr. Henry Fitz, devoted wholly to theological discussion and inquiry ; of the same size of the Magazine, though folded in a pamphlet form; of which the 2d volume is nearly completed. Price, as the above.

THE CHRISTIAN REPOSITORY, a quarterly work, by Rev. Br. S. C. Loveland, of Reading, Vt. each number containing thirty two duodecimo pages, the 2d Vol. finished in the next number. Price fifty cents per annum.

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THE PAILADELPHIA UNIVERSALIST MAGAZINE, published at the city of Philadelphia, under the patronage of the Universalists in that place, and edited by Rev. Br. Abner Kneeland, their pastor. It is issued morthly, each number containing at least thirty two pages octavo ; the seventh number of the I. Vol. being out ; and the work“ nothing more than the continuation of the Christian Messenger, which, having completed the second volume, is too weli known to need further recommendation.” Price, two dol-1 lars per annum.

The Religious INQUIRER, a semi-monthly work, published at Hartford City, Conn. by “gentlemen who have associated themselves for the promotion of Christian knowledge ;” and edited by Rev. Br. Richard Carrique, now ministering in that city. Each number has eight pages,. royal octavo size, and eight of the I Vol. been issued. Price, one dollar per annum.

The highest recommendation we can give a publication, is, to solicit our readers to examine it for themselves, with a full assurance, that in our opinion, it is worthy of a careful and frequent perusal. The above works are ably edited, and mostly devoted to argumentative and controversial subjects. They are the means of disseminating much christian light in our country, and are read by thousands who would otherwise descend to the grave, without understanding the principles of the doctrine we teach. Since other denominations are using unparalleled exertions to support the tottering system of Calvinian Theology, we hope our brethren will not be wholly unmoved, or suffer those useful publications to be discontinued. There has been some labor lost in unprofitable arguments with those, who have attempted to defend the eternity of hell-torments, by certain verbal criticisms. We hope our brethren will not spend time, which is precious, and paper, ink and labor which are costly, in answering men, whose maxim doubtless is, “ DIVIDE and CONQUER.

MISCELLANEOUS. Annual Meetings. The GENERAL CONVENTION of Universalists, of the four New-England States and others, con

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venes on the third Wednesday and Thursday of September; the next meeting to be holden at Warner, N. H.

THE NORTHERN ASSOCIATION of Universalists, bolden on the first Wednesday and Thursday in October ; next session in Barre, Vt.

THE WESTERN ASSOCIATION, &c. holden at Lee, Oneida County, N. Y. the first Wednesday and Thursday in June next.

The EASTERN ASSOCIATION, &c. next to be holden in Turner, Maine, the last Wednesday and Thursday in June, 1822.

THE NORTHERN Ohio UNIVERSALIAN ASSOCIATION, organized in September last, adjourned to meet at Shalersville, Portage County, Ohio, the first Wednesday and Thursday in September.

A semi-annual meeting, called the SOUTHERN AssociaTION, which convenes in December and June, the next meeting to be holden, in Wrentham, at the Baptist meetinghouse, on the second Wednesday of June next.

A SOCIETY UNIVERSALIST was formed in Providence, R. I. last season, a lot of land purchased on which to erect a meeting-house, and six thousand dollars subscribed for its erection. Brother Mace of this State has been invited to preach with them next year, and, we understand, complied with their request. The Lord be with our dear brother, grant him grace and wisdom, that he may distribute a portion of meat to each hearer, in due season.

ANOTHER CHURCH. A Church has been recently organized, in Roxbury, (Mass.) under the supervision of Br. Hosea Ballou, 2d. their Pastor, called, “ The first Universalist Church of Christ in Roxbury;" of which, the following is the “ Declaration of faith ;" viz :

“ We believe there is one God; and that in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, he has given a revelation of his character, of the mission of his Son Jesus Christ, and of the duty and final destination of mankind. And we believe that the happiness of all rational creatures depends immediately on their obedience or holiness.”

Though we admire the ingenuity with which the above Declaration" is indited, that it should mean nothing more

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