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6. Would Predestinarians discover as much divine goodness and glory in the doctrine of reprobation to endless misery, if all men were served alike, and were thus reprobated ?

7. If they would not, is not their doctrine partial, unjust and cruel, so far as it favors the peculiarities of Calvinism.



Which accompanied the Minutes, &c. published on page 47. The General Convention of Universalists, to the various Church

es and Societies in its social relation, to all who wish well to the cause of universal, impartial benevolence and grace, and especially to those who are employed, by the Shepherd and Bishop of souls, to feed the flock of God with the bread and water of life, sends affectionate salutations of fraternal love and christian fellowship.

BRETHREN-On no former occasion has the General Convention realized, more sensibly, occasions of joy and felicitation. The council was more numerous than usual, and the information which was obtained, from various parts of oor highly favored country, was such as gave great joy of heart, comforting the brethren and strengthening their hands. No sooner did the brethren come together and reciprocate the affectionate salutations of christian fellowship and love, than the desirable effects of a uniting spirit were visible in every countenance, as they were sensibly felt in every heart. The greatest harmony and the warmest brotherly love prevailed throughout the whole session, directing our consultations and bringing them to most happy results, in which the entire unanimity to the body was manifest.

The public exercises were attended by numerous, crowded, and respectable assemblies, and a double tion of the spirit of grace and truth evidently possessed the hearts and lips of those who administered in holy


things; and it was a most grateful sight to see the earnest and solicitious attention of congregationsso numerous, to fervent prayers, supplications, intercessions, and the giving of thanks for all men, which were offered to the throne of mercy, in the sanctuary, and to the doctrine of everlasting life, which dropped like the rain, which distilled like the dew, like small rain upon the tender herb, and like showers upon the grass ; while tears of gratitude, to him who loved the world and sent us salvation by Jesus Christ, copiously flowed from a thousand eyes, while as many hearts were made the lively tablets of that law of love to God and man, on which hang all the law and the prophets. One spirit, one mind, and one heart gave life and energy to public devotion, and caused many to realize how good and how pleasant a thing it is for brethren to dwell together in unity. To these weighty and heart-cheering considerations it is but just to add that the sobriety, decency and decorum which characterised the multitude, presented a most favorable specimen of the effects of the doctrine of that grace, which embraces the eternal interest of all the ends of the earth.

By epistolary and oral communications information was obtained, that in various parts, new Societies have been recently formed, which are destitute of a competent supply of public gifts and a regular ministry. This circumstance necessarily recalls to mind the words of the blessed Redeemer, " the harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few ; pray ye, therefore, the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into his harvest." It seems expedient that we recommend to our brethren, not to despise the day of small things, nor neglect assembling themselves together for social worship for want of experienced public gifts. The Saviour has left us this gracious promise ; “where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Live coals lose their heat by being separated, but united they burn with increased fervor. Selected portions of the divine testimony may be read

to great profit, and a few words offered in fervent prayer, when the heart is honest and sincere, will never be despised by him who knows the heart, because the petition is not framed by the scholar. Many, very many are the instances, in which a few sincere believers in the impartial grace of the Saviour, have met together in the spirit of truth, and enjoyed far sweeter comforts in their humble devotions, than are tasted in crowded congregations, where empty eloquence lulls to drowsiness a fashionable but thoughtless multitude. These suggestions are not designed to lessen a desire for public labours, nor to dissuade the brethren from earnestly covering the best gifts; but to incite to a due and proper improvement of all the means which a gracious providence has furnished for the promotion of the great cause of religion, the spread of divine truth, and to sweeten the enjoyment of christian devotion.There is, indeed, great reason for encouragement; for our prayers have been heard by the bead of the church, and a goodly number of laborers have recently been sent into the Saviour's vineyard. No less than ten promising youths received letters of fellowship to preach the glad tidings of the Saviour's kingdom, at this session of the General Convention; and they are recommended to the affections and patronage of our believing brethren at large, and to all our Societies, our prayers also accompanying them, that they may be faithful and successful in the arduous, but delightful labors of the ministration of reconciliation. For our further encouragement, we may notice the happy comparison between our present standing and our situation when some of our oldest public labors first commenced in the ministry. Then, not more than four or five individuals were engaged in the ministry of universal, impartial grace, in our country, nor were our Societies more numerous ; but in the short space of twenty-five years marvellous things have astonished the observing mind. Then was the name of a Universalist an odium, and the doctrine he professed denounced as a most dangerous heresy ; at this time it is the only prevailing doctrine, and is doubtless the general sentiment of enlightened christians throughout New-England, and is fast advancing in the south and in the west, while societies are every where springing up, and public laborers are yearly multiplied. The Lord has truly and effectually said to his Zion, “ lengthen thy cords, strengthen thy stakes, break forth on the right band and on the left."

A knowledge of what has, in past ages, taken place in the christian world, whereby the fellowship of the church has been destroyed, its union broken, and divisions and animosities introduced, induces us, most affectionately and tenderly to caution our brethren in the ministry, to direct all their energies of soul to keep the unity of the spirit in the bonds of peace. Slight variations of opinions, respecting matters of uncertain speculations were seized on by ambitious, rival bishops, who loved their own aggrandizement more than the honor of the Saviour, and made the means of divisions and parties, which in the room of following Jesus Christ, became the dupes of those whose ambition they were devoted to maintain. The injurious consequences resulting from these divisions are recorded in history, in lines of blood, and should serve as an awful admonition to us, that we never make our speculative opinions the bond of christian fellowship, but remember that even the true faith, being less than charity, should never be allowed to exclude its superior.

Brethren, dearly beloved in the Lord, let us constantly unite our fervent prayers, that the happy union in which we have so long prospered, and which has rendered our little band so formidable to the common enemy, may forever continue, unbroken and unimpaired, and extend the savor of the name and doctrine of Jesus to the whole heritage of the Lord.

Those who have just entered the vineyard of our Redeemer, will accept our hearty welcome. Welcome, brethren, to labors of love, to crosses and to crowns.A fervent solicitude is felt for your prosperity and use

fulness, and we deem it expedient to warn you against the wiles of that enemy which sows discord among brethren. Having lived and received your religious educations in different parts of the country, and under the instructions of those who perhaps differ in some unessential opinions, you, no doubt, may have ideas differing from each other; but all this may turn to your advantage, and to the advancement of the cause of truth, if you are cautious to let no difference of opinion operate to alienate your affections from each other. Be advised, therefore, to use every possible means to harmonize your affections, and to strengthen your union, that you may enjoy the sweets of brotherly love, and embrace each other in the bosom of that charity which is the bond of perfectness.

That our opposers, of every class, who lavish on us the accusation of holding to a doctrine which is licentious, because it embraces the whole human family in the covenant of divine grace, may have no evil thing to say against us, let us duly regard the testimony of an inspired apostle, who says; “ The grace of God which bringeth salvation to all men hath appeared, teaching us, that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world.” The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

By order,


ANECDOTE. A pious minister after studying the Scriptures for many years, pleased to find so many promises, prophecies and positive declarations in support of universal salvation, and not a passage in favor of Calvinism, was desirous of seeing Nr. F-, a preacher of that doctrine, and of hearing him in defence of his “ heterodox":

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