The One World of Working Women, Volume 27, Issue 1

Front Cover
Department of Labor, Bureau of International Labor Affairs, 1978 - 15 pages

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Page 11 - A waiver is ordinarily an intentional relinquishment or abandonment of a known right or privilege. The determination of whether there has been an intelligent waiver of the right to counsel must depend, in each case, upon the particular facts and circumstances surrounding that case, including the background, experience, and conduct of the accused.
Page 2 - The booklet includes a translation of the decree of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the Council of Ministers of the USSR, "On Strengthening the Relationship of the School With Life and on the Further Development of the System of Public Education in the Country.
Page 34 - We do not mean by this to indicate that the hearing to be held must conform with all of the requirements of a criminal trial or even of the usual administrative [403 US 534] hearing; but we do hold that the hearing must measure up to the essentials of due process and fair treatment.
Page 35 - Lara sets out the general rule : ". . . [A] minor has the capacity to make a voluntary confession, even of capital offenses, without the presence or consent of counsel or other responsible adult, and the admissibility of such a confession depends not on his age alone but on a combination of that factor with such other circumstances as his intelligence, education, experience, and ability to comprehend the meaning and effect of his statement.
Page 18 - Association in 1967 concluded that "no state and no community has developed a child protective service program adequate in size to meet the service needs of all reported cases of child neglect, abuse, and exploitation
Page 15 - Act, defines child abuse and neglect as: [t]he physical or mental injury, sexual abuse, negligent treatment or maltreatment of a child under the age of eighteen by a person who is responsible for the child's welfare under circumstances which indicate that the child's health or welfare is harmed or threatened thereby...
Page 10 - He must be warned prior to any questioning that he has the right to remain silent, that anything he says can be used against him in a court of law, that he has the right to the presence of an attorney, and that if he cannot afford an attorney one will be appointed for him prior to any questioning if he so desires.
Page 3 - abused or neglected child" means a child whose physical or mental health or welfare is harmed or threatened with harm by the acts or omissions of his parent or other person responsible for his welfare.

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