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on the Sun Valley Mall

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Delamar Mine

Gull & Silver-cyanide vat and




Acid Jrainage from wasle dump

Owyhee County Jordan Creek

heap leach

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1985 Water quality violation The operator was required to

modify the way in which his
settling ponds were cleaned
out. Operator penalized
$25,000.00 for clean-up and

monitoring costs.
1990 Unauthorized stream channel The operator was required to

alteration and water quality reclaim affected lands and violations

reclaim and stabilize the

stream channel.
1986 Acid mine drainage

This is an on-going problem;
th operator has hired a
consulting firm to solve the
problem. In addition, acid
producing materials are being
removed, surficial
bactericides are being applied
during reclamation, and all
waters are being diverted away

from the site.
1985 Mercury spill

State and federal agencies
conducted a joint clean-up and
encapsulated all toxic soils,
using the operator's
reclamation bond ponies and

1989 Mass failure of a settling The operator was required to

pond, subsequent water modify mining practices and violations due to bed- load mitigate damages to fisheries. and turbidity.

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1990 Tailings impoundment failure Legal action taken by several

resulting in water quality state agencies. Operator was
violations and destruction was required to reclaim and
of fisheries in Beaver Cr. stabilize the tailings

impoundrent and complete some fisheries mitigation work on Beaver Creek.

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Secesh Basin Mines

McCall, Idaho


1985 Water quality violations due Operator was required to cease

to placer eine settling pond discharging from placer mine discharge.

settling ponds.

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