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western division T. &0. C.; W. F. Davis, general foreman West Culumbus; George B. Wickery, who was chairman of the resolutions committee of Div. 631, read and presented a handsomely embossed testimonial, which will doubtless be inestimable to Brother Engler as a memento of the occasion,

More than twenty others had something to say of their pleasant relations with Brother Engler, and just before adjourument Mr. Beeman left the room and returned with a magnificent basket of carnations and Narcissus beauties, which he presented to “Your wife, Mr. Engler, the best friend you have in the world."

The recipient of the beautiful gift was manifest. ly affected and could but express his simple and heartfelt thanks.

As the clock struck the hour of midnight the new foreman of engines, Mr. Hartenstein, made the motion to adjourn and Mr. Engler's surprises for one day were over.

SPECIAL NOTICES. SEC. 89. It shall be the duty of members away from the location of their Subdivision to at least once in six months make their whereabouts known to the Subdivisions, and always when changing their permanent address. Failure to do so shall be sufficient cause for expulsion.

Members of the following Subdivisions will correspond with the F. A. E. of their Subdivisions immediately : Subdivision559-G, H. Friend.

Wanted-To know the whereabouts of Brizzie Hogan, last heard of in Columbus, Ga. Kindly address Mrs. M. E. Rose, 70772 Texas street, Shreveport, La.

Traveling card of Bro. R. W. Johnson, member of Div. 339, has been lost. 'If presented for favors, kindly take up and forward to Bro. Henry M. Reece, F. A. E., Div. 339. 407 East Jones street, Raleigh, N. C.

Bro. H. G. Loyd, member of Subdivision 140, reports loss of his traveling card. If presented for favors, it should be taken up and forwarded to Bro. E. A. Bowling, F. A. E., Div. 140, 157 Canal street, Mobile, Ala.

Information is wanted of the whereabouts of Walter C. Beasley, fireman. Kindly notify Mr. H. M. Marsh, Maine Central R. R. car shops, Thompson Point, Portland, Me.

Bro. Byron E. Dick, member of Subdivision 252, reports the loss of traveling card, letter of identification and other papers. If presented for favors, kindly take up and forward to Bro. L. C. Wood bury, F. A. E., Div. 252, Newton, Kaus.

Wanted-To know the whereabouts of Bro. G. W. Kinney, member of Subdivision 192. Kindly address Bro. Geo. Stead, F. A. E., Div. 192, Box 240, El Paso, Tex.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Bill Clark, who formerly ran an engine on the Central of Georgia R. R., between Atlanta and Macon, will confer a favor by corresponding, with Bro. Thos, G. Russell, C: E., Div. 368, 78 Dodd avenue, Atlan ta, Ga.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Reggery Stafford, fireman, will confer a favor by corresponding with his brother, Bro. C. E. Stafford, member of Subdivision 309, Lakeland, Fla.

OBITUARIES. llu accordance with the action of the Ottawa Convention, 10 resolutions of condolence, obituary letters or poems will be published in the JOURNAL.

All deaths will be listed under obituary heading only, with cause and date of death.]

Detroit, Mich., Feb. 21, Bro. John Scallen, member of Div. 1.

Detroit, Mich.. Feb. 19, paralysis, Bro. 0. W. McCall, member of Div. 1.

Utica, N. Y., Feb. 23, kidney trouble, Bro. E. G. Egert, member of Div. 14.

Wadsworth, O., March 12, asthma, Bro. Charles Grotz, member of Div. 16.

Long Branch, N. J., March 1, blood poisoning, Bro. Frank Magill, member of Div. 22.

Easton, Pa., March 5, hit by locomotive, Bro. Henry Y. Mieck, member of Div. 30.

Akron, O., Feb. -, old age, Mrs. S. N. Lowery, mother of Bros. W. H. Lowery, Div. 31; J. E. Lowery, Div. 411; S. E. Lowery, Div. 173; E. E. Lowery, Lodge 383, B. of L. F.; and grandmother of Bro. E. G. Lowery, of Div. 31.

Battle Creek, Mich., March 3, derailment of engine, Bro. Richard Drowley, member of Div. 33.

Logan, O., Feb. 23, locomotor ataxia, Bro. John Moriarity, member of Div. 34.

Portland, Me., Feb. 27, kidney trouble, Bro. Geo. Libby, member of Div. 40.

Ridionville, Me, Feb. 2, heart failure, Bro. L. E. Burgess, member of Div. 40.

Meadville, Pa., March 14, killed by derailment of engine, Bro. R. D. Logan, member of Div. 43.

Philadelphia Pa., Feb. 25, Bro. J. P. Cawley, member of Div. 51.

Keokuk, Ia., Feb. 15, paralysis, Bro. Thos. Collier, member of Div. 56.

Salem, Mass., March 11, Bro. A. B. Franklin, member of Div. 61.

New Boston, N. H., March 13, pneumonia, Bro. Harry S. Colby, member of Div. 61.

New Haven, Conn., March -, Mrs. Emily Gates, wife of Bro. Francis B. Gates, member of Div. 77.

New Haven, Conn., March 1, killed in wreck, Bro. W. H. Norton, member of Div. 77.

Hinton, W. Va., March 12, k.lled in wreck, Bro. J. W. Flanagan, member of Div. 101.

Chicago, Ill., Feb. 6, old age, Bro. Samuel Hinsey, member of Div. 110.

Dubuque, Ia., Jan. 12, general debility, Bro. J. G. Moore, member of Div. 119.

Suffern, N. Y., Feb. 6, Bro. Henry L. Carlough, member of Div. 135.

Ogden, Utah, Feb. 21, engine turned over, Bro. Leopold Krauss, member of Div. 136.

New York City, Feb. 9, killed in wreck, Bro. Wm. Kirk, member of Div. 145.

New York City, Feb. 13. pneumonia, Bro. Walter R. Brown, member of Div. 145.

McKees Rocks, Pa., Feb. 26, Alice, daughter of Bro. John H. Roland, member of Div. 148.

Sparks, Nev., Feb. 23, pneumonia, Bro. Alonzo Muenk, member of Div. 158.

Sparks, Nev., Feb. 18, Bro. Cornelius Cadagan, member of Div. 158.

Carbondale, Pa., Feb. 12, John F. Gallagher, member of Div. 166.

Syracuse, N. Y., March 9, heart disease, Bro. Harry Watkeys, member of Div. 169.

Denver, Colo., Feb. 16, run over by train, Bro. Addison H. Hapgood, member of Div. 186.

Fitchburg, Mass., Feb. 23, apoplexy, Bro. John Thompson, member of Div. 191.

Salida, Colo., March 1, Bro. A. F. Duey, member of Div, 199.

Macon. Ga., Feb. 25. engine turning over, Bro. Dan. C. Farmer, member of Dir. 210.

Mexico City, Mex., Jan. 31. preumonia and appendicitis, Bro. J. M. Hutchiuson, member of Dis. 224

Acambaro, Mex., Feb. 13. pneumonia, Bro. O. A. Person, member of Div. 571.

Concord, N. H., Feb, 21, killed in wreck, Bro. J. R. McDaniels, member of Div. 572.

Jimulco, Mex., March 7, collision, Bro. Albert Serafin, member of Div. 594.

Los Angeles, Cal., derailment of engine, Bro. Stuart B. Hamilton, member of Div. 660.

Chambersburg, Pa., March 3, head-on collision, Bro. Ralph E. Baxter, member of Div. 685.

Harrisburg, Pa., March 3, head-on collision, Bro, Parker W. Yingst, member of Div. 705.



Cape Vincent; N. Y.. March 2, Bro. W. A. Northrup, member of Div. 227.

Atchison, Kans., Feb. II, paralysis, Bro. J. W. Porter, member of Div. 237.

Halifax, N. S., Feb. 27, collision, Bro. John J. Flavin, member of Div. 247.

Bradford, Pa., Feb. 16, complication of diseases, Bro. E. W. Mann, member of Div. 254.

Covington, Ky., March 1, Bright's disease and paralysis, Bro. S. c. Camp, member of Div. 271.

Ashley, Pa., March 10, heart disease and dropsy, Bro. Stewart Dunlop, member of Div. 272.

New Orleans, La., Feb. 16, cancer of the stomach, Bro. James D. Beggerly, member of Div. 281.

McKeesport, Pa., Feb. 7, killed in rear-end collision, Bro. P. C. Pickels, member of Div. 282.

E. Oakland, Cal., Feb, 10, Bright's disease, Bro. Richard Reynolds, member of Div, 283.

Superior, Wis., March 8, pneumonia, Bro. John M. Decker, member of Div. 290.

Cadosia, N.Y., Feb. 13; killed in boiler explosion, Bro. James Vallequette, member of Div. 292.

Walton, N. Y.. Feb. 15. injuries received in boiler explosion, Bro. W.J. Gadwood, member of Div. 292,

Erie, Pa., Feb. 27, erysipelas, Bro. J. H. Doug. lass, member of Div. 298.

Buffalo, N. Y., Feb. 21, heart failure, Bro. Joseph Oliver, member of Div. 328.

Wilmington, Del., Feb. 22, injuries received from a fall, Bro. Wm. T. Kates, member of Div. 342.

Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. I, Bro. G. Clarence Wright, menuber of Div. 353.

Dillonvale, O., Feb. 16, heart trouble, Bro. M. Tobin, member of Div. 360.

Louisville, Ky., March 6, inj es received wreck, Bro. John P. Purcell, member of Div. 365.

Houston Tex., Feb. 19, killed by boiler explosion, Bro. G. W. Merchant, member of Div. 366.

Louisville, Ky., Feb. 15, Mrs. Sophronia A. Heffner, wife of Bro. Geo, Heffner, member of Div. 365.

Pittsburg, Pa., Feb. 28, engine turning over, Bro. W. E. Irwin, member of Div. 370.

Birmingham, Ala., March 8. heart trouble, Bro. John E. Leeper, member of Div. 386.

Birmingham, Ala., March 3, pneumonia, Bro. Norman P. Brooks, member of Div. 386.

Clinton, Ia., Feb. 1o, Mrs. Catherine Grimes, mother of Bro. J. M. Grimes, member of Div. 395.

Elgin, Ill., March 10, Bro. E. E. Hoxie, member of Div. 404.

Washington, Pa., Feb. 28, Bright's disease, Bro. Thos. E. Whitesides, member of Div. 416.

Cresson, Pa., March 4, heart failure, Bro. H. S. Reed, member of Div. 437.

Rowlsburg, W. Va., Feb. 24. Bright's disease, B.o. Jacob Coruell, member of Div. 437.

Murphysboro, Ill., Feb. II, Bro. W. E. Smith member of Div. 444.

Pittsburg, Pa., Feb. 21, derailment of engine, Bro. Wm. J. Craven, member of Div, 452.

El Paso, Tex., Feb. 20, pneumonia, Bro. Andrew S. Lougheed, member of Div. 488.

Ft. Dodge, Kan., Feb. 28, asthma nd la grippe, Bro. A. E. Stark, member of Div. 501.

Scottsborough, Ala., March 4. old age, Mrs. Cobb, mother of Bro. Chas. H. Cobb, member of Div. 554

Memphis, Tenn., March 1, injuries received from being struck by street car, Charles, son of Bro. R. L. Wilder, member of Div. 554.

Norwich, N. Y., March 5. Bright's disease, Bro. Peter J. Feru, member of Div. 560.

Cranbrook, B, C., Jan. 5, Bro. A. Jardine, member of Div. 563.

Denison, Tex., Feb. 27, pneumonia, Bro. J. A. Yeargain, member of Div. 568.

Into Division-
II-Chas. A. Crane, from Div. 391.

Henry Zink, from Div. 25. 19-S. C. Wilkinson, from Div. 92. 21-D. D. Cook, from Div. 336. 23-N. L. O'Keely, from Div, 21, 60--J. W. Tenney, from Div, 24. 64-Walter A. Paddock, from Div. 63. 69-Wm. J. Thurlow, from Div. 308. 74-H. B. Heiser, from Div. 104. 76-Wm. Mathieson, J. M. Fleming, from Div.

510 87–Leon Holmer, from Div. 217. 106-Henry E. Bussey, from Div. 112. 110-Walter A. Shiells, from Div. 415. 139-H. A. Burbin, from Div, 606. 145-H. H. Baker, Wm. B. Buckley, Frank Kuep

scheld, from Div. 105. 147-D. J.Smith, Willis E. Ellixson, from Div. 402.

E. R. Kuhn, from Div. 69.

F. W. Hinman, from Div. 318. 150-O. E. Chase, A. W. Watson, from Div. 687. 153-F. S. Stinger, from Div. 396. 156-A, B Luster, from Div. 432.

G. H. Schwartz, from Div. 223.

J. I. Armfield, from Div. 473. 186—W, K. Secord, from Div. 251.

Joseph A. Eason, from Div. 44. 195–Paul C. Hagerman. from Div. 279. 199-J. H. Collier, from Div. 115. 205-T. W. Cavanaugh, from Div. 348. 207-L. M. Hunter, from Div. 84. 210-E. M. Sigman, from Div. 267.

Grant Smith, from Div. 275. 227-Nicholas Butler, from Div. 152. 228-John R. Newton, from Div. 634. 230-F. E. Wood, from Div. 436. 237-Francis Love, from Div. 251, 238 - A. S. Hodgdon, from Div. 60. 251 – Thos. H. Hurley, from Div. 252. 256–J. M Bacon, from Div. 537. 262-). J. Maher, from Div. 29. 265-C. E. Archer, from Div. 284. 267-S. Woolridge, from Div. 314. 283-C. L. I.arue, from Div. 161.

G. M. Carman, from Div. 425. 293-Wm. F. Breitweiser, from Div. 590. 298-Henry Lyons, from Div. 382. 301-J. W. Holliday, from Div. 401. 302-Horace Webster, from Div. 33. 308--John Douglas, from Dis. 240. 312_L. S. Munroe, from Div. 57. 339—W. H. Taut, from Div. 435.

C. B. Ransom, from Div, 239.

W. L. Mason, from Div. 40. 348-Irving A. Dow, John F. Cummings, John W.

Lesher, from Div. 77.
Chas. H. Winchester, Frank A. Monroe,

from Div. 64.
363–Geo. L. Meyerhoff, from Div. 603.

A. C. Jeffrey, from Div. 198. 365-Wm. H. Hall, James F. McDonald, Rufus S.

Richey, James Stigers, from Div. 489. 366-E. P. Gordon, from Div. 99. 368-R. O. Krichbaum, from Div. 198. 374-R, E. Burton, from Div. 331. 389-James McKeever, from Div. 303. 399-A, McGee, from Div. 277. 401-D. M. Wallace, from Div. 432. 403-Wm. C. Scott, from Div. 331.


407-J. L. Peek, from Div. 684.
415-A. M. Meston, from Div, 28.
430 - Peter Howard, from Div. 383.
432-P. W. Gardner, from Div. 436.
445-J. E. Whalen, from Div. 83.
447-John A. Shuster, from D.v, 273.

Bolsius, from Div. 587.
C. P. Mosbach, from Div. 446.

C. H. Gore, G, S. Stephenson, from Div. 614. 469-Abner E. Switzer, from Div. 240. 472--Jay W. Moorhead, from Div, 280. 477-J. E. Dixon, from Div. 284. 485-J. F. Moberly, from Div. 346. 492-). F. Reagan, from Div. 95. 435-G. W. Carroll, from Div. 684. 502-E. M. Coffey, from Div. 569. 519 - W. G. Satterfield, from Div. 153. 523-C. A. Jones, from Div, 150.

John A. Hart, from Div. 195. 539,--C. L. Kitchen, from Div. 86. 553-W. L. Wright, from Div. 29. 55)-J. McGraw, from Div. 492. 575–Geo. H. Brockman, K.H. Edinger, from

Geo Hockett, from Div. 591. 589-A, W. Dougherty, from Div. 77. 591-F. J. Gilbert, from Div. 192, 603-S. A. Minter, from Div. 463. 60.-H. E. Childress, from Div. 129. 606-Wm. Hoffman, from Div. 613. 614-Walter Greigg, from Div. 438. 621-W. B, Aldrich, from Div, 164. 646-W. F. Williams, from Div. 323. 648-Jaines A. Sanders, from Div. 21.

C. R. Wolff, from Div, 25. (66–J. P. Rhodes, from Div. 423. 671--Chas. Bridges, from Div. 116. 677-Robert L. Mitten, from Div. 695.

Claus Lundmark, from Div. 482. 683-E. E. Leese, from Div. 125. 687-Wm, I. Wyatt, from Div. 165.

Samuel Pugh, from Div. 37. 688– Parker Brown, from Div. 71. 690—R. J. Vassar, from Div. 284. 696-B. F. Dewberry, from Div. 368. 701-L. Fritch, from Div. 8. 702-W. F. Byerly, from Div. 286. 705-Samuel M. Stoyer, John P. Cashman, Henry

Drake, Amos Lewis, Joseph L. Miller,
Oscar Maurer, R. M. Rodenheiser, Hiram
H. Swavely, John H. Herbine, MG Har-
man, Jeremiah Showers, John L. Weiser,

from Div. 74.
Benjamin F. Nye, Wm. H. Whisler, Wm. E.

Voorhees, from Div. 668. 706–S. L. Stenson, from Div, 256.

W. D. Carmichael, from Div. 275. 707-Noah Engle, Jos. J. Brophy, from Div. 653. 708-John M. Williams, froni Div. 491.

H. D. Price, from Div. 346. 710—Thomas F. Fox. John C. Fox, Clarence E.

Hobbs, Anthony G. Wilkinsou, Otto F.
Schicker, John J. Callahan, Geo. W. Allen,
John W. Phillips, Paul F. Schultz, John
Whitty. James Bishop, John W. Murphy,

David'H. Jones, Robert Carruthers, from 712-Wm. Carter, A. M. Crandall, Jos. L. Cran

Div. 594


dall, G. A. Denzler, Millard Hume, John
Hutchison, Wm. F. Leonard, Oliver Roe,
Arthur Talkington, Andrew Varble, Wm.
G, Webber, Geo. Wetzel, John Yunker,
from Div. II.

Into Division

1-Wm. Ryan.
23-Albert Dennison.
25--Chas. R. Wolf.
33-Horace Webster.
36-L. G. Woodruff.
40-F. G. Small.
51-J. W. Buxton.
61-A. B. Franklin.
57-Lewis S. Munro.
81-J. A. McDaniels,

Ira Arnold.
8;-Geo. A. Wall.
87 - Wm J. Murray.
96-Ed M. Lane.
110-Chas. R. D. Jones.
113-G. M. Anderson,

Samuel Tyler,
John N. Lent,

G. R. Pugh.
123-C. W. Price,

H. Hart.
126 -A. W. Mason.
128-George Ellison.
134-H. A. Funk.
143-Johu Heller.
144-W. S. Deitz,

James Pender.
147-George W. Howe.
148-J. J. Houlihan.
150-Guy S. Porter.
156-G, W. Payne.
187-Geo. H. Tucker,
198-Hubert J. Miller.
207-J. S. Wallace.

Into Division

210-Julius Bird.
223-John C. Green,
227-Frank Tavlor.
239-Tobe Clark.
245--A. C.Fitzsimmons,
254-E. D. Hoadley.

Geo. W. Sholi,

Geo. H. Smith. 256-F. W. North. 267-E. M. Sigman,

R, P. Lipe. 284-R. J. Vasser. 287--Landis Kuhn. 332-F. B. Florin. 316—Benj. J. Bonner. 353-2. T. Green.

A. M. Jones. 358-H. L. Kline. 371-Mark Bursk. 380-Lyman Shorter,

John Brogan. 401-J. W. Holliday. 433--John R. Reeves. 436-F. E. Wood. 438--S. M. Bush. 439--Geo. J. Kingston. 442-C. J. Člaxton. 463–J. J. Roach,

S. A. Mintér. 477-W. F. Fry. 491–Howard Murphy. 492-John McGraw,

Wm. Garrison. 550—J. V. Stanley.


From Division-

From Division-
5-R, S. Gable.

303-J. F. Bottorff, 6-Geo. H.Sutherland

Dennis Phelan. 22-W.C. Everitt.

439-0. A. Webster. 152-John Dunn,

492-F. L. Davison, 187--R. M. Wasson.

David Shoemaker, 205–Fred S. Fish.

E. M. Jourdan. 219-C. B. Ketcham,

503-Frank Waterman. W, E. Harris.

519-G. H. Stiles, 235-Federick Hollond.

540-Ed Shortley. 276—-Frank Brownell. 606–0. L. Humphrey. 287-J. J. Tracy.

FOR OTHER CAUSES. I-John A. Joy, forfeiting insurance. 45-Wm. H. Muhlig, non-payment of dues and

forfeiting insurance. 77-George L. Smith, violation of obligation. 89-R. Culkin, non-payment of dues and not

taking out insurance. 96-Chas. W. Wade, forfeiting insurance. 99-G. E. Krinkle, keeping a saloon. 119-J. P. Offerman, non-payment of dues and

forfeiting insurance. 140—Wm. M. Sloan, J. A. Randall, forfeiting in

surance and non-payment of dues. 145-Jos. Grace, Peter Coan, Herbert C. Bouton,

forfeiting insurance. 209--F. L. Wilson, non-payment of dues and not

corresponding with Division, 219-A. A. Donnor, forfeiting insurance. 304-Bradley Comins, forfeiting insurance, 327-Arthur Schrader, Wm. Merkle, non-pay

ment of dues and forfeiting iusurance, 352-F. H. Collier, violation of obligation. 368–J. A. Acree, violation of obligation. 463-0. S. Ball, E. 0. Ebersole, violation of Sec

35. Standing Rules. 502—D. F. Gumm, forfeiting insurance and non

payment of dues. 503-R. A Madden, forfeiting insurance. 527-Lester Sheely, violation of obligation, 536-Louis Walden, forfeiting insurance, 565-Edw. Kane, forfeiting insurance and

non-payment of dues. 622-S. W. Jacoby, intoxication. 664-E. A. Goble, forfeiting insurance and non

payment of dues,

Div. 73.


From Division

From Division61-E. G. Hodgman. 602-J. Z. Weise. 303-R. R. Morgan. 606-W. A. Wheeler. 437-C. T. Lindell.

646–T. E. Shaw. 525-Wm. Stewart.

650-Jay H. Swineford. 510-James Mackey. 688–Anthony Simms. jr 58-Bro. Fred. Spencer was reported to this office

as having withdrawn from the order, and
notice appeared in the February JOURNAL,
which was a mistake, as Brother Spencer is
a member in good standing.

PREMIUMS FOR JOURNAL SUBSCRIPTIONS. We have renewed our arrangement with the Webb C. Ball Watch Co., Cleveland, 0., for an unlimited number of watches as premiums; watches that are guaranteed be O. K. in every respect, and will be given as premiums under the following conditions:

LADIES' WATCH.-For 30 subscribers named and $30.00, the Ladies' Queen Watch, 17 jewelled, 14 karat, gold filled case, retail price, $25.00.

GENTLEMEN'S WATCH.-For 60 subscribers named and $60.00, Gentlemen's B. of L. E. Standard, 17 jewelled, 14 karat, gold filled case, retail price, $42.00.

19 AND 21 JEWELLED WATCH.-For 75 subscribers named and $75.00, either the 19 or 21 jewelled watch, in 14 karat, gold filled case, retail price, $50.00. All cases guaranteed for 25 years.

If your Journal address is not correct, or you fail from any cause to receive it, fill out this
form properly, cut it out and send it to 307 SOCIETY FOR SAVINGS BLDG., CLEVELAND, O.

The B. of L. E. Journal.


Division No........
Box or Street and No.......


OLD ADDRESS. Postoffice


12Be Sure and Give Old Address and Division Number.


Odoial Notice of Assessments 53-56.

CLEVELAND, OHIO, April 1, 1907.

} To the Division Secretaries L. E. M. L. and A. I. A.:

DEAR SIRS AND BROS. :—You are hereby notified of the death or disability of the following members of the Association.

Four Assessments for payment of these claims are hereby levied and Secretaries ordered to collect $1.00 from all who are insured for $750, $3.00 from all who are insured for $1,500, $4 oo from all who are insured for $3,000, and $6.00 from all members insured for $4.500, and forward same to the General Secretary and Treasurer.

Members of the Insurance Association are required to remit to Division Secretaries within thirty days from date of this notice, and the Division Secretaries to the General Secretary and Treasurer within ten days thereafter, on penalty of forfeiting their membership. (See Section 25, page 80, of By-Laws.)

Secretaries in sending remittances will send same to and make all drafts, express money orders or postoffice money orders payable to M. H. SHAY, General Secretary and Treasurer. Secretaries located in Canada will please remit by draft or express money order. We will not accept packages of money sent by express, unless charges have been prepaid. The JOURNAL closes on the 18th of each month. Claims received after that day will lie over until the succeeding month.

[blocks in formation]


ID. M. Fellers...... 39 84 May. I, 1904. Nov. 1, 1906. Left eye removed... $3000 Self.
2 W. H. Allmon.... 49 453 July 30, 1885. Dec. 25, 1906. Killed
3C. E. Floyd.....

1500 Maggie Allmon. 262 May 26, 1901. Jan. 23, 1907. Killed

1500 Grace B. Floyd, w. 4 Frank Brice. 47 307 Feb. 17. 1899. Jan. 25, 1907 Left leg amputa'ed 4500 Self. H.H. Richardson 40 147 Oct. 12, 1902. Jan. 26, 1907. Left arm amput'd 4500 Self, J. Doyle

47 305 June 12, 1887. Jan. 28, 1907. Eye removed, H. D. Page.

3000 Self. 59 229 Mch. 6. 1887. Jan. 31, 1907. Nephritis

3000 Louisa M. Page, w. C. Constable 30 292 Apr. 1, 1906. Feb.

1, 1907, Killed .. 9G. S. Colburn

3000 Maggie Constable, w 196|Oct. 29, 1902 Feb. 2, 1907. Drowned 10 J. D. Gillett

4500 M.E&J.Colb'ru, was 62 641 Dec. 20, 1889. Feb. 5. 1907. Pueumonia 11 G. A. Bridges

1500 (Tennie M. Gillett, w. ..... 35 508 Sept. 17, 1902 Feb. 6. 1907. Shock, leg amp'ted 1500 Ada K. Bridges, w. 12Wm. Kirk.

61 145 Jau. 12, 1891. Feb. 8, 1907. Killed... 13 A. H. Hapgood... 46

3000 Bessie L. Price, d. 186 Dec. 8, 1900. Feb. 15, 1907. Killed 14 G. W. Auler......

3000 Wife and children, 73 47 Dec. 20, 1882. Feb. 15, 1907. Heart disease 3000 Della M. Auler, w, 15 Thos. Collier.. 66

56 Feb.

2, 1884. Feb, 15, 1907. Hemorrhage 3000 Hattie E. Collier, #.


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158 Feb.

437 Oct.

16 Mark Tobin....... 39 360 Mch. 14, 1899. Feb. 16, 1907. Heart disease... 17|C. Cadagan.........

$ 750 Julia McGowan, s. 40 2, 1901. Feb. 18, 1907. Suicide.

1500 Nellie Cadagan, w. 18 Frank Booth. 42 213 Nov, 19, 1896. Feb. 18, 1907. Killed

750 Anna L. Booth, w. 19 G. W. Merchant.. 40 366 Dec. 26, 1900 Feb. 19, 1907. Killed..

3000 Wife and daughter. 2010. W. McCall... 71 1 July 1, 1888. Feb. 19, 1907. Paralysis

1500 Mrs. C. A. McCall, w 21W. H. Shanks. 34 573 Aug. 22, 1900. Feb. 20, 1907. Pneumonia.

1500 Opal Shanks, w. 22 Joseph Oliver...

74 328 Apr. 10, 1870. Feb. 21, 1907. Apoplexy... 3000 Celestia Oliver, w. 23W. J. Craven 39 452 June 20, 1991. Feb. 21, 1907 Killed.

1500 Maria R. Craven. 2.4). P. Scallen... 49 1 Oct. 19, 1906. Feb. 21, 1907. Killed..

1500 Mary Scallen, w. 25 L. Krauss 47 136 Jan. 3, 1881. Feb. 21, 1907. Killed..

3000 Mrs. L. Krauss, w. 205. R. McDaniels... 47 572 Jan. 26, 1893. Feb. 21, 1907. Killed..

1500 Carrie L. McDaniels 27 W. T. Kates....

37 342 Apr. 16, 1898. Feb. 22, 1907. Killed 28 E. C. Egart...

750 May Kales. w. 62 14 Sept. 17, 1883. Feb. 23, 1907. Poison....

3000 Mrs. E. C. Egart, w. 29 A. Muenk.

27 158 Dec. 30, 1904 Feb. 23, 1907. Pneumonia. 3000 Ada Muenk, w. 30 Jacob Cornell


4, 1890. Feb. 24, 1907. Bright's disease.. 1500 Mrs. Jacob Cornell.w 31 1. P. Cawley.... 60 51 Dec. 5, 1888. Feb. 25, 1907. Heart disease. 1500 Mrs. Jas. P. Cawley. 32 J. J Flivin? 40 247 Oct. 21, 1901. Feb. 26, 1907 Killed...

1500 Mary Flaviu, w. 33 ). A. Yeagain..... 36 568 Aug. 17, 1903. Feb. 27, 1907. Pneumonia.. 1500 Missouria Yeagain,w 34). H. Douglas..... 62 298 Jau. 17, 1887. Feb. 27, 1907 Erysipelas.. 3. T. E. Whitesides 45

1500 Mrs. J. H. Douglas, w 416 Apr. 16, 1889. Feb. 28, 1907. Brighi's disease. 3000 Anna Whitesides, w. 36 J. N. Hunt 50 484 Sept. 23, 1895. Feb. 28, 1007. Paralysis

1500 Mrs. J. N. Hunt, w. 37|W. E. Irwin.. 36 370 Aug. 7, 1903. Feb. 28, 1907. Killed..

1500 Cora P. Irwin, w. 38 Chas. Hudgins... 37 684 Mch. 20, 1906. Mch. I, 1907. Killed, 39 F. A. Megill....

4500 Ola W. Hudgins, w. 36 22 June 5, 1904. Mch. 1, 1907. Blood poisoning 3000 Bertha Megill, w. 40 A. F. Duey

51 199 July 24, 1895. Mch. I, 1907. Mesenteric artery.. 4300 Fannie A. Duey, w. 41 Simon Camp 67 271 July 19, 1873. Mch. 1, 1907. Bright's disease... 3000 Sallie J. Camp, w. 42 W.A. Northrop.. 47 227 Feb. 24, 1907. Mch. 2, 1907. Killed..

1500 Mrs.O.C. Northrop,w 43 R. Drowley........ 43 33 Jan. 2, 1898. Mch. 2, 1907. Killed....

3000 Mary Drowley, w. 44 W. H. Norton..... 41 77 Mch. 19, 1905. Mch. 2, 1907. Killed

1500 Arlatta Norton, w. 45 S. P. Brooks. 30 386 May 13, 1906. Mch. 3, 1907. Killed

3000 Alice E. Brooks, m. 46 P. W. Yeiugst..... 28 705 Apr. 3, 1904. Mch. 3, 1907. Killed....

1500 Susie Yeingst, w. 27 R. E. Baxter 28 685 Nov. 26, 1905. Mch. 3. 1907. Killed

1500 Marg. E. Baxter, w. 48 S. B. Hamilton... 29 660 Nov. 1, 1906. Mch, 3, 1907. Killed

1500 Mrs.C.F. Hamilton, w 49 H. S. Reed..

59 437 Aug. 18, 1890. Mch. 4, 1907. Heart disease..... 1500 Mollie E. Reed, w. 50 P. J. Fern

34 560 Mch. 8. 1903. Mch. 5. 1907 Bright's disease..... 3000 Mary I. Fern, w. 51 John McGuire.... 61 200 Sept. 29, 1881. Mch. 7, 1907. Killed,

3000 Hattie A. McGuire. 52 John Hitzeman... 45 123 May 17, 1890. Mch. 7, 1907. Killed..

3000 Eunice Hitzeman, w :3 J. E. Leeper.... 47 386 Oct. 13, 1904. Mch. 8, 1907. Endocarditis 3000 Luella A. Leeper, w. 54 S. Dunlap. 57 272 Jan. 22, 1900. Mch. 10, 1907. Eudocarditis 1500 Eva G. Liggett, d. 55 W. A. Jones. 69 81 Sept. 17, 1882. Mch. 12, 1907. Bright's disease.. 3000 Frances M. Jones. 56 R. D. Logan, 27 43. Feb. 6, 1995. Mar. 14, 1907. Killed.

3000 Katherine Logan, w Total number of claims, 56. Total amount of claims, $132,750.

Acknowledgments. Acknowledgments have been received from the following Beneficiaries for amounts stated in settlement of claims paid:


Mrs. Alma J. Eccles, guardian...)

H. E. Eccles..
Aug. 9, 1906

C. T. Eccles.....
Mrs. Maggie Condon..

M. Peaslee 14.

Lizzie J. Peaslee Sept. 1 Jerome B. G. Sell.

25, Mary J. Delino.. Oct.

Elizabeth R. Walsh 10, Jane B. Murray.

Max Linehan.. 44

Stella Nigg..... II,

Mattie E. Linehan..

Wm. Linehan. 14.

Mrs. Mail E. Pierce... 14

Mrs. Etta Walker.
Nov. 12, Mrs. Lillian Carey.

3, 1905. C. O. Davidson.....

C. L. Robbins

J. W. Coleman. 7. N. R. Bennett. 22,

N. H. Blake
Oct. 1, 1906. Mrs. Abbie G. Jennett

Mrs. Edith A Wakeley.. 16,

Claudia Wakeley.
L. S. Wakeley..
Francis Wakeley.

Mrs. J. L. Hall 17

W. Hall, guardian 19,

Jos. E. Barr
23, C. A. Hubard..
Nov. 4,

Mrs. Lucinda Brown...
5, John Burns....
5, W. J. Hayes

Mrs. O. M. Nichols...

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