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Grand Chief, W. S. Stone, will be at all for Brother Lawlis and the standing of the meetings. We expect Shandy Ma- engineers in general in our city? guire and a big turn-out. Any remaining GEO. ROSBACH, F. A. E. Div. 638. over Sunday and wishing to go through the railroad shop on Monday and see how

BRO. F. E. SECOR, of Div. 205, Hartthey build the big engines, etc., will be

ford, Conn., has been appointed road accommodated. Fraternally,

foreman of engines of the C. N. E. Ry.,

and its branches. WM. COVER.

Brother Secor is a young man, but has A MEMBERSHIP meeting representing all

had several years' experience on different the B. of L. E. Subdivisions in New Eng

roads, having been successful wherever land employed on the Boston & Albany,

he went, and the officials of the C. N, E. Boston & Maine, Main Central and N. Y.

have made no mistake in choosing Brother N. H. & H. systems, will be held in Odd

Secor for this position. We wish Brother Fellows' hall, 515 Tremont street, Boston, Secor success.

Div. 205. Mass., on Sunday, June 30, 1907.

The Grand Chief and other Grand On April 1, 1907, Bro. M. A. Brophy, F. Officers are expected to be present to ad- E. of Div. 171, was appointed road foredress the assemblage, also local speakers, man of engines on the M. & E. division of which will make the meeting one of both

the D., L. & W. R. R., with headquarters personal and collective importance, and

at Hoboken, N. J. the committee desires to have all mem

Bro. M. A. Brophy has been a faithful bers present who can possibly arrange to

worker in Div. 171 and holds the respect do so and assist in making it the best

and confidence of his numerous

friends yet held.

and associates. The members of Div. 171 The committee of arrangements are

wish him success and hope for further ad. Bros. D. R. Parker, chairman B. & A.; vancement. Brother Brophy represented C. K. Mitchell, chairman B. & M.; F. W.

Divisions 171 and 30 at the Los Angeles Littlefield, chairman Maine Central and

convention. Yours fraternally, F. S. Evans, chairman N. Y., N. H. & H. C. A. STEVENSON, F. A. E. Div. 171. These Brothers certainly ought to be

It affords the members of Div. 98 much complimented by a large gathering at

pleasure to announce that one of our this meeting. It will not only be good for the individual member, but a large

worthy members, Bro. J. J. Buttery, has

been selected to fill the important posigathering will show appreciation for the

tion of master mechanic for the Burling. earnest work of these chairmen, and they

ton at Lincoln, Neb., and as a further have a right to expect all who can to

evidence of their pleasure, the following come.-EDITOR.

letter was addressed to Brother Buttery: Any Brother who desires to make fair In recognition of the esteem in which remuneration for handling “Shandy Ma- you are held by the members of Div. 98, guire's” book of poems can do so by ad

B. of L. E., and the universal satisfaction dressing him at Oswego, N. Y., and get and pleasure your promotion to the positerms.

tion of master mechanic at Lincoln

affords our members, we, in regular WE, the members of Div. 638, are meeting this day assembled, have voted pleased to announce that our esteemed unanimously to place you upon the list of Bro. Mark Lawlis was elected to the city honorary membership in our Division. council of the city of Hugo, I. T.

Congratulating you on your deserved Brother Lawlis was unable to be at the promotion, we bespeak for you a successpoles election day, he being at the other ful administration of your new duties, end of the road, and we are proud to say and a continuance of our pleasant relathat he received more votes than anyone tions. In behalf of Div. 98, I am, on the ticket. Does this not speak well H. WIGGENJOST, F. A. E. Div. 98.


BRO. W. J. HURLEY, of Div. 421, re- line through all the troubled times of the cently elected president of the Traveling order since the date they received their Engineers' Association, has been a loyal charter, and now, with their large memmember of Div. 421 ever since its birth, bership and excellent condition financially and has served as C. E. delegate, and in and socially, their 40th anniversary ought other offices for the Division, always with to call together a large number and make zeal and success. He was appointed road it both pleasant and profitable.—EDITOR. foreman of engines on the western di

DIVISION 188, Stratford, Ont., had presvision of the N. Y. C. & H. R. in 1901, in which capacity he has served ever

ent at regular meeting, Sunday, April 21,

Bro. Charles Wilson who, on the previous since with great credit to himself and to the service, giving entire satisfaction to

Thursday, celebrated his golden wedding.

It is needless to say that when the veteran the railroad company and the engineers. We congratulate Brother Hurley on the

engineer entered the Division room he was the recipient of many congratulations and good wishes.

While it was the fiftieth anniversary of Brother Wilson's wedding, it was also the fiftieth anniversary of Brother Wilson's entry into rail way service, he having entered the service of the Great Western Ry. at Hamilton in 1857, where he remained until 1861, when he took service with the G. T. Ry. In 1900 Brother Wilson was compelled, throngh rheumatism, to retire from active service on the engine. During Brother Wilson's long railroad career he has seen many changes and been in many wrecks, one especially bad collision on the 17th of Sept., 1864, after which his life was despaired of for many days.

Brother Wilson has been a useful and loyal member of our Division for many years. He is now unable to perform work of any kind and, so far as his health will permit, is enjoying a well-deserved rest. We all unite in wishing him many

happy returns of the past week. honor bestowed on him by the Traveling JOHN BATTLEY, F. A. E. Div. 188. Engineers' Association, and the association on the choice they made in electing

RAINY LAKE Div. 677 is still alive and him president.

B., Div. 421.

prospering and, with the coming busy ore

season, we expect to greatly increase our SUBDIVISION 6, Boone, Ia., will cele- membership. At our regular meeting on brate their 40th anniversary on June 13, March 21 we held an open session at 4 Red Men's hall, corner Story and Eighth p. m.,

and an invitation having been sent streets. They were organized in 1867, to Messaba Lodge 654, B. of L. F., the taking the No. 6, Brotherhood of the Foot- boys responded in fine shape, about 35 board, issued to members employed on attending, and a most enjoyable time was the Ohicago & Galena Union Ry., spent. Cigars, speeches and songs were Chicago, Ill., in 1863, charter eventually on the bill of fare and a delightful lost through the first strike in our history. musical program was rendered by Messrs Our Boone Brothers have held No. 6 in Hare, Culp, McCarthy and Skinner.

BRO. W. J. HURLEY, DIV. 421.

Master Eugene McCarthy, son of Bro. ride on a free pass, yet we do not know of Mark McCarthy, accompanied the singers his ever working as a day laborer for a on the piano in a very artistic manner. railroad company. He is credited with This young man has certainly a bright being a reporter of a daily paper. We future before him.

are glad the bill is receiving a death blow, Bro. J. A. Myers of Div. 559 was elected for too many of our Brothers, ourselves chairman for this occasion, and every one included, have no objection to a smoke of knows that "Dad" Myers is capable of over six minutes' duration in one hour or holding down this position. In his re- of two minutes at one particular time. marks he said he had spent two hours

DIVISION 61. that afternoon tearing up and down the back alleys, and had visited nearly every Div. 354, in appreciation of the earnest hall in Virginia trying to find out where work of Brother Langan, and the honor the meeting was to be held, and had his promotion conferred both upon him finally to engage the service of a “tallow and the division, formulated and presented pot" to locate him.

him with the following letter: We are going to give more of these Bro. J. N. Langan: little social entertainments in the future, At a meeting held by Div. 354, Kankaas it brings all the members together and kee, Ill., April 1, 1907, the Division drafted also establishes a splendid feeling with resolutions commending your persistent our Brother firemen.

efforts for the welfare of our organizaYours fraternally,

tion while performing your duty as F. S., Div. 677 chairman of the G. B. of A. for your

Brother engineers of the Chicago, Indiana IT IS some time since Division 61 has & Southern R. R., and congratulating sent a communication to the Link column, you on your appointment to the position but it has not been wholly because there of road foreman of engines. From has been nothing to contribute. The fact personal knowledge the members of Div. is the corresponding secretary has changed 354 know you to be a Brother of integrity his abode, taken another run, and a few and unblemished character, always fair meetings have found him absent, but and broad minded in your dealings with promises to be a good attendant in the the locomotive engineers on this system. future.

Therefore, be it A fixture in the routine of our meetings Resolved, That while we very much is the initiation of candidates, also a regret to lose you as our chairman, we conwaiting list and new propositions for gratulate you and assure you of our good membership.

will and best wishes for your future We were entertained for some minutes success, and all join in a hearty God. by Brother Wilson of the Legislative speed in your new field of labor. Board, and particularly so when relating Resolved, That these resolutions shall the account of a bill in regard to the be spread on our minutes. smoke nuisance. If space permitted we

MEMBERS OF Div. 354. would be glad to see reproduced here a copy of the bill in the original, the many THE engineers of the N. Y., N. H. & H. amendments, and the information touch- R. R. held a system meeting March 31st in ing upon the progenitors and some of the East Hartford under the auspices of Divisupporters of the bill. If the original bill sion 205. The meeting was presided over became a law it would be a crime and by the Chief Engineer of Div. 205, Bro. punishable by law to smoke over six min- Geo. H. Bill. Owing to inability to reach utes in any one hour of the day in Massa- here none of the Grand Officers were chusetts.

present. Suffice to say that the originator of the Bro. F. S. Evans, chairman of the Genbill was a man who knows what it is to eral Committee of Adjustment, gave a very interesting talk on the new schedule THE members of Div. 32, Aurora, Ill., and prevailing conditions, after which an recently treated the Ladies' Auxiliary, open discussion followed by members. Div. 357, to a genuine surprise, while they

One often hears the remark, “An open were holding a meeting in Schoeberlein confession is good for the soul,” but, to hall. A large number of B. of L. E. men transpose that a little, we find these “open who trooped into the hall prepared to discussions” are good for us all, soul and give the Auxiliary a rousing entertainbody, as it affords an opportunity for each ment and program. They were successful member to openly express his opinion and in their designs. allow officers and members a chance to After a program of speech and song the learn one another's sentiments.

cavalcade marched to Memorial hall The engineers of Div. 205 are never where between 150 and 175 covers were overworked, and the arguments and dis- laid for an elaborate banquet served by cussion had caused the participants to la- Caterer Fisher. When the last course bor, so the announcement to adjourn for had been served and a number of short dinner was warmly welcomed by all. impromptu toasts had been given by

Dinner was served at 1 o'clock in Odd guests and hosts, the party adjourned Fellows' Hall, and the 64 engineers that to Schoeberlein hall and spent the refilled tables certainly did justice to the mainder of the evening in cards and danc. elaborate and appetizing dinner prepared ing. for them by the ladies of the G. I. A., of The talks, songs and readings given by which Mrs. Dan O'Neil is president. the entertainers to their guests were very

Ths ladies of the G. I. A. all bear the apt and happy and pleased the hearers reputation of being excellent cooks, but immensely. Judge Mangan spoke on that dinner surpassed any ever served by “The Brotherhood," a subject which he them. Cigars were given as souvenirs knows intimately and on which he deand nothing aids digestion like a good . livered an eloquent address. cigar, so each member and guest were in Mrs. Miller, Auxiliary to the B. of L. the best of humor and ready to declare E., told of the work that the Auxiliary “the world went very well with them.” proposes, what it has accomplished and

After dinner we adjourned to the Divi- the interest that had been aroused in the sion room where discussion was again work among the women. She was heartily opened on the general advancement of the applauded and her explanations of the system. Brother Osmond of Div. 205 and G. I. A.'s work created a wave of enBrother Shufelt of Div. 312, who were thusiastic comment. filled with argument before dinner, were The Machinists' quartet, W. Keeley, speechless at the after-dinner session. H. Keley, W. Ellis and A. Knight, sang

Previous to closing a unanimous vote a number of ballads that caught the was passed thanking the ladies of the G. audience, which demanded encore after I. A. for so ably assisting Div. 205 in making the meeting such a success. It has Miss DeHart and Miss Lenahan gave a been the custom of the B, of L. E. to hold number of readings and scored hits, that these system meetings every fifth Sunday, drew enthusiastic applause from all parts and we find they have proven very benefi- of the hall. cial to the brotherhood, both in a busi- The instrumental music was furnished ness and social way.

by the Collins & Downs' orchestra, and Div. 205 has a membership of 180, with the rhythm and melodious strains of the $600 in their treasury. They also have a waltz and two-step were enjoyed until a sick benefit association with $300 in its late hour. The committee in charge was treasury, and we are initiating new mem- composed of A. C. DeHart, George bers every meeting.

Cooper, W. H. Tucker, J. P. Jordan and I will mail you photograph taken on the J. H. Shambo, representing the B. of L. day of meeting. G. H. BILL, Div. 205. E.

Diy. 32.



THE twenty-fifth annual May party there was a mad rush for the entrance. given by Subdivision No. 88, North Platte, The seats and standing room in the balNeb., on May 1, seems to have taken all

cony were quickly filled, and the two

rows of chairs which had been placed the people of North Platte, certainly a around the outer edge of the hall and great compliment to the members of Div. upon the stage were occupied by 8:30. 88. The twenty-fifth annual May party

Those arriving after that hour were forced must not be confounded with date of or

to stand, the south end of the hall being

densely packed by those unable to secure ganization, which occurred in 1867. The

seats. May parties were established in 1883, Under the direction of T. J. Smith, of when they resolved to have the first May

Omaha, the opera house had been electriparty of the annual held on May 1st, 1907.

cally decorated in a manner that delighted

the attendants. Departing from the cusWe glean the following from the North

tom of using streamers and a multiplicity Platte Tribune.-EDITOR.

of designs, the decorator confined his The twenty-fifth annual May party of work to a simplicity that pleased the eye. Div. 88, Brocherhood of Locomotive En- Stretched beneath the ceiling from end gineers, will go down in history as the to end of the hall, and draped between crowning social function in North Platte the supporting rods of the balcony, were prior to the year 1907, and it is not proba

cables studded with small electric lights ble that any future event of like nature with a paper rose between each light. will surpass it in splendor, in attendance, These lights alternated in the railroad and in the arrangement of every detail

colors, white, green and red. On the ceilthat goes to make such a function a suc- ing were three white star-shaped designs

with chickly studded lights, with a simiTime May party is to North Platte what lar design over the stage and still another the “home-coming” is to Kentucky; it is as the center piece on the stage. The fathe magnet which draws to the city for a

cade of the balcony was covered with brief period many who were formerly of

white cheese cloth trimmed with green, us, but are now non-resident. This being and at points in the hall were the letters true, the May party is not only pleasant

“B. of L. E.” and “Division 88,” worked as a dancing party, but it brings back in green on a background of white. The those whom we delight to have visit with whole produced a very pretty effect, and us; it renews the friendship of by-gone

Mr. Smith was warmly congratulated years; we take by the hand again some of upon the success of his work. the best friends, the dearest relatives, we

At 8:30 the regimental band gave have; we enjoy every minute of the even- several concert numbers and this was ing and we heartily thank Division 88 followed by the grand march, led by that it has made possible these pleasant

Master of Ceremonies Chas. E. Ell and things for us.

Mrs. Ell, and the leading couple were in During the forenoon the Thirtieth In- turn followed by engineers and their fantry Band, which had arrived from Fort ladies, seniority of membership in Divi. Crook, near Omaha, on one of the night sion determining the place in line. In trains, gave its initial concert on the this march were L. W. Rollins, of Grand streets, and during the afternoon another Island, and L. 0. Farrington of this city, program was rendered, and at the close of both of whom were charter members of the latter the band headed the baseball Div. 88 when organized in Grand Island teams and the crowd in a march to the in 1867. athletic park. The selections by the band Not only was the assemblage the largest were excellent, and were heartily ap- attending a function of this kind, but it plauded.

was the most brilliant, including as it did One of the features of the afternoon, many of the leaders of local society as and one that proved highly interesting, well as prominent personage of other was the drill by the high school cadets. towns. The ladies as a rule were handThe boys presented a very natty appear.

somely gowned; many of the male attendance and went through the evolutions with ants appeared in evening suits, and amid that precision which marks the move- the brilliancy of the myriad of electrio ments of the best drilled regulars.

lights, the scene presented certainly The number present at the May party proved a pretty one. in the evening was by far the largest that Following the grand march came a had ever attended a similar function given quadrille, then the waltz and the twoin North Platte. As early as 8 o'clock step in succession. The sixth dance on several hundred people, anxious to gain the program was a quadrille dedicated to admission, had assembled in front of the "The Old Engineers," and prior to dancopera house, and when the doors opened ing it, Judge H. M. Grimes made a short

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