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talk on the stage in which he, in behalf They were in charge of the train and of the citizens, congratulated Div. 88 on crossing when a sight-seeing automobile the success of their May parties and the was run down, injuring Miss Mary Teresa 25th in particular, referring to the old Rourke, of Brooklyn, N. Y., so badly that engineers and their good records of she died, and severely injuring others, inefficiency, and in behalf of the Division cluding the Hitchcocks of Burton, O. extended a hearty greeting to all. A telegram was also read from General Superin- PATRICK CLARK, of No. 135 Commerce tendent Park congratulating the Division street, Newark, was held in $200_bail by on the 25th anniversary of the party. United States Commissioner Bigelow

The numbers were then continued until yesterday on a charge of having violated the 12th dance, when intermission was one of the postal laws. Clark, as secretaken for supper. Shortly after 1 o'clock tary of a union, sent a postal card to dancing was resumed and continued until William Darcy, informing him that he nearly 5 o'clock, when the final waltz had been expelled. The card was sent ended. Nearly every dance was given an last November.-N. Y. Tribune. encore, thus providing the greatest enthusiastic with all the dancing she or he FULLY 85,000 operatives in leading cotdesired.

ton mills of Southern New England will Division deserves thanks. Certainly have their wages advanced about 10 per the people of North Platte will agree cent, beginning Monday, May 27.-News. with The Tribune in saying that Div. 88 is entitled to thanks and commendations

SPECIAL NOTICES. for furnishing the city with an event which proved so enjoyable; that brought

SEC. 89. It shall be the duty of members away

from the location of their Subdivision to at least so many visitors to the city; and that

once in six months make their whereabouts furnished such pleasant entertainment

known to the Subdivisions, and always when for the visitors and public in addition to changing their permanent address. Failure to do the May party proper. Fortunate, indeed, so shall be sufficient cause for expulsion. for the Division and the people that the Members of the following Subdivisions will day proved so pleasant that all could take

correspond with the F. A. E. of their Subdivisions advantage of the entertainment provided

immediately : during the day, and which made May 1,


Subdivision1907, a red-letter day in the annals of

148-H. Kirchner. 523-Owen Marley,

523-P. R. Brislen, North Platte.

W. J. McCarty. May Div. 88, which has proven of such Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Dennis great benefit to its members and their

Havey, an engineer who lives and is employed in families, that has assisted in making

the Central States, will confer a favor by com. North Platte one of the best-known towns

municating with Grand Chief W. S. Stone, Clevein the West, whose members are among

land, o. the bone and sinew of our citizenship, Wanted–To know the whereabouts of John D. grow in membership and in usefulness, Coughlin, an engineer, who, when last heard from and may present and future members in March, 1906, was going to San Marcial, Mex., to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the secure a position on the Santa Fe R. R. Kindly May party.

address his mother, Mrs. Mary Coughlin, 330 East

with street, Portsmouth, O. At the trial in Laporte, Ind., April 13,

The relatives of Thomas E. Niles, formerly a the jury after being out one hour returned a verdict of not guilty in the case of

locomotive engineer, will learn something to their Frank Galnouer, engineer of a Baltimore

advantage by communicating with Blaine, Tucker & Ohio passenger train, who was charged

& Hyland, Scheuerman Block, Seattle, Wash. with involuntary manslaughter in failing

Wanted-To know the whereabouts of Edgar to give proper signals to the crew of a

Henry, an engineer, who, when last heard of, was freight train at Woodville, Ind., causing

running on the C., B. & Q. out of Peoria, Ill. a collision resulting in 61 deaths.

Kindly address Mr. W. M. Morris, Secretary NaConductor Porter, of Galnouer's train, tional Cemetery, Mobile, Ala. and Engineer Burke and Conductor Moste Wanted-To know the whereabouts of William of the freight train, who were also in- Watkins, who formerly ran an engine on the dicted, were dismissed.

Great Northern Railway out of Barnesville,

Minn., but when last heard from seven years ago, In the police court of Savannah, Ga., was in the employ of the Chicago Supply Co., and April 17, George Hulbert, watchman; R. passed through Grand Forks, N. D., en route to E. Wallace, engineer, and W. E. Jackson, British Columbia. Anyone who can give any inforfireman, in the employ of the Central of mation relative to him or his relatives will confer Georgia Railway, were held for man- a favor by addressing Mr. R. S. Smith, 410 North slaughter.

4th street, Grand Forks, N. D.

Michael H, Hackett, formerly engineer on the P. & E. Division of the Big Four Railway, will learn something of interest to him if he will correspond with Bro, C. H. Huffman, C. E. Div. 299, 206 Johnson street, Amarillo, Tex.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of E. V. Kelly, an engineer, who ran on the Las Vegas & Tonopah R. R, a year or more ago, will confer a favor by notifying Grand Chief Stone, Cleveland, o.


[lu accordance with the action of the Ottawa Convention, no resolutions of condolence, obituary letters or poems will be published in the JOURNAI.. All deaths will be listed under obituary heading only, with cause and date of death.1

Rutland, Vt., April, 24, paralysis, Mrs. Allena E. Young, mother of the deceased wife of Bro. C. H. Salmons, S, G, E.

Los Angeles, Cal., April 19, Bright's disease, Bro. Chas. E. Hill, member of Div. 5.

La Fayette, Ind., May 3, paralysis of the brain, Bro. Lewis N. McDonald, member of Div. 7.

La Crosse, Wis., May 12, congestion of the lungs, Bro. E. H. Colton, member of Div. 13.

Rochester, N. Y., May 5, Bro. R. M. Chapman, honorary member of Div, 18.

Richmond, Va., April 26, cancer of the stomach, Bru. J. H. Mondy, member of Div. 26.

Bellaire, O., May 6, Cora, daughter of Bro. Geo. Henry, member of Div. 34.

Rochester, N. Y., April 22, electrocuted by live wire, Bro. John Yerger, member of Div. 35.

Newark, O., April 30, Bright's disease, Bro. C. L. V. Powell, member of Div. 36.

Bellaire, O., April 19, paralysis, Bro. John Brady, member of Div. 36.

Elmira, N. Y., April 28, heart disease, Bro. E. B. Barnes, member of Div. 41.

Meadville, Pa., April 21, typhoid fever, Bro. R. E. Budd, member of Div. 43.

Philadelphia, Pa., May 14, heart failure, Bro. Wm. B. Armstrong, member of Div. 45.

Albany, N. Y., May 5, suicide, Bro. Robert H. Townseud, member of Dir. 46.

St. Louis, Mo., May 10, run over by cars, Bro. Oscar U. Whetsell, member of Div. 48.

New Brunswick, N. J., April 14, heart disease, Bro. Walter L. Burton, member of Div. 53.

Ogden, Utah, May 5, heart disease, Bro. Frank S. Losee, member of Div. 55.

Providence, R. I., April 2, cancer, Bro. L. J. Patton, member of Div. 57.

Somerville, Mass., May 1, heart disease, Bro. E. H. Adams, member of Div. 61.

Chillicothe, o., May 1, complication of diseases, Bro. P. P. Cahill, member of Div. 65.

Winnipeg, Man., Can., May 8, killed in collision, Bro. D, B, MacDonald, member of Div. 76.

Columbus, O., April 23, blood poisoning, Bro. John L. Dickerson, member of Div, 79.

Columbus, O., Apr.1 16, Bright's disease, Bro. F. F. Mull, member of Div. 79.

Moberly, Mo, April 27, boiler explosion, Bro. P. F. Klinard, member of Div. 86.

Seattle, Wash., March 14. Bro. Geo. W. Watt, member of Div, 92.

Marquette,Mich., April 27, Bro. R. J. Cleminson, member of Div. 94.

Laramie, Wyo., April 23, run over by train, Bro. K. 0, Erickson, member of Div. 103.

Spokane, Wash., April 9, Bro. John W. Williamsoni, member of Div. 147.

Birmingham, Ala., April 17, killed in collision, Bro. N. E. Decker, member of Div. 156.

Milford, Tex., May 12, killed in wreck, Bro. E. J. Bevan, member of Div. 177.

Sedalia, Mo., April 25, locomotor ataxia, Bro. J. W. Naylor, member of Div. 178.

Zanesville, O., April 20, Mr. Ed. Nash, father of Bro. W. J. Nash, member of Div. 193.

McDonoghville, La., April 23, Bro. R. D. Zavalla, member of Div. 193.

McDonoghville, La., April 14, open switch, Bro. John Connington, member of Div. 193.

Savannah, Ga., May 9, head-on collision, Bro. Johu F. Norris, member of Div. 210.

Macon, Ga., May 9, collision, Bro. Jno. F. Norris, m anber of Div, 210.

Macon, Ga., May 5, Mrs. Bessie S. Shinholser, wife of Bro. S. D. Shinholser, member of Div. 210.

New York City, April 14, killed by motor car, Bro, Bernard Bruce, member of Div. 217.

Texarkana, Tex., April 22, Bro. M. Gilman, member of Div. 219.

Selma, Ala., April 7, general debility, Bro. B. N. Sisco, member of Div. 223.

Paducah, Ky., Marci 30, hemorrhage, Bro. John L. McGuire, meniber of Div. 225.

Paducah, Ky., March 22, apoplexy, Bto. Albert B. Winfree, member of Div. 225.

Livingston, Mont., May 7, shot by train robbers, Bro. F. W. Clow, member of Div. 232.

Elkhart, Ind., April 20, heart failure, Bro. S. W. Reed, member of Div. 248.

East Mauch Chunk, Pa., April 25, struck by engine, Bro. Chas. Fahl, member of Div. 257.

Covington, Ky., April 9, paralysis, Bro. Thomas Kain, member of Div. 271.

Scranton, Pa., May 9, Bro. Edwin S. Hand, member of Div. 276.

Scranton, Pa., April 23, struck by passing train, Bro. Frank P. Staples, member of Div, 276.

Grafton, W. Va., April 28, boiler explosion, Bro. C. H. Bowen, member of Div. 284.

Grafton, W. Va., April 23, heart failure, Bro. Thornton Weaver, member of Div. 284.

Chicago, Ill., March 23, nephritis, Bro. E. J. Smith, member of Div. 294.

Erie, Pa., April 18, heart failure, Bro. H. F. Voltz, member of Div. 298.

Ciuton, Ill., April 15, tuberculosis, Bro. W. G. Harris, member of Div. 315.

Washington, D. C., May 11, result of surg'cal operatio“, Bro. John H. Watkins, member of

Div. 317

Augusta, Ga., April 29, acute nephritis, Bro. Ed. mond A. Evans, member of Div. 717.

Columbus, O., April 21, Bro. P. C. Hartigan, inember of Div. 255. Brother Hartigan had a long period of experience as an engine.r and held a very prominent place in the B. of L. E., always earnest and energetic in its welfare. He attended the conventions as the delegate of Div, 255 in 1889, 1890, 1904 and 1906, and he served o'i tlie Legislative Board of Ohio for a long time, and with great credit to himself and the organization he represented. He had a happy faculty of making friends and keeping them, and there will be many in and out of the order who will regret the demise of this fraternal Brother and friend, al rays ready to do where duty, friendship and charity called.

Pittsburg, Pa., May 1, fracture of skull, Bro. L. B. Gochnour, member of Div. 325.

Rutland, Vt., April 26, paresis, Bro. G. W. Duntou, member of Div. 347.

St. Paul, Mion., April 28, Bro. Wm. Lewis, mem· ber of Div. 369.

Delmar, Del., April 26, killed in collision, Bro. John P. Phillips, member of Div. 374.

West Chicago, Ill., April 22, Bro. Wm. H. Brice, member of Div. 404.

Milwaukee, Wis., April 15, Bro. Peter F. Fox, honorary member of Div. 405.

Carnegie, Pa., March 28, derailment of engine, Bro. Merion W. Boyd, member of Div. 416.

White River Junction, Vt., April 20, Mrs. C, E. Pierce, sister of Bro. F. G. Williams, member of Div. 418.

Buffalo, N. Y., May 2, killed in wreck, Bro. Lewis H. Caudle, member of Div. 421.

Buffalo, N. Y., May 3, tuberculosis, Bro. Wm. F. Miller, member of Div. 421.

Carthage, N. Y., May 3, paresis, Bro. S. A. Samp son, member of Div. 424.

Ellerslie, Md., May 7, heart failure, Bro. Abram Gardner, member of Div. 437.

Youngwood, Pa., April 30, Bro. Edward G. Volford, member of Div. 454.

Ft. Worth, Tex., March 24, convulsions, Essie Pauline Woody, daughter of Bro. S. L. Woody, member of Div. 501,

La Junta, Col., March 17, surgical operation, Bro. Thos, Barber, member of Div. 505.

Regina, Sask., Can., April 17, Bro. John Toland, member of Div. 510.

Antigo, Wis., April 25, run over by engine, Bro. Johu G. Wells, member of Div. 536.

Peru, Ind., May 16, killed in wreck, Bro. W. M. Wolfe, member of Div. 548.

Schreiber, Out., Can., Apri! 30, injuries received in wreck, Bro. Wm. Fixter, member of Div 562.

Guadalajara, Mex., March 18, killed in wreck, Bro, Byron Chidister, member of Div. 587.

Conway, Pa., May 11, pneumonia, Bro. Chas E. Cook, member of Div. 590.

Cumberland, Md., April 27, acute indigestion, Bro. Theodore Cook, member of Div. 646.

Columbus, O., May 13, derailment of engine, Bro. M. B. Martin, member of Div. 651.

Los Augeles, Cal., April 18, Bro. G. H. Voodry, member of Div, 660.

Harrisburg, Pa., April 24, Bright's disease, Bro. H. K. Hambright, member of Div. 668.

Brunswick, Ga., April 16, head-on collision, Bro. J. K. Green, member of Div. 706,


Into Division

7--Hugh McMillen, from Div. 11. 33-Wm. Moxam, from Div. 122, 37-E. E. Moore, froin Div. 568. 48-H. H, Clark, from Div. 585. 50- John Wrote, from Div. 370. 54-Edwin P. Babcock, from Div. 105. 64-C. E. Tast, from Div. 40. 78 - Robert Clar, from Div. 463 83-W. B. Harnley, from Div. 622. 87-Geo. B. Jackso'l, from Div. 269. 110-Geo. W. McCoy, from Div. 425. 119-Chas. E. Nauglitou, from Div. 10. 126-A. Lindquist, from Div. 622. 132-W. Henry 0,B ien,

Thos. F. McCarthy, Fred P. Meadows, from Div, 661. 134-Chas. M. Byrd, from Div. 33. 135-Chas. W. Biizard, from Div. 54. 139-John J. Ginu, from Div 554.

G.S. Thomas, from Div. 237. 152- John H. Clark, from Div. 239. 155-F. P. Brintlinger, from D.v. 120. 175 -C. F. Turner, from Div. 208. 177-A. T. Ekstrom, from Div. 445. 179-J. R. Lukens, from Div. 433.

H. T. Roesler, from Div. 622. 187-C, E. Huff, from Div. 501. 198-W. H. Cooper, from Div. 225. 99-Wm. H. Rhoades, from Div. 251. 205-Harry C. Smith, from Div. 257. 217-Thos. Ryan, from Div. 87. 218 - Ed Frazier, from D

253. 232—John E. Kline, from Div. 290. 242-Leon Douds, from Div. 629. 256 - J. F. Roach, from Div. 449. 263-J. H. Capell, H. T. Parrish, from Div. 51.

W. M. Jones, Lee Shearer, from Div. 511.
272-Fayon Leffler, from Div, 263,
274-Barney Gilbride, froin Div, 274.
277-H. C. Waddell, from Div, 114.
282-H. J. Markes, from Div. 481.
290- Geo. T. Grimes, from Div. 185.
299--George Farrer, from Div. 214.
301-J. W. Gaines, froin D'v. 511.
309-E. C. Davies, from Div. 265.

A. G. Barker, from Div. 629
Wm. Rogers, from Div. 210.
C. E. Rich, from Div. 90.

C. R. Rice, from Div. 340.
325-Chas. D. Pringle, from Div. 406.
329-Johu V. Thomas, from Div. 260.
332-Chas Faulk, from Div. 427.
339-S. L. Brown, from Div. 40.
343-J. C. Anten, from Div. 444.
346--Geo. W. Warren, from Div. 261.
347-C. H. Goold, Win. Dillon, from Div. 59.
348-Chas. R. Roath, from Div. 64.
366 - Wm. Bark well, from Div. 680.
368 - R. B. Rushton, from Div. 332.
386-W. T. Screws, from Div. 432.
392--Herbert Reynolds, from Div. 504.
397--Wm. Jobson, from Div. 183.

Into Division-
400-C. P. Riley, from Div. 556.

Ed Jordon, from Div. 343.

F. E. Slanker, from Div. 25. 401-H. D. Plecker, from Div 351. 407-G, W. Buckpitt, from Div.

296. 410-J. R. Chrismian, from Div. 225. 419-John D. Holey, from Div. 424. 432- Alfred Coombs, John C. Gilbreatlı. from

Div. 198.
Win P. Mason, from Div. 640,

P. W. Garduer, from Div. 436.
434-John Dwyer, from Div. 311.
442-G. M. Young, from Dis. 216.
444 -H. H. Biddlecome, from Div. 637.

E. S. Hosler, from Div. 147.

A. L. Riley, from Div. 93. 445 - Wm. Keys, from Div. 523.

D. C. Crotchett, froni Div. 396.

Wm. Herzog, from Div. 6,8. 451-E. S. Hershey, from Div. 396. 453–J. J. Griffin, from Div 48. 455-Walter Gillson, from Div. :65. 461-Wm. Nikirk, from Div. 148. 489--F. J. McQueston, from Div. 363. 492 - Mike Nead, from Div. 95.

A, M. Sullivan, from Div. 334. 494--G. R. Hart, from Div. 605. 495–J. B. Walter, from Div. 34. 501- John W. Swales, from Dir. I.

Recide Hawley, from Div. 525. 505--C. H. Hubbard, from Div. 81.

W. L. Perryman, from Div. 386. 519-Thos. J. Robinson, frum Div. 60. 523-R. Nelson, Jr., from Div. 107. 538-Wm. Rawlings, from Div. 393. 553-G. A. Cook, from Div. 8. 570-Sam Bush, from Div. 438.

C. 0. Justice, from Div. 223.

Geo W. Parks, from Div. 446. 522—W. R. Snyder, from Div. 261. 515-C. H. Hicks, from Div. 134.

Thos. E. Brownfield, from Div. 33.

R. S. Edwards, from Div. 445. 602-J. R, Lawrence, G. W. Simpson, A. H. I

bell, C. B. Foote, F. Griffith, fom Dir. 31 606-D. H. Difenbaugh, from Div. 188. 616 -Geo. Haven, from Div. 396. 622-W, II, Sherod, from Div. 391. 623-W.0. Browns, from Div. 642. • 24 -H. L. Donovan, from Div. 623. 639--P. Cunningham, from Div. 269. 640--Cicero C. Booth, from Div. 284. 612 - E. E. Hagen, from Div. 279. 646-Wm. T. Rowell, from Div. 265.

W. H. Prendergast, from Div.256. 650-W H. Watson, from Div. 110.

Nelson Woods, from Div 622. 667-Hiram Hodgson, from Dis. 213.

Robert Crawford, from Div. 535.
G. Leitch, D. Honan, G. M. Robinson, C. F.

Watson, from Div. 76.
677—Albert Foote, from Div. 482.
678-Jas, D. Smith, from Div. 95.

jas. McNamara, from Div. 245. 696 - V. R. Thrasher, from Div. 498. 697-H. L. Campbell, from Div. 23. 702-Jos. Cultiff, from Div, 122. 704-Edward Valley, from Div. 185.

Chas, E. Stocker, from Dis. 161.

Wm. S. Wosser, from Div. 425. 705 - A. Siebert, from Div. 74. 76- J. W.Od:n, from Div. 223. i 10-Wm. Dee, from Div. 73.

E. B. Dawes, from Div. 66. 711-H. E. Bay, W. J. Davis, W. F. G. Pound, G.

D. Richards, J. E. Stuart, S. M. Stubbs,
M. N. Tatum M. B. Tarkington, S. J.

White, from Div. 445.
Geo. Collier, from Div. 462.

R. K. Weir, from D v. 364.
712-Jos. W. Spaulding. Jas. o. Culp. Wm

Tyrell, T. A. Leonard, Lyman Busli,

from Div. 11.
713-Joe, Stephenson, D.C. Gibson, L C. Ames,

H. W. Anderson, E. C. Baker, J. G. By.
water, J. T. Beless, F L Cowan, C. A.
Connor, O. Card, R. A. Carter, C. 0. Dick:

Into Division

ermau, J, A. Dailey, B. F. Estes, W. A.
Goodale, J. D. Gatenby, J. W. Harde:ly.
P. B. Haslet, J. A, Irvine, 1. A. Jacobson,
A. Johnson, E. G. Johnson, W. L. Kinney,
E. J. Knowles, C. G. Linsley, T. J. Lofies,
T. J. Lamplugh, Deney. McGraw, A,
McDonald, G. M. McDonald, N. E. Piper
B. J. Ragg, C. H. Rawlings, W. H. Smith,
P. E. Sullivan, C. N. Sorenson, Fred.
Smith, H. J. Smith, J. W. Stewart, C. E.
Shermer, S. S. Sanford, C. H. Williams,
F. W. Murray, E. W. Weidman, Geo,
Weidman, Chas. Williams, from Div. 222

Wm. B. Boucher, from Div. 179.
714-). C. Lewis, Walter Brown, Chas. Duling,

F. R. Inghram. C. A. Allen, C. A. Malone,
J. A. Kilcollins, R. T. Hastings, C. W.
Bailey, Eugene Herne, Allen Hartley,
F. G. Joachim, Jas. Devaney, Jos. Miller,

from Div. 408.
717-J. L. Bearden, Chas. W. Cantrel, E. E.

Clary, W. H. Dimmock, Ww. M. Dunham,
E. A. Evaos, W. C. Fitzgerald, A. L. Har.
big D. P. Hargrove, F. S. Hughes. R. L.
Henderson, J. O, Hill, W. F. Kuhlke, J.
D. Kelley, E. C. Luq::ire, W. H. Lokey,
J. L. Megahee, G. W. Manning, J. B.
Nunn, T. L. Price, D. L. Printup, W. E.
Rhiney, A. Rivers, C. E. Skelton, F. B.
Sullivan, Chas. Tice. HF. Taylor, R. P.
Turner, J. D. Weltch, J. W. Wright, F. F.

Starr, from Div. 323.

W. A. Smoak, from Div. 265. 718-C. F. W. Scheumacher, W. E. Shannahan,

J. P. Williams, C. A. Valborect, H. J. Wor

rell, from Div. 453.
79-C. H. Brown, G. F. Brown, J. W. Bealle. J.

Broom, J. J. Bailey, W. H. Cadenhead,
G. W. Carson, L. E. Coburn, W. H 10-
buru, J. A. Cheatham, Warren Davis, J.
L. Fant, J. S. Foster, E, F. Griffin, W. G.
Jones, T. H. Jeter, c. W. Jeter, G, H.
Johnson, W. J. Lynch, W. P. Lagrane, M.
McGaskill, J. E. Manyhan, D. W. Msb y.
W. R. Poe,

' R. L. Speed, W. H. Taylor, N.
Wilmott, from Div. 432.
Bro. J. D. Terrell, whose transfer from Dir. 408
into Dir. 714 was published in the May JOURNAL
has not been transferred, and the notice sh uld
110t have appeared in the JOURNAL.


From Division

8 T. N. Viet.
186--H. L. McCarty.
218 - Park Ferguson.
243--H. Hardy.
327 - W. A. Stafford.
352-John R. Beckeley.
269-W. F. Kempe.

From Division-
385--Arthur Lelonde.
484-Frank Gross
515-Ellis A. Boosinger,
533—R. S. Gollingham
564-J. B. Clark.
622—- . F. Berry.


Into Division-
33--Chas. M. Byrd,

R. P. Corrigau.
59-E. Crane.
60-T. J. Robinson.
70 - Samuel Hunter.
113-Frank D. Pierce,

T. McCarthy.
116-John J. Harlin,

Jerry McLain.
122-Wm. Moxam.
130 - James Porter.
131- John Carroll.
148 - Edward J. Riley.
156-Wm. Dili.
157-James W. Smith.
210-Wm. A. Bell.
223--J. T Hennesy.
2 5 - Michael O'Hare.
254-J. C. Sloppy.
25 - Samuel Brown.
265-ED C. Myers.

Into Division

276—Daniel Madigan.
309-J. A, Perry.
312-James Mannion.
380-Heister Piolett.
401-Thos. P. Cabill,

J. M. Baird. 404-Dennis Daley. 432-S. L. Worley,

W. T. Screws. 437-John M. Burley. 446-A. M, Howard. 452-John J. Dennigan. 477-F. L. Watson. 481-W. J. Lock. 578 - Hugh B. Fagar. 569 - R. Worrell. 570-J. R. Kerr. 585-H. H. Clark. 590- John H Horner. 609 - G W. Green 690-J. I. Davis.

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