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From Division58-J. D. Roarick.

419-John Scully, 75-Robert G. Frey,

A. V. Urmston, Hiram E. Nuss. 430-D. E. Burke. 104 - W. T. Harmon. 431-P. H. Lawless. 107 - J. F. Butler,

433-W. Ward. E. C. Davis.

477-Geo. H. Swisher. W. S. Noyes."

504-Jos. McCowan. 18--F. C. Spebold. 537-W. D. Payford. 198-Wm. N. Galley. 548-L. A. Thayer. 199-R. F. Gosé.

557-W. G, Taylor, 208 - J. H. Lindsay.

C. A. Proctor, 217-J. M. Nugent.

Wm. E. Starke. 239-N. H. Roberis, 563-H. R. Heath. C. S. Maben.

593-J. I.. Sawyer. 273- John H. Miller. 621-H. W. Marshall. 287-0. Postlewait.

622--C. A. Wilson, 312--Frank Chambers.

E. T. Hinkley, 313--Sam N. nith.

J. E. Coksey. 339-Johu 0. Smith.

624 - E, S. Harris, 382 - D. Blanding.

Harry Fuller, 419-W. H. Essex,

626-W. O. Stone. M. Heslin,

653—Thos, O'Neill. W. Lee,

672–J. H. Allbright, Emmett O'Hara,

G. P. Davis. Geo. E. Phillips.

175 - David Lentz, forfeiting insurance.
232-A. A. Stafford, Angus McArthur, forfeiting

239-J. L. Portwood, forfeiting insurance.
251 - Wm E. McGrath, violation of obligation,

forfeiting insurance and non-payment of


Chas Baty, forfeiting insurance. 259-Wm. Huff, forgery and embezzlment. 273-James H. Glancy, forfeiting insurance. 287- E. M. Baker, violation of obligation, for

feiting insurance and non-paymeut of

dues, 309-R. Davis, H. R. Berry, R. Pate, forfeiting

insurance. 321-M. L. Watkins, W. A. May, violation of obs.

ligation and unbecoming conduct. 338-Wm. Greenleaf, violation of obligation and

non-attendance. 363-W. H. Hughes, unbecoming conduct. 408-James Stevens, intoxication, 431-). F. Conway, non-payment of dues and for

feiting insurance. 432–J. A. Herrick, forfeiting insurance. 438-jos. Snavely, non-payment of dues and for.

feiting insurance, 453-H. C. Van Schaick, unbecoming conduct. 413-L. L. Patterson, D. C. Williams, intoxica.

tion. 503---Charles C. Harnden, violation of Art. 36,

Standing Rules. 539--Calvia o. Sutton, intoxicated while ou duty. 557-V. L. Edmund, forfeiting insurance.

G. W. West, non-payment of dues and fai:

ing to take out insurance.
570- James Henry, unbecoming conduct.

Chas. Longley, violation of Rule 7. Article

621--John O'Donnell, violation of obligation,
623-6. Herigstad, non-payment of dues and for.

feiting insurance.
644-E. H. Green, forfeiting insurance.
649-J. N. Brown, forfeiting insurance.
667-H. Lynch, violation of obligation.


26-A. L. Blunt, intoxication.
48--Geo, M. Baird, violation of obligation and

non-payment of dues.
61-H. E. Osgood, Fred H. Eldridge, forfeiting

insurance. 90-J. W. Folk, violation of obligation. 152--George Howey, intoxication, 157-George Lovell, non-payment of dues and

failing to correspond with Division. 16;-C. S. Gould, non-payment of dues, forfeiting

insurance and violation of obligation.


We have renewed our arrangement with the Webb C. Ball Watch Co., Cleveland, 0., for an unlimited number of watches as premiums; watches that are guaranteed to be O. K. in every respect, and will be given as premiums under the following conditions:

LADIES' WATCH.-For 30 subscribers named and $30.00, the Ladies' Queen Watch, 17 jewelled. 14 karat, gold filled case, retail price, $25.00.

GENTLEMEN'S WATCH.-For 60 subscribers named and $60.00, Gentlemen's B. of L. E. Standard, 17 jewelled, 14 karat, gold filled case, retail price. $42.00.

19 AND 21 JEWELLED WATCH.-For 75 subscribers named and $75.00, either the 19 or 21 jewelled watch, in 14 karat, gold filled case, retail price, $50.00. All cases guaranteed for 25 years.

If your Journal address is not correct, or you fail from any cause to receive it, fill out this
form properly, cut it out and send it to 307 SOCIETY FOR SAVINGS BLDG., CLEVELAND, O.

The B. of L. E. Journal.


Division No.
Box or Street and No.


OLD ADDRESS. Postoffice


Be Sure and Give Old Address and Division Number.


Ofoial Notice of Assossmonts 185-189.


CLEVELAND, Ohio, June 1, 1907.
To the Division Secretaries L. E. M. L. and A. I. A..

DEAR SIRS AND BROS. :-You are hereby notified of the death or disability of the following members of the Association.

Five Assessments for payment of these claims are hereby levied and Secretaries ordered to collect $1.25 from all who are insured for $750, $2.50 from all who are insured for $1,500, $5.00 from all who are insured for $3,000, and $7.30 from all members insured for $4,500, and forward same to the General Secretary and Treasurer.

Members of the Insurance Association are required to remit to Division Secretaries within thirty days irom date of this notice, and the Division Secretaries to the General Secretary and Treasurer within ten days thereafter, on penalty of forfeiting their membership. (See Section 25, page 80, of By-Laws.)

Secretaries in sending remittances will send same to and make all drafts, express money orders or postoffice money orders payable to M. H. SHAY, General Secretary and Treasurer. Secretaries located in Canada will please remit by draft or express money order. We will not accept packages of money sent by express, unless charges have been prepaid. The JOURNAL closes on the 18th of each month. Claims received after that day will lie over until the succeeding month.

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168 L. H. Caudle
45 421 Sept. 27, 1906. May 2, 1907. Killed...

$1500 Geo. W. Caudle, s.
169 Lewis McDonald 71 7 Mch. 14, 1881. May 3, 1907. Hemorrhage 3000 Cath, McDonald, w.
170 S. A. Sampson.... 40 424 Feb. II, 1893. May 3, 1907. Paresis

1500 Mary B. Sampson, w
171 W. F. Miller.

38 421 Aug. 21, 1904. May 3, 1907. Tuberculosis 1500 Catherine Miller, w.
972 F. S. Losee...

44 55 - pr. 16, 1903. May 5, 1907. Heart disease. 1500 Martha Losee, w.
173 R. H. Townsend 48 46 Apr. 18, 1907. May 5, 1907. Suicide

1500 Susan Townsend, w
174 A, Gardner...

59 437 Sept. 21, 1890 May 6, 1907. Heart disease..... 1500 Minnie Garduer, w.
175 Frank Clow. 50 232 July 29, 1895. May 7, 1907. Shot.

3000 Mrs. Frank Clow, w
176 C. W. Riley.. 62 477 Sept. 14, 1885. May 7, 1907. R't leg left arm a'td 3000 Self.
177 J. F. Norris. 50 210 Sept. 16, 1306 May 9, 1907. Killed..

1500 Tolula Norris, w.
178 E.S. Hand 69 276 Dec. 25, 1889 May 9, 1907. Aortic anemism.. 1500 Mrs. A. E. Hand, w.
179 D. Messinger...... 68 272 Apr. 19, 1887. May 10, 1907. Hemorrhage 1560 Julia C. Messinger.
180.1. M. Scheier... 39 152 Apr. 17. 1892. May 11, 1907. Nephritis.....
181 J. H. Watkins...

1500 Mary Schweid, sister
57 317 Feb. 16, 1880 May 11, 1907. Pulmonary emb’m 3000 Sallie C. Watkins
182 C. E. Cook.

29 590 Dec. 18, 1906 May 11, 1907. Pneumonia 1500 Georgia A. B.Cook,w
183 P. D. Curry. 24 609 Jan. 8, 1905. May 12, 1907. Killed

1500 Clara C. Curry, w.
184 E. J. Bevan 38 177 May 5, 1897. May 12, 1907. Killed.

3000 Maggie Bevan, w.
185 E. H. Calton... 61

13 July 27, 1894. May 12, 1907. A poplexy... 4500 Mrs. E. H. Calton, w
186 M. Martin... 54 651 Nov. 14, 1888. May 13, 1907. Killed

3000 Wife and son.
187 J. F. Adkins.... 43 473 July 7, 1898. May 13, 1907.

3000 Clara Adkins, w.
188 W. B. Armstrong 55 145 Aug. 5, 1876. May 14, 1907. Dropped dead 3000 Kate H. Armstrong.
R.S. Craig

74 175 May 25. 1868.'May 14, 1907. 'Heart failure 3000 IR, S. Craig, son.

Total number of claims, 76.

Total amount of claims, $172,500.


Acknowledgments have been received from the following Beneficiaries for amounts stated in
settlement of claims paid:

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FOR APRIL, 1907.


39 20

MORTUARY FUND FOR APRIL, Balance ou hand............

$345,187 85 Paid in settlement of claims...

146,250 OC Surplus........

$198.937 8; Received by assessments 1037-41 and back assessments.........

$152,798 08 Received by assessments 1053

1056............ Received from members whose

insurance was carried by Association...

701 55 April interest mortuary fund.... 357 45 April interest special mortuary fund*.......

417 34$154,623 57 Balance in bank April 30, 1907.. ..$353,561 42 Mortuary fund......

.189,301 71 Special mortuary fund*. 164.259 71$353,561 42

Classified, represents: $750 $1,500 $3,000 $4.500 Members who paid as

sessmients 1037-1041..... 3.496 29.042 12.086 Members from whom as

sessments 1037-41 we: e not collected

440 2.529 694 Members carried by the Association...

124 295 28 Applications and rein

statements received during month.

625 182 21

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When writing to advertisers, mention this Journal.

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