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“Rist-Fit" Gloves

are made especially for the
use of Engineers, Firemen, Brakemen and

Railroad men in general. They will not work down over the hand. Notice how the strap is placed across the wrist. By pulling this strap closely, a snug, tight fit is secured, which prevents dirt or cinders work ing down into the glove.

There is plenty of free wrist movement, and the cuff gauntlet stays where it should—up on the sleeve. These “Rist-Fit” Gloves are made with or without the ventilated back in all sizes.

The ventilated back allows free circulation of air, keeping the hands cool and comfortable. Patent pending on both the “Rist-Fit” and “Ventilated” features—found only on Grinnell Gloves.

Made of same material as our other famous Grinnell Reindeere Gloves, may be washed as often as desired and will dry out soft and pliable as new.

How to Get a Pair Free

Ask your dealer for Grinnell” Gloves. If he does not sell them, send us his name and address and size of glove you wear, and we will have him take a stock, and will send a pair along for you free with first order to him, providing you are the first engineer (fireman) (railroad man) to send in his name.

Morrison, McIntosh & Company, Makers, Grinnell, lowa

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Make Pay-Day “Save-Day”!

Almost every one finds it hard to save money, yet admits that it is one of the most important things in life.

Like many other things, saying is largely a matter of habit.

Get into the habit of saving! Make a resolution today to lay aside a portion of your pay each week or month or pay-day, before it gets away from you, before “it burns a hole in your pocket," and deposit it in some reliable bank. There will then

, be no immediate temptation to spend it and you will also be receiving interest on your money.

One of the most reliable banks in the country, one that has withstood fire, financial panic and the test of time is

The Oldest Savings Bank in Chicago

It has a capital of One Million and a Half Dollars and a surplus of over One Million Dollars. It is now completing its forty-first successful year, having been established in 1867.

No matter where you live, you can open an account with THE HIBERNIAN BANK through its perfected system of “BANKING BY MAIL." Send for circular.

One Dollar opens a savings account. Interest is paid on all savings accounts.

THE HIBERNIAN BANK also has a large Commercial Department and has the best of facilities for handling open check accounts.

Its age and reliability make this institution an ideal depository for trust or society funds. If you are the trustee of any such moneys or know of any one who is, it would be glad to have you investigate its fitness for handling such. Your recommendation of this Bank to any of your friends will be highly appreciated.

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Perfect Fit Guaranteed
from Measurements
and Casts without
leaving home.

Send for Our
New Illustrated Catalogue.

This cut shows leg for amputation six inches below the knee, with inside socket thrown out of its proper position in order to show its construction.

U. S. A.

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