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Of the Nature, Purpofe, Manifeftation, Word, Spirit, and Principle of GRACE, as fet forth in Scripture light.



Of the Nature of GRACE in general.

HE doctrine maintained by the


TChrift, is diftinguished from every scheme

framed by the wifdom of men, in that it is a fyftem of pure grace. They afferted, that man must stand before his maker either upon the footing of the law of works; or the gospel of grace. Upon the former ground they fully demonftrate, that no flesh living can be accepted, because the whole world is become guilty before GOD, and fo juftly condemned by his law; therefore they affert, that if any of the fallen race of Adam are faved, it must be by fovereign grace alone. In the apoftles' days, however, many afferted with them that falvation was of grace, who yet meant fomething thereby very different, from the obvious fenfe of their words; and it is hardly to be queftioned, that the greatest part of thofe who call themselves chriftians, in our day, will affirm in like manner, that we are faved by grace; while yet, when they come to explain themfelves upon the

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This is the true Grace of God wherein ye ftand, 1 Peter iv. 12.
Earnestly contend for the Faith which was once delivered unto

the Saints. Jude v. 4.

Experience worketh Hope. Rom. v. 4.


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