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learn the truth of what the wise man saith, “ Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain," Prov. xxxi. 30.

It is only grace and virtue that will outlive the ravages of the grave. Not despising the rose on the cheek, the flower of

grace in the heart, is incomparably better: and where these two cannot be found together, but come in competition with each other, the latter be my choice; this will add a sweet fragrancy to domestic life, and leave a pleasant scent behind it, while the other lieth rotting in the tomb.


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This walk is truly delightful; nor would I exchange the pleasure it affords in solitude, for all the splendid entertainments and giddy amusements of public life; while I read only, or rather attempt to read, in the volume of nature, a few letters of the outlines of the wonderful works of that Almighty Being, who spake, and it was done, commanded and it stood fast, Psal. xxxiii. 9.

What an agreeable humming do these busy insects make, while they roam amid the sunny beams, through the fields and meadows, exploring every new-born herb, while from the heath, primroses, and violets, they chiefly extract their delicious loads, which they bear with joy to their common store.

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May I, like them, amid the cheering beams of the Sun of righteousness, in fancy roam through the works of creation, providence, and redemption, these fields of inexpressible delight, admiring with wonder and gratitude every work of God: but chiefly extracting from the precious promises ---these inestimable flowers of


which the field of the scriptures,---soul-reviving sweets, not only for my present comfort and subsistence, but for a store against the winter of desertion, when no green thing may appear to me to flourish in all that precious field, owing to keen convictions under such

darkness, which, like nipping frosts freeze up · almost every comfort of the soul: The be

nefit of this David and Heman experienced in such a time.

They will also prove cordials in the moments of dissolution, when every thing else in the world is of no avail : An apostle calls such flowers exceeding great and precious, 2 Pet. i. 4., to which all the saints on earth, and all the redeemed in heaven, will


to their hearty Amen.

These little bees are busy all the spring, summer, and harvest, in providing for the approaching winter. O my soul, learn a lesson from the bees and ants, to make much of thy time, improving the season of grace, by laying up for thyself treasures in heaven! Matthew vi. 20. And may God, of his infinite mercy, forbid that ever thou have to complain, with the church of old, “ The “ harvest is past, the summer is ended, and és

we are not saved, Jer. viii. 20. That this may not be thy doleful case, seeing that there is yet balm in Gilead, fly on the wings of faith to that plant of renown, the Lord Jesus Christ, whose name is as ointment poured forth, Cant. i. 3. (which attracteth all virgin bees, even true believers to this flower, who sprang from the root of Jesse) and there by the mouth of faith feed in time,

for eternity

and lay up

Bees are often attacked by wasps and other enemies, which deprive them of life, and bear off their treasures; but, blessed be God! though devils and wicked men harass the saints here much, and often deprive them of their natural existence; yet they cannot rob them of their treasures : No, for

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