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“ until the indignation be overpast: For, “ behold! the Lord cometh out of his place “ to punish the inhabitants of the earth for “ their iniquity; the earth also shall disclose “ her blood, and shall no more cover her

slain,” Isa: xxvi. 20, 21.

What becomes of the swallow tribe when . they leave us in autumn ? Whether, in caverns, or hollow places of the earth, they remain in a torpid state during the winter ; or emigrate beyond the seas to some warmer climate; or cluster together and descend to. the bottom of lakes, is equally uncertain, and what naturalists are divided in their opinions, about. But not so is it with respect to man when he dieth ; for wherein reason is weak in this, revelation steppeth in to assure us, that man goeth either to heaven or hell.

That all men would wish to be happy at last, is a desire founded in nature; but that any are so at length, is wholly owing to grace. Many, nay I may say all, desire, with Balaam, to die the death of the righteous, and to have their last end like his, Num. xxiii. 10. but few truly desire to live a righteous, and holy life. Nature alone may make a man request to die happy, but it is grace only that can make any desire, and really live the life of the righteous.

May it then be my care through grace to do so, that in the spring morning of eternity, even that wonderful morning of the resurrection, I may with respect to my body return from the dust with joy unspeakable and full of glory, 1 Pet. i. 8., to sing, with all the redeemed, the song of Moses and the Lamb, for ever and ever, in the paradise of God!

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The bright monarch of day having but a little ago disappeared in the west, darkness beginneth again to resume her ancient reign, and claimeth a primeval right; while the village bell calls the laborious husbandman from his toil, and invites the weary traveller to rest.

The herds forsake their dewy pastures, and with their udders richly fraught for the dairy, move lowing on, to be discharged of their most nutritious burdens, one of the chief blessings of Canaan : and the woolly tribes are shut up in their folds.

The verdure of the fields darkeneth on the sight, while night spreadeth her sable veil

over the face of nature. Where is now the pleasant landscape I so lately beheld ? It is lost to my view : and the warbling people, with their wing-covered heads, sit silent on the spray: only the bird of eve ushers in the gloom with her irksome solitary dirge, while labour reclines her head on the bosom of rest, and balmy sleep, endeared by toil, refreshes animal life.

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And is this delightful day come to an end?

my soul, so shall soon the day of this life, and all its bustle, be silenced in the tomb. How much then doth it concern me, and all men living, to be putting by our work in our twelve hours! O that while it is called today we might labour for the meat which perisheth not, but endureth to everlasting life, John vi. 27., seeing the night of death approacheth, wherein no man can work; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, Eccl. ix,


This dewy evening, calm and serene, , mindeth me of the close of a Christian's life in old age. Happy alone then is he, who, while his head is flourishing like an almond

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