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To write a practical book on the physical diagnosis of the heart and lungs in health and disease, has been the aim of the authors. We have attempted to omit everything not of practical diagnostic use, and to condense methods of secondary importance.

More than is the custom has been written on the subject of diagnostic acoustics, because we believe that only through the comprehension of the laws of sound production and transmission can the results of percussion and auscultation be intelligently interpreted.

We have endeavored to teach as much as possible by means of illustrations. Of these, many are photographs of frozen sections from the cadaver, previously hardened in formalin, so that the anatomic relations of the tissues remain as during life. We have found these specimens invaluable in our own teaching; and the book has been written in the hope that the photographic reproductions of our sections may be useful to others.

We take pleasure in acknowledging our great indebtedness to Dr. George Fetterolf for the frozen sections; to Dr. J. Claxton Gittings for assistance in the preparation of the Section on Pediatrics; to Dr. Edward B. Krumbhaar for the Chapter dealing with the electrocardiogram; to Professor Richard Geigel, and to Dr. Charles M. Montgomery,3 from whose articles upon acoustics in diagnosis, much information has been gleaned. We are also indebted to Miss Eleanor A. Cantner for the production of some of our drawings. We are further under obligations to Professor William M. L. Coplin for permission to photograph numerous specimens in the Museum of Pathology of the Jefferson Medical College, as well as to Dr. David R. Bowen and to Dr. Henry K. Pancoast for our radiograms.


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"The photographs, both clinical and anatomical, were with negligible exceptions, made by Dr. George W. Vorris. Many of the pictures illustrating diseases of the heart and aorta have been reproduced from Studies in Cardiac Pathology" by George W. Norris. ? GEIGEL, RICHARD: "Leitfaeden der Diagnostischen Akustik.” Stuttgart, 1908.

MONTGOMERY and ECKHARDT: “Pulmonary Acoustic Phenomena. Tenth Annual Report of the Henry Phipps Institute, Phila., 1915.

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