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F. Marshall, M.A.

Rector of Ockley, Surrey.
Sometime Scholar of Clare College, Cambridge.


Thomas Burleigh


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The writer compiled this book primarily for his own use. He had often felt the need of something of the sort in visiting the sick and afflicted, and had not been able to meet with any book which quite met his requirements. Unless one has a surprising memory, one cannot think on the spur of the moment, of the most suitable passages to meet each particular case. Every doctor has his medicines labelled. It is surely well for those who minister to spiritual ills to be able to apply at once the remedies supplied by the great “ Physician of Souls." The various texts can of course be explained or expounded according to circumstances, and other applications given than those suggested in the book.

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In addition to this some thoughts are added as to how to look at various forms of trouble from the Christian standpoint.

The writer trusts that this book may be useful to the clergy, and to others who minister to those in illness or sorrow.

Also, it is hoped, that to those in sickness or trouble of any kind, this book may be the means of supplying them with the particular kind of comfort they need.

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