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S. W. Partridge and Co.'s New Works and New Editions.

Our Island Home Described. Its Chief Cities, Towns, and Ports; Mountains, Rivers, and Lakes; Mineral and Vegetable Productions; Animals, Railways, Bridges, Public Works, Arts, Manufactures, and Various Subjects of Interest, Ancient and Modern. By B. R. Bartlett. Numerous Illustrations. Post 8vo., paper, 2s. 6d. ; cloth, 3s. 6d.

Round the Tower; or, The Story of the London City Mission. Thirty Illustrations. With Introduction by Earl Shaftesbury. By J. M. Weylland, Author of "The Man with the Book," &c. Crown 8vo., cloth, 5s. Cheap Edition, 1s. 6d. The Book of Hebrew Roots; showing the Ideal Meanings and Various Ramifications of the Principal Hebrew Radicals. By Burlington B. Wale, Author of "Biblical Outlines," &c. Crown 8vo., cloth, 4s.


Sunday its Influence on Health and National Prosperity (Prize Essay). By Charles Hill. With Introductory Letter by the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M.P. 8vo., 18. 6d. Continental Sunday Labour. A Warning to the English Nation. By same Author. With Introduction by Earl Shaftesbury, and Photograph of the Earl. 8vo., ls. 6d. The Polyglot Daily Text-Book. A Text in English, French, German, and Italian, for Every Day in the Year. 32mo., cloth, 1s. 6d.

A Complete Compendium of Revival Music, containing nearly 500 Revival Hymns and Tunes for Evangelistic Services. Compiled by William Booth. Limp cloth, 3s.; cloth, 4s.

The Brandens: or, Workers in a Neglected Service. By Eliza Hutchinson, Author of "Our Neighbour," &c. Illustrations. Crown 8vo., 5s.

Chapters in Irish History. By W. B. Kirkpatrick, D.D., Dublin. Second Edition. Crown 8vo., cloth, 2s. 6d.

The Cross Triumphant; or, Conversations on Missionary Toils and Successes. A Book for the Yoang. Eight Illustrations. Crown 8vo., cloth, 2s. 6d.

Lectures on Bible Difficulties. By Rev. G. D. Copeland, Walworth. Paper, 1s. ; limp cloth, 1s. 6d.

Romans VII.: What does it Teach? An Inquiry into what was the precise teaching which St. Paul, when writing the passage Rom. vii. 7-25, intended to convey. By Laicus. Fcap. 8vo., cloth, 2s.

The Holy Life. A Book for Christians seeking "the Rest of Faith." By Rev. E. H. Hopkins. Fifth Thousand. Cloth, 1s. 6d.

Brief Observations on Scriptural Subjects submitted to the consideration of those engaged in Evangelistic Work. I. Doctrinal Subjects. II. Criticisms on Texts. Crown 8vo., limp cloth, 1s.

The Willingness of God: An Encouragement to Faith. Sequel to "The Ability of God." By Rev. J. G. Rainsford, Dundalk. Demy 16mo., cloth, 1s.; gilt, 1s. 6d. The Stark Family. A Sketch from Real Life. From the Swedish. With Illustrations. Demy 8vo., cloth, 3s. 6d.

By Author of "Heavenly Love and

The Kinsman-Redeemer; or, Readings in Ruth.
Earthly Echoes," &c. Fourth Edition. Fcap. 8vo., cloth, ls.

Holiness, as demanded and provided by the Gospel. By J. F. B. Tinling, M.A. Second
Edition. Limp cloth, 1s.

Fanny Brown and her Honey-bees.
Barnaby's Treasure," &c. Illustrated.

By Mrs. J. M. Tandy, Author of "Old
Impl. 16mo., cloth, 1s. 6d.

The Knight of Dilham. A Story of the Lollards. By Rev. A. Brown, B.A., Author of "The Last of the Abbots." 16mo., cloth, 1s. 6d.

"Safe in the Arms of Jesus;" or, Memorials of Lilian Ann Delf. By her Mother. With Photograph. Third Edition. 16mo., 1s. 6d.

Scripture Teachings for Young Children. Old Testament and New Testament. By E. C. Ashby. Square 16mo., cloth, 1s. 6d. each.

Paul Bradley. A Village Tale, inculcating Kindness to Animals. By Mrs. Bray, Author of " Our Duty to Animals." Fcap. 8vo. Illustrations. 1s. 6d.

S. W. Partridge and Co.'s New Works and New Editions. 3

Christ in the Tabernacle. With some Remarks on the Offerings. By Frank H. White. Twelve Chromo-lithographs. Third Thousand. Crown 8vo., cloth, 5s. Cheap Edition, 3s. 6d.

The Banner Unfurled. Containing upwards of One Thousand Choice Selections from Christian Writers. Compiled by the Editor of "Gathered Grain." 5s.

Within the Walls. A Tale of the Siege of Haarlem. By Mary Doig, Author of "Rosalie Vanderwerf." With Frontispiece. 8vo., 2s. 6d.

The Last of the Abbots; or, The Monks of St. Benet's. A Tale Illustrative of the Time of the Dissolution of Religious Houses in England. By Rev. A. Brown, B.A., Author of " Knight of Dilham." Frontispieces. 8vo., ls. 6d.

The Moorfields Preacher; being some account of the Life and Labours of George
Whitefield. Crown 8vo., cloth, 2s.

The Sunbeam of Seven Dials, and other Stories of the London Poor.
M. J. Nicholson. With Illustrations. Royal 16mo., cloth, 1s. 6d.


Religious Gatherings, containing 16mo., cloth, 3s. ; with Melody and

Hallowed Songs (Harmonized Edition) for Hymns from all Sources. By Philip Phillips. Words only, 1s. 6d. ; with Words only, 1s. The Two Babylons; or, The Papal Worship proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and his Wife. With Sixty-one Illustrations from Nineveh, Babylon, Egypt, Pompeii, &c. By Rev. A. Hislop. Sixth Edition. 8vo., cloth, 7s. 6d.

Horace Harwood; or, Character and its Influence. A Tale. By the Author of "The Curate of West Norton." With Frontispiece. Crown 8vo., cloth, 2s. 6d.

Lectures on St. Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians. By Rev. W. Graham, D.D. Crown 8vo., cloth, 7s. 6d.

Hymn-Writers and their Hymns. By Rev. S. W. Christophers, Author of "Homes of Old English Writers.' Library Edition, 7s. 6d.

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Cottage Readings in Genesis. Second Edition. By the Author of "Cottage Readings in Exodus." Crown 8vo., cloth, 5s.

The Tabernacle of Israel. By H. W. Soltau. With Nine Chromo-lithographs. Imp. oblong 8vo., cloth, gilt, 16s.

The Peerage of Poverty; or, Learners and Workers in Fields, Farms, and
Factories. By E. Paxton Hood. 8vo., 7s. 6d.

Bye-Path Meadow. By the same Author. Coloured Frontispiece. 8vo., 3s. 6d.
Blind Amos and his Velvet Principles; or, Proverbs and Parables for the
Young Folk. By the same Author. New Edition, 1s. 6d.

The Royal Merchant; or, Events in the Days of Thomas Gresham, Knight,
as narrated in the Diary of Ernst Verner, whilom his Page and Secretary, during the
Reigns of Mary and Elizabeth. By W. H. G. Kingston, Author of " The Martyr of
Brentwood," &c. With Portrait. 8vo., 6s. 6d.

Count Ulrich of Lindburgh. A. Tale of the Reformation in Germany. By the same Author. Crown 8vo., cloth, 1s.

The Merchant of Haarlem. A Tale of King Philip's Reign in the Netherlands. By the same Author. Illustrated, 16mo., cloth, 1s. 6d.

The Last Look. A Tale of the Spanish Inquisition. By the same Author. Second Edition. Illustrated. 16mo., cloth, 1s. 6d.

The Martyr of Brentwood; or, Three Hundred Years Ago. By the same Author. Second Edition. Illustrated. 16mo., cloth, 1s. 6d.

Eldol the Druid; or, The Dawn of Christianity in Britain. By the same Author. Illustrated. 16mo., cloth, 1s. 6d.

Mick Tracy, the Irish Scripture Reader. With Engravings. Fifteenth Thousand. Crown Svo., cloth, 3s. 6d.

Tim__Doolan, the Irish Emigrant. Being a full and particular Account of his Reasons for Emigrating-his Passage across the Atlantic-his Arrival in New York -his Brief Sojourn in the United States, and his further Emigration to Canada. By the same Author. With Frontispiece. Second Edition. 8vo., 3s. 6d.

4 S. W. Partridge and Co.'s New Works and New Editions.

Gathered Grain; consisting of Select Extracts from the Best Authors. Fourth Edition. Crown 8vo., cloth, 3s. 6d.

Counsels and Knowledge from the Words of Truth. By the Rev. F. Whitfield, M.A. Second Edition. Crown 8vo., cloth, 3s. 6d.

Spiritual Unfoldings from the Ward of Life. Fourth Edition. By same Author. Crown Svo., cloth, 3s. 6d.

Life Truths. By J. Denham Smith. 16mo., cloth, 1s, 6d. ; gilt, 2s. (People's Ed. 6d.) Life in Christ. By the same Author. 16mo., cloth, 1s. 6d. ; gilt, 2s.

Ben's Resolve; or, He who Strives will Win. With Frontispiece. Fcap. 8vo., 1s. 6d. Fiddy Scraggs; or, A Clumsy Foot may Step True. By Anna J. Buckland, Author of Love and Duty." &c. With Frontispiece. New Edition. Crown 8vo., cloth, 1s. 6d. (A Book for Servant Girls.)

Beads without a String. Brief Thoughts on Many Subjects. By S. W. Partridge, Author of "Upward and Onward," &c. Crown 8vo., cloth, 4s.; gilt, 5s. ; morocco, 8s. Upward and Onward. A Thought Book for the Threshold of Active Life. By the same Author. Tenth Thousand. Crown 8vo., cloth, 4s. ; gilt, 5s. ; morocco, 8s. Lever Lines for Spare Minutes. By the same Author. Third Thousand. Crown Svo., limp cloth, 1s.


Gerard Mastyn; or, The Son of a Genius. By E. Burrage. Cloth, 2s. 6d.

Birdie and her Dog; with other Natural-History Stories. Forty-one Illustrations. Cloth, 3s. 6d.

The Nursery Favourite. Full-page Illustrations. 5s.

Stories about Horses.

Compiled by the Editor of "The British Workman."


trated by Harrison Weir. Cloth, 5s.

Our Zoological Friends, By Harland Coultas. Cloth, 6s.

Half-hours with the Kings and Queens of England. By W. H. G. Kingston. Fall-page Engravings of each Monarch. Gilt edges, 10s. 6d.

My Darling's Album, Full-page Illustrations. 5s.

The Best Things. By Rev. Dr. Newton. 2s. 6d.

The King's Highway; or, Illustrations of the Commandments. By same Author. Crown 8vo., cloth, 2s. 6d.

Rays from the Sun of Righteousness. By same Author. Cloth, 2s. 6d.

Leaves from the Tree of Life. By same Author. 2s. 6d.

The Safe Compass, and How it Points. By same Author. 2s. 6d.

Bible Jewels, By same Author. Cloth, 1s. 6d.

Bible Wonders. By same Author.

Cloth, 1s. 6d.

Nature's Mighty Wonders. By same Author. Cloth, 2s. 6d.

The Snowdrops; or, Life from the Dead. By Author of "Little Buttercup." 18. Not a Minute to Spare. By S. Clarence. Cloth, 1s.

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