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Scuthions or banners according to the use and Custome of Heraldry hanging over mee.' The “ marble stone ” of Francis Pincke, as well as most other monuments, have long since disappeared from Winslade Church.

Note 8. References in Wills indicate earlier marriage connections between Pincke and Wither. Joane, daughter of John Love of Basing and Margaret Pincke (? sister of the first Henry Pincke of Kempshott), married John Wither of Manydown (ob. 1620), the uncle of Gilbert Wither, the grandfather of Anne Pincke née Wither. Another connection was formed by the marriage of Henry Pincke's niece Elizabeth Hall with the Rev. Gilbert Wither.

Note 9. Another of the coheiresses of Robert Stocker married John Pincke of North Waltham. The Will of “Robert Stocker of Illesfield, co. Southampton, Gent.," was proved at Winchester 19 January 1670-1. He appears to have been twice married, and left six daughters, viz. 1, Elizabeth, married to Rev. Williarn Cobden of Illesfield or Ellesfield ; 2, Jane, wife of Thomas Pincke of Kempshott; 3, Amy, married to John Pincke of North Waltham ; 4, Rebecca, married to Nathaniel Cranford ; 5, Mary, married to William Molgar of Sherfield-upon-Loddon ; 6, Anne, wife of William Molins of Sherfield Court, Hants.

Note 10. The Rev. Henry Pincke thus married his cousin. Nathaniel Cranford by his wife Rebecca, da. and coheir to Robert Stocker, had a son Nathaniel (named in the Will of Anne Stocker, widow of Robert, as being 16 years old in 1676), and Rebecca, wife of Rev. Henry Pincke. There would seem also to have been a second daughter who also married a cousin, the Rev. William Cobden (eldest son of William Cobden of Illesfield and Elizabeth Stocker), both Henry Pincke and William Cobden styling one another in their Wills “brother-in-law."

Note 11. The inscription in South Damerham Church reads thus :-“H.S.E. Henricus Pincke, Vicarius de Damerham, Aust., obijt 4° die Novembris, ætat 54, Anno D'ni 1723.” Over the inscription are the Arms of Pincke impaling Cranford, the latter being two lions passant crowned (tinctures not apparent).

Note 12. There are monumental inscriptions to Henry Pincke both at South Damerham, Wilts, and Winslade, Hants.

Note 13. The Haskers were located at Bramley for many generations. Numerous entries of them appear in the Bramley Parish Register.

Note 14. The Lees of Woolley Firs, Maidenhead, Berks, have been seated there for more than two centuries. They traditionally descend, with every appearance of probability, from a branch of the Lees of Querendon, Earls of Lichfield, and bear similar Arms.

Note 15. Mr. and Mrs. John Lee sold the manor of Kempshott to Philip Dehany of Farleigh Wallop, Esq., who pulled down the old manor house and built a large brick mansion in its stead. By Mr. Dehany this was sold in 1787 to James Morley, Esq., an East Indian Merchant, whose wife died there in the same year, and was buried in Winchester Cathedral. Mr. Morley sold the manor in 1788 to J. C. Crook, Esq., of Stratton, in whose tenancy the Prince Regent made use of Kempshott as a hunting box, and in 1795 kept his honeymoon there. In 1832 Edward Walter Blunt, Esq., purchased the estate, and quite transformed the appearance of the house by alterations of an Italian character. From Mr. Blunt Kempshott was purchased by the late Sir Nelson Rycroft, Bart., and is now the seat of the present Baronet. The late Sir Nelson Rycroft made extensive additions to the house, and in 1875 found a slab (evidently a remnant of the original house) in the foundations of the present mansion, bearing the Pincke Arms. This he caused to be placed over one of the entrances to the building. (See ‘Notes and Queries,' 5th Series, iii., 187.)

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In the year of Christ 1834 | 6th morning of the 12th month | lov'd and loving at peace with God and man this day obtain'd an entrance | through Jesus Christi into the realms of peace and love , and the spirits ( of just men made perfect | the spirit | of Claude de Neufville Clifton | son of C. C. Clifton Esq? of Tymawr | county of Brecon S. Wales | after a sojourn ( in the once beautiful frame | here inshrind of 18 years 4 months 3 weeks This record | is to men unrollato bear witness that he was | as a son | most dutiful, pleasant and affectionate | as a Christian | most practical, faithful and heroic | he suffer'd | a long and painful

1 illness with patience, resignation and fortitude and when to him and those around | th' uplifted hand of the King of Terrors seem'd bent instantly to strike | he trembld not but looking to Him whence his hope came with holy smile exclaimed | “I've made my peace with God” | then to his weeping relatives | “God bless you all” | ye young, imitate his virtues | be like him prepar'd | ye know not what hour | your Lord doth come.

From Geneva on the 19th Dec. 1836 | in the 57th year of her age | the spirit | of Frances wife of C. C. Clifton / sped by the same lov'd Christ | flew to her son's i

1 Her body | here rests by his | till that th’archangel's voice | and trump of God | the dead in Christ shall rise | immortal !

Here lies the remains of Sarah Gore | Daughter of Daniel Burton Esq" | of Manchester | wife of Thomas Gore Esq" I of Stogursey near Bridgewater | Somersetshire Departed this life at Florence on the 20th of March 1818 | aged 40 years.

To the memory of | Elizabeth Dunn | who died the 23rd July 1830 | aged 43 years. [Within the same rails as the last.

To the memory of | Joseph Crosby | who died the 5th September | 1822 | aged

26 years.

The remains of the Right Honorable | Lady Catherine Burgess nata Beau

1 clerk | were interred here | June xvi. MDCCCIII | quiescant in pace.

Joannes Mordaunt Johnson Britannus | honesto natus gente domo Londino | hic situs est moriens jussit hoc unum de se insculpi sepulcro | vitam suam patriæ bono devovisse | idque jussit | non ad lapidem sed in exemplum | vixit annos XXXVII obit hemophthisi morbo iv idus Septembris | an R.S. MDCCCXV.

Sacred to the memory of Ann Bloom who at the age of 42 years | fell a victim to the Cholera morbus | at Leghorn on 31st Aug. 1835. This tribute of respect is paid by her husband | John Bloom, master mariner, to | perpetuate the memory of a kind and affectionate | wife and sincere and faithful friend.

La fredda Salma mortale | di Giovanna Perkins Ducci | nata a Smirne il 25 Ott. 1787. | morta in Livorno la mattina del 10 Novembre 1818. qui tranquillamente nelle quiete del Signore riposa cristiana esemplare | madre affetuosa, sposa fedele, alla stima degli amici alla tenerezza dello sposo | all' amore della sorella a dei figli | Antonino Ducci | nella mestizia e nel duolo / alla memoria di si amata consorte consagrò lacrimando / questo monumento.


* Continued from p. 90.

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Here repose the remains of Jane daughter of George Perkins of Smirna and late wife of | Anthony Ducci who departed this life at Legborn on the 10th of November 1818. | aged 32 years in remembrance of the most virtuous of wives and the most affectionate of mothers | this monument has been erected by her disconsolate husband.

The Right Honble Francis | North Earl of Guilford died at Pisa on the 28th

1 of January 1817.

Lord Howe Browne | second son of | Howe Peter, Marquis | of Sligo | died at Florence | first of February | A.D. 1822. It being the first anniversary of his birthday.

Sacred to the memory of Angiola beloved child of the Cave Demetrio Corgialegno of Cephalonia and Louisa Scott his wife died at Pisa ! August

. 25. 1838 | aged 17 months.

Sacred to the memory of Mary Anne Cranbourne | youngest daughter of Christopher and Sarah Scott | died at Serravezza in Tuscany | July 1st 1835 aged 18.

Beneath this stone | by the side of his tenderly beloved child | repose the mortal remains of Christopher Scott Esqre | who died at Pisa January 25th 1837 | aged 80 years | kind, benevolent and charitable | he possessed the esteem | and respect of all who knew him well | In his own family the virtues of his heart | were eminently conspicuous and his afflicted widow and children while they humbly submit to

, the will of heaven | must ever deeply lament that stroke they humbly submit to

| them of a most affectionate | Husband Father Counsellor and Friend.

To the memory of Charlotte Ann | third daughter of the late Captain Thomas Blennerhassett | who died at Pisa | on the 25th day of December 1834 | aged 25 years.

Sacred to the memory of William Macnab | only remaining son of | Archibald Macnab / of Macnab , and of Margaret Robertson | his wife, who died at Pisa / on the 23 of November 1833 | aged 20 years & 10 months.

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Sacred to the memory of Jane Isabella Countess of Lanesborough widow of Brindsley Butler Earl of Lanesborough | and daughter of | Robert Earl of Belvedere by Mary eldest daughter of Richard Viscount Molesworth | born October 30. 1737. | died at Florence January 1, 1828.

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In memory of James Broughton Pillans | born 24th September 1834 | died 9th July 1835 | and to Jane his infant sister who died June 7th 1837 | aged 3 days.


Here lies the Body of Sarah Moores who died on the 25th Feby 1802 | aged 16 months | William Moores | died on the 22th [sic] Novr 1804 | aged 31 months also Sarah Moores their mother born in | Birmingham the 22 March 1765. Died in | Leghorn the 6 July 1808 | aged 43 years.


Charlotte Mary Margaret Daughter of the Honble Edward Plunkett & | the Honble Charlotte Louisa his wife | Died at Florence Oct 24th 1816. in her ninth year , and is here interred. I the Hon ble Charlotte | Louisa mother of the above child late wife of the Honble Ed | Plunkett & sister of Lord Clancurry died at

1 Pisa on the 10 of June 1818.

D.O.M. | Roberto Nicholson | Anglo I e Comitatu Dunelmensi | inclyto | ac dilectissimo viro | qui | xxxiv. an. agens | Neapoli obiit | vii idus Nov. MDCCCXX nec non Johanni | Roberti et Margaritæ | Nicholson | filio | in ipso limine vitæ Lucenses ad aquas erepto | viii Kal. Oct. MDCCCXVIII.

Here lies the body of Richard Hayes | who departed this life | November the 3rd | 1758 aged 13 years.

Sacred to the memory | of | Lydia wife of Thomas Harrison | born the 15th of August 1789. died at Leghorn the 15 November 1823.

Jane Graven (sic) daughter died on the 28th April 1819 | aged 8 months Henry West Craven son | died on the 11th. March 1820 | aged 7 weeks | and William the infant son of Thomas and Lydia Harrison died on the 27 November 1820.

Maria Billington di Manchester d' anni 44 | moglie di Silvestro Gasperini | morta il di 22 Ottobre 1813 | in Fireuze.

Here lyeth | the body of M* William Cain / who departed this life | the 25th of January 1778 | aged 59 years and this stone is erected in memory of him by his wife | Mary Ann Cain.

To the memory of Willm Aedy | merchant this monument was erect'd by his sister | Mary Aedy.

Gertrude Florence daughter of James and Agnes Ellice born at Pisa March 1st died at Florce Oct 4th 1821.

Here lies the body of | James Steuart | of Bishophall in the shire of Perth who after having | lived in Leghorn many | Years well Beloved & | respected Died much | Lamented by all his | Acquaintance the 18 of February 1737.

D.O.M. | Under this stone lyeth the body of John Aikman of Cairny | near Arbroath in the shire of Angus in the Kingdom of Scotland for the space of xxxviji years with a fair and honest character he was a merchant | in this city of Leghorn | He was born at Cairny the xxii day of April MDCLXXIX. o.s. Died at Leghorn the xiii of the same month MDCCLII. N.s. | Be mindful Reader thou must follow him to his memory by William Aikman his brother's son this tomb was gratefully erected.

[A duplicate of this inscription in Latin.)

Adolphus Frederick | Thellusson | son of Lord & Lady Rendlesham born at Florence | July 8. 1821. | died at Florence | June 30. 1822.

Here lieth the remains of Thomas Panton Esq' one of the oldest and most respectable members of the British Factory at | Leghorn who died on the 224 of April 1796 to the great grief of his son family and friends.

Near this lie the remains of Mary Antoinette Emelie | daughter of Thomas Panton Jun. mercht of Leghorn who died on the 26 of March 1801 | aged 2 years.

Near this monument lieth | intered [sic] the remain [sic] of Louisa Ann Margaret Mary | Panton daughter of Mr | Thomas Panton Jun. mercht | and M. Louisa Jane Panton, who died on the 13 of December | 1795 aged 6 months.

In | memory of Ms Margaret Panton | who died much lamented | ye iyth October | MDCCLXXI | aged xxxv.

Here lies the body | of Thomas Douglas Panton / who departed this life the 6th March | 1759. I at the tender age of three years / much lamented by his parents | Thos & Margaret Panton.

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Here lyeth interred the bodies of three sons and two daughters of John & Anne Chessell who | all departed this life in their tender ages between the ix. of Jan. in the year of our Lord MDCCLVII and the xxvii Decem. MDCCLXIII | much lamented by their | tender parents.

Antonio Lefroy Cantuariensi claris orto maioribus cujus animus a naturâ bene informatus juventutem egit in literis qui deunde Liburrum se contulit , ubi mercaturam excoluit | honeste ac decore | bonarum artium fauitor adiutor / statuas tabnlas pictas antiqua numismata | sibi studiose comparavit. / Vir autem bonus et prudens | familiam patriam sapientes unice amavit | officia auxit liberalitate multa passus est et gravia | æquam semper servairt 'mentem | obiit in hac urbe A. MDCCLXXIX. prid. id. Iulii | natus prid. Kal. Ian. A. MDCCIV. | Elisabeth Langlois conjux morens viro digno carissimo Antonius et Georgius filii memores patri benemerenti cujus corpus hic jacet P.P.

Sacred to the memory | of William Robert Broughton Esqre | Captain in the Royal Navy of England and Colonel of Marines His professional Career was honorable to himself and beneficial to his Country in two voyages of Discovery he traversed the Pacific Ocean with the Perseverance, Intrepidity and Skills of a British Seaman l on the intricate coast of Java as Commander in chief of the English Squadron | he steered his fleet to victory | and secured that valuable island to his Sovereign | after having braved and overcome danger | for forty seven years in the service of his Country | on the 12th of March 1821 | in the 59th year

of his age | he died suddenly at Florence | in the bosom of his family | to whom he was endeared by those qualities which ameliorate the evils and enliven the joys of domestic Life | it is now the Consolation as it was the happiness | of his afflicted widow and children | that to the character of a brave an gallant officer | was united in the object of their Sorrow that of a good Christian.

D.O.M. | here lyeth interred the body of Mr Henry Hewitt of London | formerly a merchant in the City of Venice | who departed this life the 1st July 1756 | aged 61 years.

Hugh youngest son of James Haigh | of Bemersyde died 11th Sept" 1821 | at Florence | aged 7 years.

Agnes Catharine | daughter of David and Catharine Thomson | departed this life on the 31st day of August 1821 | aged five months.

Sacred to the memory of George son of Thomas and Mary Dickie who died on the 24th Novem. 1820 | aged 2 months | also | Henrietta Cockburn their daughter who died the 9 | November 1822 aged 13 months.

Sacred | to the memory of Louisa Caroline | the infant daughter and second child | of | Henry Gousse Bonnin and | Charlotte his wife | born 24th July 1819 |

! died 20th Aug. 1821.

(To be continued.)

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