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D'ARANDA. (New Series, I., 83.) The first wife of Benjamin D'Aranda was Elizabeth, daughter of Ambrose Blake of Pynnell, near Calne, by Mary, daughter of George Ivie of Hullavington, Wilts (called Joyce in “The Book of Pedigrees of Founder's Kin,” in possession of Winchester College); she (ob. 12 Kal. Oct. 1730) is commemorated in a Latin inscription on a stone in Calne Church, with her only son Henry, born 21 Oct. 1701, ob. 26 Oct. 1716. Azure, a castle urgent within a bordure or charged with six crosscrosslets gules ; impaling, Argent, a chevron between three garbs sable. He was Vicar of Calne before being instituted to Bremhill (not Bremham), near Calne, in 1724. He and his second wife are commemorated on a tablet in Bremhill Church. He died 27 Dec. 1739, æt. 73 ; she 27 April 1742, æt. 35.

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STOKES. (Second Series, II., 28, 31.)

( In dei Nomine, Amen. XX° die mensis Iunij Anno D'ni milli'mo cccc nonagesimo octavo. Ego Iohannes Stoke' de Sende compos me'te et sane memorie ac intellectus cond test'm meum in hunc modum. In p'mis lego ai'am mea' om'ipotenti deo b'e marie virgini et om'ib' sanctis, Corpusq meu' sepeliendum in Capella mea noviter edificata et constructa in Capella de Sende. Item lego Eccl'ie Matrici Sar? iijs iija. Item lego Eccl'ie mee p'och' de Milksh’m xxs. Item lego Ioh'i Stokes filio meo xxli. Item lego Roberto filio meo xxli

. Item lego Iohanni filio meo Iuniori xx'. Item lego Agneti filie mee sxli. Item lego iij filijs et filie Ioh'is Stokis filij mei eoru' cuilibet xls. Item lego filio et ij filiab' Roberti Stoke' filij mei eoru' cuilibet xls. Item lego ad honesta ornamenta ad dei servicium fiend' in Capella xxl prout honestius et utilius Alicie executrici mee et Ioh'i filio meo videbitur faciend'. Item lego repa'cio communiar' viar' existen' infra p'ochia de Sende xxli. Item lego iiij filiabus Walteri Stokes fratris mei cuilib' earum vje viija Item lego quinq' filijs et trib' filiab' Robti Stokes eor' cuilibet vjs viijd. Item lego duob' filijs et ij filiabus Agnetis filie mee cuilib' eor’ xls. Item lego iiij filijs et filie Thome Stokis fratris mei eor' cuilibet xls. Item lego his qui michi servient aut s'viebant tam vivis qua' mulierib' eor' cuilib' vje viija Item lego Magistro Vicario de Mylkesha' curato meo vjø viija Residuum bonor' meor' non Legator' do et lego Alicie uxori mee quaʼquidem ordino et constituo mea’ veram Executricem ut ip’a disponat pro salute ai'e mee p'ut ei melius meritorius ac salubrius videbitur faciend' ac deo placend'. Insup' volo q'd tres filij mei ''Iohannes Stokes Robertus Stokes et Ioh'es Iunior sui sup’visores istius testi. His testib' d’no Ioh'e San'gwyn Will'mo Sompner Roberto dalamart et Waltero Toker ac mult' alijs. Item volo q' Iohannes Stokes filius meus Iunior habeat terram que vocatur Maynes Landes infra p'och' de Kyvell post mort' meam sibi et suis heredibus. Item lego uno idoneo p’sbitero ad divina celebrand' in quada' Capella de novo p' me in d'ca Eccl'ia edificata pro ai'a mea parentum meor et oi'um fidel'm defunctor' p spacium xx annor? vjli annuati p'cipiend' de cxxll reman'en in manib' Ioh’is Stoke Senioris et Robti Stokes. Dat die et Anno sup'script'.

Proved at Lambeth by the above-named Alice, the Executrix, 20 July 1498.

SEEND REGISTERS. 1616 Mar. 3 Gilbert Garrard & Sibil Stokes. 1618 April 12 Bap. Anne dau. of Gilbert Garrard.

* Communicated by ARTHUR SCHOMBERG, Esq. VOL. II., SERIES III.


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1654,* June 3. Gilbert Garrard of Shinfield, gent. Poor of Shinfield 20%, of Speene 20s. To eldest son Gilbert Garrard & his wife a silver spoone wh. hath a maydenhead on it. My son-in-law John Maulthus 10$, & to Anne his wife & to every of their children 5s apiece. Son-in-law Lawrence Watts & Sible his wife 108 apiece, & to their children 5$ apiece. Son Richard Garrard a cottage & a ground called Jutts, now in occupation of James Alexander, and a little ground adjoining John Somner's, cowleaze & land adjoining that of my father-in-law John Stokes, all wh. premises are in Seend in the countie of Wilts. Son Richard & his heirs & for want of such issue to son John Garrard & heirs for ever. To gd son John Garrard meadow ground called Mead Marshe (46 acres) & a cottage adjoining called Honny Mangers, all wh. sa premises are in Seend or Milsham, co. Wilts. Residue to Sibbell my loving wife, she Ex’ix. My loving friends my father-in-law John Stokes & George Collyns overseers. Witn., Edward Wilmer, scr., Sarah Wilmer, Richard Grover.

Proved 27 Sep. 1658 by the above Sybil Garrard. (P.C.C., 460 Wotton.)

1664. John Stokes of Seene, Wilts (no date), clothier. Wite An Stokes during widowhood the grounds called Rowcroftes with the medow called Goulsgrove. Remainder to son John Stokes under 21, he paying .... to his 3 sisters An Stokes, Bethyah Stokes, and Mary Stokes. He is to be put apprentice at æt. 14. Son Obediah Stokes, under age, to him Henmarsh wh. was formerly my uncle John Eyres his liveing. Witn., Edgar Webb, Maurice Tipper. Comm. 28 Nov. 1664 to Anna Stokes the relict. . The bond is signed by An Stokes, Edgar Webb (his mark) of Rowde, Wilts, clothier, Maurice Tipper (his mark) of Orchard Leigh, Somerset, yeoman.

The Inventory, valued by John Sumner, Edgar Webb, & Maurice Tipper, 8 Sep. 1664: £106 17°, 11 kine & 4 young beasts £40; 2 or 3 items of £5 and £8 ; all the others small sums. Rowcroftes is given as Rough Croughts.


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FREDERICK. The following is transcribed from Barker's folio Bible, 1583, which has the plain bookplate with ornamental border of Sir John Frederick, Bart. :

Christian Names and Births of the Children of

John and Mary Frederick. John, born September 20th 1779, christened 21st Oct in Savile Row, died in Egypt

in consequence of a wound on the landing of the British Troops at Aboukir Bay. Richard born Dec 30, 1780, christened 7 Feby. 1781 in Savile Row. Mary (died) Feby. 16, 1782

23 March Thomas Nathan July 11, 1783

9 August Susanna Sept. 6, 1784

29 Sept. Christopher Dec. 10, 1785

12 Jany

1786 Walton upon

Feby. 6, 1787

17 March Edward Harry

Aug. 6, 1788
Mary, 2nd
Mar. 16, 1790

16 Apl.
Nov. 28, 1791

29 Dec. Frances Apl. 25, 1793

6 June (Signed) Burwood, April 6, 1804.


25 Aug.

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* Vis. Berks 1661–66, Genealogist,' v., 262. A copy of this will is due to the kindness of Mr. G. F. Tudor Sherwood, that of the second John Stokes to Mr. J. G. Bradford.

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Oct. 3 William Puckle and Suzan Puckle.
Oct. 4 Steven Hasenet and Alce Greene.
Oct. 6 John Greene and Elizabeth Powell.
Oct. 9 John Collenes, fustian-dier, and Sarah Smyth.
Oct. 10 John Baker and Agnis Goldsmyth.
Oct. 24 William Downe and Marie Deltune.
Oct. 31 Samuell Veron and Dorithie Oore, widdowe.
Nov. 7 John More and Ellen Partridge.
Nov. 7 Henrie Smyth and Margerie Holyman.
Jan. 22 John Poyezer, clothier, and Janne Take.
Feb. 26 John Ellis, labourer, and Marie Woode.

April 17 Henrie Wines and Alce ffuson.
April 24 Thomas Budds and Alce ffowle, widdowe.
April 30 Andrew Jull and Marie Mosse.
June 5 ffrauncis Johnson and Elizabeth Maplisden.
June 5 John Fernys and Joanne Jordayne.
July 3 3 Thomas Ottewell and Katherin Conwaie.
July 31 John Lamas and Alce Brooke.
Aug. 7 Edward Heron and Marie Marshalle.
Sep. 19 John Ayerst, gentle', and Elizabeth Smart.
Oct. 15 John Thomas and Margaret Keeys.
Oct. 23 William Haselame and Sysle Hogges.
Nov. 6 George Weyeburne and Jane Barefoote.
Nov. 13 John Broad and Briget Bassocke.
Jan. 15 Anthonie Crosswell and Elizabeth Hennes.
Jan. 15 ,

Mr Arthur Beeszicket gent., and Mistris Martha Wasshington, #

Jan. 15 Richard Gillet and Elizabeth Carter.
Jan. 21 Thomas Beeche and Katherin Bassocke.
Jan. 21 Walter Stephenson and Elizabeth Thomas.
Feb. 1 Robert Emerye and Sara ffuller, widdowe.

April 16 John Wall and Marye Wynes.
April 16 John Selwine alias Whitinge and Mary Harris.
April 17 Thomas ffearmer and Margret Cheseman.
April 22 Richard Goslinge and Dority Saidge.
April 23 Gamaliell Allen and Beint ? Bennet] Hearuden.
May 7

7 Morris Williarns and Jone Dodson.
May 15 John Startup and Tomazen Dyne.
May 18 M' John Soone, parson, and Mrs Luce Berrington.
June 4 John Rogers and An ffabe.
June 24 William Payne and Elizabeth Stanley.
July 2 2 John Sanders and Mary (or Mercy] Tilman, wyd.
July 2 Clement Elsemer and Jane Wilkins.
July 9 Robert Ratrage and Alice Springfild.
July 16 John Olyver and Elizabeth Mezon.
July 22 Thomas Bishope and Mary Arnolde.
Sep. 3 Richard More and Agnes Stephens.

* Communicated by the Rev. J. CAVE-BROWNE, M.A.-continued from p. 96. † Beswicke. (See Berry's • Kent Pedigrees.')

| Martha Washington was daughter of Lawrence Washington, whose monument is in Maid. stone Church. (See Cave-Browne's . History of All Saints', Maidstone,' p. 168.)

Sep. 10 Mr John Stace and ffrances Maplisden.
Sep. 10 John Pratt (or Prase] and Marye Ellis, wyd.
Sep. 10 John Collett and Dorotye Goslinge.
Sep. 17 Henrye Beckwith and Elizabeth Swane.
Sep. 24 John Denbowe and Benedic Hynman, wyd.
Oct. 2 Nicholas Kinge and Tomazen Gyles.
Oct. 2 Robert Turner and Elizabeth Wode.
Oct. 22 George Elfa and Jane Haines.
Oct. 29 William Borowes and Margery Larkin.
Nov. 4 Henrye Ellice and Jane Starson.
Nov. 5 John Crompe and An Jarvice.
Jan. 10 Richard Willard and Jone Collyns.
Jan. 14 Richard Smyth and Margret Hartrupe.
Jan. 28 William Cole and Rose Harris, wyd.
Feb. 5 Edward Sorre [?] and Benit [? Bennet] Stace.
Feb. 5 James Hodges and Jane Rayner.
Feb. 6 Richard Barnes and Sara Stace.

April i Christopher Cumber and Jane Neale.
April 19 John Goslinge and Alice ffoule.
April 22 Henry Broade and An Unsworthe.
April 29 Robert Pollye and Jone Platt.
April 30 Clement Clefte and Priscilla Knyght.
May 8 Nicholas Billings and Mary ffenton.
May 5 John Harris and Alice Virgo.
May 5 John Herdsole and Sarah Nicholson.
May 12 John Porter and Jane Vane.*
May 12 William Bryce and Annis Tayller.
June 3 Richard Mathew and Mildred Eaverley.
June 16 William Gyles and Anne Gardner.
June 24 Phillip Raye and An Rowse.
July 9 John Ashpoole and Kathrin Smythe.
Sep. 8 Vallentine Pangburne and Kathren Butcher.
Sep. 16 Robert Some and An Osmer.
Sep. 22 Nathaniell Tearne and Doraty ffysher.
Oct. 27 William Warde and Alice Peirce.
Oct. 28 John Cockrell and Ester Godden.
Oct. 28 William Rogers and Jone Manele.
Oct. 29 Alexander Meryam and Martha Harvye.
Nov. 3 John Cheseman and Marye Stace.
Nov. 11 Thomas Wollett and Tomazin Wilkinson.
Nov. 16 John Snowe and Jane Neale.
Jan. 77 Robert Jackson and Suzan Lewes.
Jan. 7 Peter Amnies and Marye Marshall.
Jan. 13 Richard Boccher and An Maisters.
Feb. 10 Thomas Goslinge and Kathrin Perkings.
Feb. 10 Walter Roberts and Em Godden.
Feb. 23 Wm Mockett and Elizabeth Maisters.
Feb. 24 John Ridgway and Jone Silven.
Mar. 2 John Clarke and An Bull; by Licence from doctor Newman.

1612. April 20 Henrie Springfeild and Margarett Watson. April 20 John Thomas, myller, and Margarett Moore.

* Cant. Transcript, “ Vanne.”

† From January 7, 1611, to end of 1612, the Cant. Transcripts give in almost every entry the trade or occupation, which are not given in the Church Registers.

May 12 Thomas Broad and Elizabeth Holesworth.
May 12 Thomas Tallas and Johan Couchman.
May 13 Edmund Addams and Jane Turke.
June 29 Robert Upton, taylor, and Suzan Squyer.
July 13 John Startup and Suzan Myller.
Aug. 3 John Broad and Jolian Taylor, wyddowe.
Aug. 3 William Burgis and Katerin Goslinge.
Aug. 10 Richard Smyth and Elizabeth Brice.
Oct. 5 Nicolas Barnes and Agnis Barnes, wydo.
Oct. 20 Walter Cheesman and Mary Hoysted.
Nov. 23 John Palmer and Mary Usher.
Jan. 13 Richard Smyth and Elizabeth Virgoe.
Jan. 15 George Goslinge and Margrett Thorpe.
Jan. 25 Thomas Loriman and Elizabeth Barker.
Jan. 26 Robert Tary, joyner, and Elizabeth Occonden [?].

May 4 Gryffin Pryce and Elizabeth Saman.
May 9 Edward Cakett and Anne ffoule.
May 24 John Heethe alias Shorie and Elizabeth Sexbee.
June 1 Edward Cumber and Susan Milford.
June 21 Clement Elsemor and Annies baldocke.
June 28 William Dunninge, mason, and Marie Gylls.
July 5 Stephen Tayler, hatter, and Anne Seager.
July 5 Robert Raveden, husba', and Joane Cockerell.
July 13 (Att Lose, by M' Robert Carr, precher of Maidstone) Thomas breesland,

of Staplehurst, tanner, and Margaret Swynnhogge, daughter of Tho

mas Swinnhogge, Jurat.* July 14 (by Mr Robert Carr, precher of Maidstone) at ffryttenden, Robert Swin

hogge, † son of Mr Thomas Swinhogge, Jurat, and Margaret Mapelsden,

the da. of M' Edward Mapelsden, Jurat.
July 26 John Spice, husbandman, and Elizabeth ffiltnes.
July 27 Abraham Shellie, tayier, and Marie S'ces.
Aug. 8 Robert Goore, thredmaker, and Marie Byam.
Aug. 9 Willia' ffeilde, bricklayer, and Ann Rallens.
Aug. 9 Edward Launce and Elizabeth Whetland, widd.
Sep. 20 Robert ffowle and Elizabeth Dorely (by vertue of a Licence from

Sep. 28 Robert Everden, millman, and Dorathie Wollet.
Oct. 12 Richard Gorham, yeoman, and Cilyan Weldishe.
Oct. 12 Rychard Peene, ffustian weaver, and Elizabeth Beckett.
Oct. 14 Edward Baddington and Alce Waterman, widdowe.
Nov. 3 Edward Martin and Margaret Dine.
Nov. 9 ffraunces Hugget and Ann Lynsey.
Nov. 27 John Medherst and Susan Price.
Nov. 20 Jervice Crux and Katherin Heron.
Jan. 10 William Tallhurst and Alce Ward, wid.
Jan. 27 Robert Lile and Sibel Smyth, widd.
Jan. 29 Edward Linden and Alce Tayler, widd.
Mar. 6 John Thomas and Dorathie Vero [? Virgo].

May 2 Arthur Post and Bennet Lambe.
May 9 George Godden, of Egerton, and Elizabeth White.
May 22 Barnabas Walsall and Sarah Willard.
May 22 Thomas Stratefeild and Martha Crowerst.

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