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coheir of Jonas Langford, Esq., of the Island of Antigua and of Theobalds, co. Herts) matriculated from Queen's College, Oxford, 31 Aug. 1787, aged 17, was created M.A. 10 March 1791 and D.C.L. 5 July 1793, was elected M.P. for Westbury Jan. 1795 and May 1796, and died of consumption at Madeira 23 Feb. 1797, at the early age of 27. By his will dated 6 Dec. 1796 at Devonshire Street, Portland Place, and codicil 11 Feb. 1797 at Madeira, he bequeathed the bulk of his personalty to his wife Cassandra, and his plantation of 224 acres in Barbados to his brother Henry, a Lieutenant of the 64th Foot, who also died of consumption

a 18 Aug. 1797, as did likewise bis next brother Willoughby, an officer in the Army, on 9 Oct. 1799. Richard, the fourth and youngest brother, inherited the West

, Indian estates, which are now held by his grandson, Richard Estwick, Esq., of Charnocks Plantation, Barbados.

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LOSACK. (Vide Vol. I., page 241.) 1744, March 18. The Address from the Assembly of the Island of St. Christopher was signed by “ Jas. Losack, Speaker.” (P.R.O., America and the West Indies, No. 54.) 1769,

July 23. Governor Woodley announces the arrival at the Leeward Islands of “Mr. Losack, H.M. Lieut.-General.” (Colonial Correspondence, vol. iv.) Mr. Losack (Richard Hawkshaw Losack) was also President of St. Christopher 1770, and used a seal to his official papers bearing :--Crest: A double-headed eagle displayed over a French coronet of seven points. Arms : A double-headed eagle displayed, on a chief party per pale on the dexter side three crescents, on the sinister gules three mullets. (Ibid., vol. v.)

1796, Feb. 22. John White, esq. of the royal navy, to Miss Losack, only daughter of Richard H. Losack esq. of St. Kitt's, and lieutenant-general of the Leeward Islands. ("Gent. Mag.,' p. 253.)

1796, lately. At the Cape of Good Hope, Capt. Losack, of the Jupiter man of war, to Miss Story, daughter of George Story esq. (Ibid., p. 1054.)

1810, Jan. 21. In John-street, Fitzroy-square, James Losack, esq. late lieutenant-colonel of the 23d Regiment of Foot. (Ibid., p. 184.)

1813, Nov. 2. Aged 83, Rich. Hawkshaw Losack, esq. of the Island of St. Christopher, and lieut.-general of the Leeward Islands. (Ibid., p. 622.)

1818, March 26. In Nassau-street, Cavendish-square, in_her 88th year, Christiana, widow of R. H. Losack, esq. late Lieut.-gen. of the Leeward Islands. (Ibid., p. 473.)

1829, Aug. 22. At Milan, George Losack, Esq. Admiral of the Blue. .... He was son of Richard Hawkshaw Losack, Esq. of St. Kitts ... was married on board the Jupiter in 1796 .... and had several children. He has left a brother in the Navy, Woodley Losack, esq. who attained the rank of Post-Captain in 1806. James, another brother, died Lieut.-Colonel of the 23d foot, Jan. 21, 1810. (Ibid., p. 465, long notice.)

1839. Obituary notices of Captain Losack, R.N., and of his brother Richard Losack, aged 73.

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N.B.—Further particulars of the Parish Chapel, with transcripts of various monumental inscriptions now gone, will be found in Stow's Survey of London' and Lysons's * Environs of London.'—A. L. G.


April 27 Thomas Turner and Bennet Goldsmyth.
May 3 William Shefeilde and Joane Mundaye.
May 17 Matthew Amye and Alce Mullins.
June 2 John Cockerell and Alce Baker.
June 26 Thomas Lynsey and Jane Hubbard.
June 29 William Symond and Margaret Parke.
July 5 Wylliam Basden and Izabell Berie.
July 12 Robert Colt and Dorothie Shymmynge.
July 20 Isaace Best and Ellis Browne.
July 26 John Rigbe, of Waltam St’ecrucist in Essex, and Joane Smythe, wedowe,

of Northbone in Kent.
July 26 Thomas Gyllefer and Rabidge ffrydaye.
July 27 Nycholas Hunt and Elizabeth Hasell.
July 27 John Bolle and Elizabeth Dunnynge, wedowe.
Aug. 2 2 William Wooldrydge and Bennet Digginson.
Aug. 31 John Mathewe and Joane Bensted.
Aug. 8 Robert Tayler and Helen Pemble, wedowe.
Sep. 21 John Cryps and Sara ffynner.
Oct. 5 Edward Bunton and Joane Lorkin.
Oct. 11 Vincent Allen and Joane Arcles.
Dec. 14 Robert Pett and Katherin Newlyn, widdow.
Dec. 28 Thomas Leadebeater and Elizabeth Tayler.
Jan. 18 Thomas Webbe and Elizabeth Woodward.
Feb. 8 David Evans and Avis Broman.
Feb. 22 Robert Benet, gent., and Elizabeth Lee.
Feb. 22 Robert Stile and Jane Hencheley.
Feb. 25 Leonard Relfe and Katherin Heron.

May 3 William Best and Katherin Keminysley.
May 19 Richard Bespithe, by reason of a licence, and Elizabeth petynden.
May 24 Thomas Bedford and Eme [blank].
July 19 Humfrey Miller and Joane Hutchin.
July 19 Robert Halsenode and Joane Richardson.
Aug. 8 Edward Lewes and Luce Stoke.
Sep. 12 John Bradford and Barbara Symonds.
Oct. 11 Wylliam Elet and Ann Warde.
Oct. 24 Henrie Ashwell and Anne Baker.
Nov. 5 Wylliam Kynge and Mildred Master.
Jan. 3 Christopher Mason and Ann Ince, widdowe.
Feb. 7 John Wells and Elizabeth Sider.
Feb. 7 John Godynge and Alce Hinderwell.

April 18 William Turner and Emme Balser.
May 15 Richard Williard and Ann Dunninge.
May 23 John Brightlynge and Dorothie Malim.
May 29 Clement Virgo and Margaret Rawbone.
May 30 Edward Woode and Mildred Ellis.
June 19 Bartholomewe Hande and Margaret Page.
June 25 Nicholas Bensted the younger and Margaret Howse.
July 4 John Anderton and Agnes Kender.
July 18 Wylliam Plomer and Anne Romney.

* Communicated by the Rev. J. CAVE-BROWNE, M.A.-continued from Vol. I., p. 238. † Waltham Abbey, dedicated to Holy Cross.

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July 20 Wylliam Maylam and Marie Cleve, widdow.
July 29 John Homes and Rachell Russell, widdowe.
Aug. 10 John Crusse and Dorothie Leeds, widdowe.
Aug. 15 Clement Lutwicke and Luce Dunninge.
Sep. 1 John Waterman and Alce Usmer.
Sep. Phillipe Playse and Katherin Lynckfeild.
Sep. 18 Anthonie Cowan and Elizabeth Warnam.
Sep. 28 Valentyne Pangborne and Millicent Wilson.
Oct. 10 Henry Minge and Elizabeth Tylman.
Oct. 19 George Hartrope and Alce fforde.
Nov. 2 Thomas Ayer and Marie Pecke.
Dec. Giles Bassocke and Elizabeth ffayrechild.
Dec. 12 Robert Bogherst and Marian Kemsley.
Dec. 12 Wylliam Gryffen and Ellen Pend, widdow.
Feb. 5 Wylliam Goslinge and Agnes Howell, widdo.
Feb. 12 Roger Halle and Margaret Pecocke.
Feb. 13 Thomas Tanner and Alce Austin.
Feb. 12* Thomas Parker to Elizabeth Downe.
Feb. 19* Richard Lynsey to Johanne Chamberlayne.
Feb. 19* Edwarde Reve to Alyce Benden.
Feb. 19* William Johnson to Emme Wood, wedowe.
Feb. 19* George Wynck's to Alyce Myller.
Feb. 27 John Potmon (or Potman) and Margaret Collier.
Mar. 13 William ffeild and Anne Byrde.

April 18 Thomas Lambe, gent., and Joane Nashe, widdowe.
May 2 John Virgo and Ælizabeth Richman.
May 28 Robert Saman (or Sammon) and Agnes Hawks.
July 3 Thomas Evernden and Elizabeth Hayward.
July 3 George Smyth and Joane Romney.
July 30 Nicholas Webbe and Constance Šawnders.
Aug. 8 John Chamber and Joane Smythe, widdowe.
Sep. 11 Edward Golson and Joane Whitinge, f widdo.
Sep. 25 Richard Cheeseman and Katherin Laknor, wid.
Oct. 8 John Gardiner and Marie Brooke.
Oct. 15 James Tomber and Marie Woode.
Oct. 30 Wylliam fisher and Anne Oliver.
Oct. 30 Robert fforde and Alce Whatman.
Nov. 3 Henrie Cooper and Ellen Andrewe.
Nov. 19 Wylliam Sparrowe and Joane Cullamoore.
Nov. 27 Peter Wilkenson and Rebecca Lewes.
Dec. 4 John Rawlyns and Mathewe Hassard.
Dec. 11 John Water and Agnes Miller.
Dec. 18 Gabriell Elson and Elizabeth filcot.
Dec. 18 John Golde and Elizabeth Marshall, widdowe.
Jan. 22 Nicholas Williams and Bennet Snate.
Feb. 5 Phillip Geare and Margerie Bodger.


May 6 John Warren and Margaret Tayler.
May 20 Richard Breasland and Margaret Comberliche.
May 27 Henry Cooles (or Cosles) and Samuell [sic] Boone.

* These are here inserted from the Transcript preserved in the Canterbury Registry, but do not appear in the Church Register.

+ In the Canterbury Registry Transcript this name is given “ Selwyn al': Whytynge."

June 3 Rvchard Tubbell and Joane Taunton.
June 3 John Cooke and Sara Garshune.
June 10 Robert Loggen and Barbara Garret.
June 18 Henrie Woddefeild and Luce Clarke.
June 24 James Kynge and Janne Stayne.
July 21 Umphre Meide and Joane Coplinge.
Aug. 1 William Ellis and Alce Glover.
Aug. 19 Wylliam Swynehoge* and Millisaunt Barnard.
Aug. 26 John Hayes and Iden Tod.
Sep. 15 Thomas Adamson and Marie Spencer (Lycensed).
Sep. 30 Wylliam Powell and Joane Chiseman.
Oct. 14 Robert Nyne and Marie Evernden.
Oct. 21 Pawle Harris and Prissila Cooke.
Oct. 21 Wylliam Ayerst and Tomson Smyth.
Oct. 24 Wylliam Marshall and Agnes Cloyton.
Oct. 28 Thomas Ongley and Joane Parrise.
Oct. 28 William Michell and Elner Smyth.
Nov. 25 Nicholas Maddocke and Joane Browman.
Dec. 8 Clement Elsmore and Rose Quested.
Dec. 16 Roger Raven and Marie Blackshewe.
Dec. 23 George Roberts, gent., and Anne Sharpe, wyddo.
Jan. 18 Henrye Palmer and Susan Willard.
Jan. 20 Robert Saunders and Anne Rochester.
Jan. 21 Barttelmewe Staddare and Amye Style.
Feb. 4 Peter Hodge and Anne Nevell.
Feb. 10 George Clagget and Marie Tayler.
Feb. 10 Roger Burton and Agnes gooddinge, widdo.

April 2 John Tanner and Luce Greene.
April 7 Anthonie Greeman and Joane ffridaye.
May 4 Rychard Leake and Margaret fforce, widow.
May 19 Richard Bolton and Elizabeth Brissenden.
May 25 John Watkyns and Elizabeth Harper.
June 9 Wylliam Younge and Elizabeth Yemonson.
June 16 John Smaleman and Agnes warren.
July 14 Wyllyam Curde and Martha Webb.
July 21 John Aggelefeild and Elizabeth ffoster, wyd.
July 26 John Balsser and Jannie Burffeild.
Aug. 4 George Sumner and Agnes Hubbard.
Aug. 18 Thomas Brown and Margaret ffayrechilde.
Aug. 31 John Piend and Anne Boormane.
Sep. 1 (being straingers) Anthonie Merro and Anne ffrumbever (probably

Sep. 22 John Medherst and Susan Harpper, wyd.
Oct. 6 Robert Stile and Joane Rennolds, wid.
Oct. 20 William Sutlife and Elizabeth Torre.
Oct. 20 Thomas Brice and Marie Robe.
Nov. 10 Richard Harnden and Elizabeth Chittenden.
Nov. 25 Thomas Larkin and Tamisen Burton.
Dec. John Crice and Joane Gynkin, widdow.

4 John Climpson and Anne Balle.
Dec. 22 Arther Rennolds and Elizabeth Beale.

* This name gradually changes through Swinhogge into Swinhocke, when borne by the influential Jurat sixty years later.

Dec. 22 Wylliam Goslinge and Elizabeth web, wid.
Feb. 15 Henrie Violet, gent. [of a Norfolk family), and Joane Woorlie, wid.
Feb. 23 Wylliam Post and Passian Cippings (or Tippings].
Feb. 23 Isaace Lennard and Janne Daye.
Feb. 25 John Wilfford and Janne Wooberton.

May 13 Astwell [?] Harrisonn and Joane Chiseman.
May 18 Thomas Willard and Ellen Nicolson.
May 18 John Astyn and Janne Clarke.
June 8 Christopher Cockerell and Margaret huble.
June 28 Thomas Hobs and Apne ffether.
June 29 John Chandler and Joane bayle.
July 6 John Aggelffilde and Elizabeth Mascoll.
July 19 Edward Salsburie and Brigget Crocks.
July 20 John Nashe and Grace Mumford.
Aug. 2 Wylliam Evans and Ellen Smyth.
Aug. 3 John Griffen and Joane Croks, wid.
Aug. 30 Robert Hicke and Sylvester fford.
Aug. 31 Thomas Wall and Joane Richardson.
Aug. 31 Thomas Hardinge and Ellen Griffen, wid.
Sep. 28 Rogers Lanes and Elizabeth Norwoode.
Oct. 12 James Newland and Katherin Astin.
Oct. 18 John Morce and Katherin Larkin.
Oct. 19 Richard Wanden and Emlen Hayes.
Oct. 25 Wylliam Mathewe and Jane cassit.
Nov. 2 John Lakes and Elizabeth Larkin.
Nov. 16 Thomas Swynehoge and Anne Hodge.
Dec. 7 John Griffen and Susan Goodlad.
Dec. 7 Thomas Shininge and Anne Hearne.
Dec. 20 Renold Barns and Joane Deerne, wid.
Dec. 21 Thomas Goore and Alce Gynninge.
Dec. 21 Phillip Ward and Rose Sumner.
Dec. 27 Raffe Sheldon and Gressill [? Grissell] Aileeffe.

4 Richard Tunbridge and Susan Geeare, wid.
Feb. 8 Wyllyam White and Marie Andrewes.
Feb. 8 William Saier and Marie Maye.

April 6 Robert Harris and Elizabeth beechinge.
April 12 Arther Wats and Godlye Vidgian.
April 12 John Christian and Joane Whetston.
April 26 Thomas Lawrence and Marie Lownes.
May 30 Edward Cooledge and Prudence Reader.
June 7 Peter Ellis and Margaret Clarke.
June 14 Richard Crossie and Margerie Austen, wid.
June 21 Robert Sprever and Rose Tunbridge.
June 28 Henrie Gynken and Anne Jordaine.
June 28 Thomas Style and Joane Rennet, wid.
July 25 David Gynken and Elizabeth Collet, wyddow.
July 25 John Greene and Margaret Symons, wyd.
July 26 Thomas Wever and Alce Griffen.
Aug. 15 George Maningam and Joane Bull.
Sep. 13 William Collens and Margret Austen.
Sep. 19 Wylliam Willard and Elisabeth Hawks.
Sep. 26 Edward Master and Marie Blonden.

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