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May 22 Thomas Squier and Joanne Pears, widd.
May 22 William Chambers and Elizabeth botley.
July 7 Anthonie Walls, Clerk, and Elizabeth Mapelsden.
July 11 Abraham Warde and Janne Payne.
July 11 Robert Goldocke and Margaret Banks.

2 Thomas Chapman and Katherin Pangborne.
Oct. 10 Thomas Weldishe and Priscilla Gorham.
Oct. 17 Lawrence Dawe and Elizabeth bills.
Oct. 17 William Ussher and Ann Tayler.
Nov. 7 Samuell Jurie and Marian Tarpe.
Nov. 13 Henrie Platt and Janne Haselden.
Nov. 26 Thomas Hills and Phillip [sic] Love.
Dec. 11 John Startupe and Ann Page.
Jan. 2 John Hoope and Ann Domine.
Jan. 15 Richard Large and Ann ffitchune.
Jan. 19 Walter Viney and Marie Raynard.
Jan. 23 Thomas Salman and Elizabeth Revell,
Feb. 6 Edward Mason and Margaret Smyth.
Feb. 13 Robert Robens and Katherin bodkin.
Feb. 20 Humfrey Meade and Bennet Brooke.
Feb. 20 Abraham Gifford and Marie Wainewright.


April 24 William Gammon and Joanne Skeere.
April 24 Steven Dann and Katheren More.
May 24 Steven Essex and Ann Cheesman.
May 24 Gualter ffanne and Elizabeth Cole.
May 24 James Basdell (or Lasdell] and Ursula Halle.
July 10 William Phillpott and Mildred Perrett.
July 10 Robert Winbrocke and Alce Marshall.
July 10 Richard Brisenden and Marie Eglisfeild.
July 17 William Holyman, husbandman, and Joanne Basset, a maide, of Parrish,

the other of Alsford.
July 23 [blank] and Ellen Master.
July 24 James Daminie* and Marie Summer.
Aug. 1 William Launes, of Loose, and Kathrine Bratise, widdowe.
Aug. 8 Alexander Meercy and Joyce Bradford.
Aug. 21

Thomas Cotton and Alce Paine. The man was of St Olyve's in South

worke neere London, and the maide of this parish. Aug. 21 Mr Thomas Higgens and Ann Greene. Aug. 21 Thomas Buttresse and Thomasin Smyth. Aug. 21 Robert Mathew and Ann Kinge. Aug. 21 William Spenser and Elizabethe (blank]. Aug. 21 Lyving Maie and [blank]. Oct. 9 Alexander Gooddinge and Joyce Prettie. Oct. 22 Richard Cockern and blank]. Oct. 29 John Goslinge and Elizabeth [blank]. Nov. 30 Joseph [blank] and Margarett [blank]. Nov. 30 George Gillett and Ann Stevens. Jan. 29 John Mundaye and Elizabeth Tomlin, widdowe, by a Licence from Canterbury

(To be continued.)

* Cant. Transcript, “ Dande.”

Genealogical Notes and Queries.

GOUGH. Wanted : The parentage of Thomas Gough, who, leaving in England a son named Francis, is called in the record of his marriage (about 1740) to Sophia Dorsey of Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A., Thomas Gough of London.

A son of this second marriage, Harry Dorsey Gough, called his country home (previously owned by Maccubbins) “ Perry Hall," thus suggesting descent from Sir Henry Gough of Perry Hall, county Stafford, born January 3, 1649 ; knighted by King Charles II. at St. James ; died January 24, 1724.

Sir Henry Gough gave consent to his sister Dorothy's marriage at St. Margaret's, West minster, on February 25, 1673-4. His sons Matthew and John were pages to Queen Anne, and may have left descendants in London.

The names Francis” and “Henry" often appear among the descendants of Sir Richard Gough of Edgbaston, a brother of Sir Henry, but, as said above, the name Perry Hall” points to Sir Henry.

Francis, the elder son of Thomas Gough of London, came to America in 1777 with his wife Rosa Hamlin (?)—possibly Henley. The correct name and parentage of Rosa are also desired. Dubuque, Iowa, U.S.A.




HALFHEIDE. Could any reader of the “ Miscellanea Genealogica” give me information concerning the Halfheide Family, or refer me to any sources from which I could obtain the same. The following notes might give some clue : Benjamin Vaughan married Hannah Halfheide. She was married January 17, 1735, and died November 16, 1787, aged 86, buried at Great Parndon, Essex. Edward Halfheide (father of above) and Sarah his wife also are buried there. Edward Halfheide died September 19, 1732.

According to Burke's • Armoury " the Halfheide arms were granted in 1560, and are “ Argent, two chevrons, conjoined in fesse, sable." Crest : A greyhound, sejant, or, collared azure, garnished and ringed of the first. I should be very grateful for any genealogical data concerning this family, and any connecting link between Edward Halfheide and he who had the above coat of arms.

C. L. VAUGHAN-ARBUCKLE. Stawell House, Richmond, S. W.


The Journal of the Ex Libris Society. Vol. VI., October-December 1896. London : A. and C.

Black, Soho Square, W. The above Parts of this Journal still keep up the interest to members and collectors. The

Discipline” plate is given on a toned ground, which is an improvement we have adopted for years. The Blackstone Library plate is an excellent sample of a modern plate by Mr. Hopson of Connecticut, as are likewise three other examples by the same artist, and in the Part for December Mr. Weyer's plate of Major Back's is a masterpiece; there are also two other examples of his work, that of the Rev. W. F. Creeny and Mr. Thomas J. Scott's, both of which are very original, and the latter very effective for an Ex Libris member. This December number ends Vol. VI., and shews an improvement in plates even to the former volumes issued by the Society, and we wish every success for its continuance as an original magazine of the day.


The Complete Angler, by Izaak Walton. 1653. With a Preface by Richard Le Gallienne. Hereward ; the Saxon Patriot. A History of his Life and Character, with a record of his

Ancestors and Descendants, A.D. 445 to A.D. 1896. By Lieutenant-General HARWARD.

London : Elliot Stock, 62 Paternoster Row, E.C. This reprint of Izaak Walton's “Complete Angler" is a wonderful cheap book for 2s. 6d., and is well worthy of a place in every library, for it is a complete copy of the original, including the second page of the “ Angler's Song" being printed upside down, and all the batters on the type and misspelling are still apparent. When we know that the original has realized £310, this edition is worth securing.

The work by Lieutenant-General Harward is a painstaking vindication of the family descended from Hereward, and calls in question that of others who bave claimed a kinship with him. The author illustrates his contention with several pedigrees, and altogether excludes the House of Norfolk from that of direct kinship, thus bringing in Dugdale's authority against that of Burke, and mentions how Henry Howard Earl of Surrey was bebeaded by Henry VIII. for quartering the arms of Edward the Confessor. The author refers us on p. 61 to the Appendix, “Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey," but that heading we cannot trace ; nor is it in the Contents of the Appendix.

The work is written throughout with clearness and with authorities for statements made, and the author makes some severe remarks on Kingsley's “ Hereward the Wake.” He also allies John Harvard, of Harvard University, as in the direct line, and gives his descent from Robert Harvard, of Southwark, and states that be entered Emmanuel College, Cambridge, in 1627, and visited America in 1830, and having afterwards married a Sussex clergyman's daughter, he disposed of his estate in England on tbe death of his mother in 1637, and finally settled as a freeman in Massachusetts, where he died after founding the University.

The work is nicely got up in the “old style" as a small quarto, and reflects credit on all concerned, though we should have liked a fuller index.

LITERARY NOTES. IRISH MARRIAGES.—There is now being compiled a work in demy 8vo giving all the Irish Marriages from 1771 to 1813, and edited by Mr. Henry Farrar. They are taken from Walker's “Hibernian Magazine" of those years, and the price will be Two Guineas. Mr. Farrar had previously compiled the Index to the Marriages in the “Gentleman's Magazine ” from 1731 to 1868.

The “Harleian Society ” will issue to its Members early in 1897 “ The Marriage Registers of St. George, Hanover Square, from 1810 to 1823,” Vol. III., which will be followed by “ The Registers of Durham Cathedral,” with voluminous Notes by Capt. E. A. White; both being edited by George J. Armytage, Esq., F.S.A. " The Visitation of Cambridge” will be the publication for 1897.

The Kent Archæological Society will issue Vol. XXII. of its Transactions to the Members early in the year.

* Books for Review and Notices of Forthcoming Works should be addressed to the Publishing Offices, 140 Wardour Street, London, W.

[blocks in formation]



In 1343 John Tennison charged certain persons named with forcibly taking away his goods and chattels at Paulflete (near Ryhill in Holderness) to the value of £40 (= £600). In the following year he was plaintiff in a similar action.—Harrison's Notes from Coram Rege Rolls.

On 28 June 1361 Maud Bochard was indicted for stealing at Welwick (in Holderness) 2 quarters of Corn & 2 quarters of Barley worth thirteen shillings & four pence" belonging to John Tennyson of Welwick.—Coroner’s Rolls, Selden Society's Publications, vol. ix., p. 114.

WILLIAM TENYSON of Ryhill, Holderness. Will dated 15 SeptemberBeatrice 1528, proved 30 September 1528 ; buried at All Hallows, Skekling.

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JOHN TENNYSON, only son, Executor of his father's will. Assessed Margaret (? da. of “ in goods £20 ” in Lay Subsidy Roll 203-192, 32 Henry VIII. Christopher ThornWill dated 3 August 1546, proved 10 November 1546 ; to be buried ton of East Newat All Hallows, Skekling.



CHRISTOPHER TENNYSONE, under age in 1546. Assessed (as “Chr' Tenison") "in goods £20," Lay Elizabeth Subsidy Roll 203-273, 5 Elizabeth. Will dated 1 March 1580, proved 29 July 1580. “To be buried nigh my father John.” Owned lands in Ryhill, Camerton, Paule, and Skeklyng.


1 Edward. Agnes. Under age in 1546.


* Communicated by C. M. TENISON, Esq., M.R.I.A., Hobart, Tasmania.



2. Marmaduke, afterwards of Ryston (1591). Had a son John who had licence in 1607 to marry Anne Hewerdyne of Nafferton. (? Married Katheren

daughter' named in Christopher Tennyson's will.)


Rev. JOHN TENISON, B.D., was at Cambridge 1 March 1579-80, the TAnne, da. of Philip Haldenby, date of his father's will. M.A. Fellow of Peterhouse (see Mullinger's Esq. (youngest son of Robert * History of the University of Cambridge,' vol. ii., pp. 290, 291). Haldenby of Haldenby, Esq., by Presented to the Rectory of Downham (Ely) in 1596 by the Queen. Anne, da. of Thomas Boynton Compounded for the first fruits, his sureties being Thomas Potter of of Barmston) : Royal Dethe Parish of St. Andrew, Eastcheap, Gent., and John Powell of the scent. She is described as Parish of St. Sepulchre, Yeoman. He signs the Register down to “Gentlewoman, of Gemling 1639. He probably resigned the living in 1640, when John Nowell in the Parish of Foston in was presented thereto. Buried at Ely Trinity 25 September 1644, the Wolds,” in the Marriage having attained a great age.

Licence, 1597. (Yorks. Arch.
Journal, vol. x., p. 35.)


3. Edward, was “ aged 14 & upwards” on 7 April 1580. (See Tuition Bond, York Registry.)

John Temfor

Johane Tenifon






T 3. Martin, baptized at 5. Philip. See PEDI- Elizabeth, bap-="M" John Hand. Jane, baptized Robert Ffage Rose, baptized Downham 29 Septem- GREE 2, post. tized at Down- (See Carlyle's 'Life 1 December (or Phage), 18 December ber 1606

; buried 17

ham 9 Septem- and

of 1615; married Vicar of Wil 1619; died an

May 1608.

6. Robert, baptized 11 ber 1609; mar- Cromwell,' vol. v., 26 April 1637 burton, where infant.

September 1614; bur. ried 11 January p. 159, for a letter at Downham. he was buried 4. Martin, baptized 9 2 February 1615. 1637; buried at from Cromwell to

6 December Mary, died an July 1608 ; buried 24 Wilburton 3 Mr. Hand.)


infant; buried May 1609. May 1677; s.p.

6 November 1626.



John Fage, baptized 27 May 1638.

All living 1670.

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