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THOMAS JOSEPH TENISON, only Margaret, da. of Alex- ELLEN TENISON, eldest da., and, TJohn Collins, only son and heir of Other
son and heir, of Portnelligan, co. ander Cross of Port- on the death s.p. of Major W.C. William Collins of Lissey Egan, issue.
Armagh, J.P. ; born 7 November nelligan. She born 21
She born 21

O'B. Tenison, eldest coheir in co. Galway (1750-1825), and
1800 ; entered Gray's Inn 27

June 1805,; married her issue ; born 6. April 1796; grandson of Peter Collins of

January 1830, “ aged 26" (?); 22 November 1831 ;

22 November 1831; died 15 June 1849, aged 53 Ticulla, co. Roscommon. He was
called to the Irish Bar 1832 ; died died 23 January 1861, [having remarried (1828) her born 1785; married at St. Mary's,
23 March 1873, and buried at and buried at Tynan. cousin the Rev. Philip Ryan, Dublin, 6 October 1811; died June
Tynan. M.I.

A.M., and had issue).

1826, and buried at St. Mary's

Other issue.

WILLIAM CROSS O'BRIEN TENI-=Letitia, da. of Major Alex. JOSEPH TENISON COLLINS, eldest sur Sarah Louisa, da. of Charles SON, only child, of Portnelligan ander Perry Bond of Ard- viving son and heir, born 20 January | Murrough MacCarthy, and aforesaid, J.P. ; Major, retired, glass, co. Westmeath, J.P., 1821 married 1st, 1844, Mary, da. of

1821 įmarried 1st, 1844, Mary, da. of sister of the Rev. C. F. 3rd Battalion Royal Irish Fusi- D.L., and widow of Arthur William Reardon of Fermoy, and had MacCarthy, D.D., Rector of liers; born 20 March 1836 ; died Henry Bond,

Henry Bond, Esq., of issue ; 3rdly, Anna, da. of Pierce St. Werburgh's, Dublin ; at Portnelligan 18 March 1896, Bondville, Co. Armagh, Power, and had issue ; 4thly, Mar- 2nd wife ; born 1827 ; mars.p.

J.P. ; living 1896. garet, da. of Thomas Watters, Esq., ried 2 March 1848 ; died 8

s.p.]. He died 26 February 1894. April 1854, aged 27.

CHARLES MACCARTHY TENISON (formerly Collins), eldest son of 2nd marriage ; M.R.I.A. ;TElizabeth Isabel, da. of William Other
called to the Irish Bar 1879, and to the English Bar, Middle Temple, 1884 ; born 30 Crompton Ashlin of Claughton, issue.
December 1850. By Royal Licence, 27 December 1890, he and his issue were authorized Birkenhead. She born 4 July
to take the name of TENISON only and to bear the arms of Tenison quarterly with his own. 1858 ; married at Bidston,
J.P. for Queensland and Tasmania. Living at Hobart, Tasmania, 1896.

Cheshire, 3 June 1879 ; living

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Beneath this stone | is [sic] the remains of | Richard Peterson | son of Richard and Sarah Peterson died 21 April 1790. aged 2 years.

Sacred to the memory of Henry Palmer Bonnin eldest and beloved son of | Henry Gousse Bounin | and Charlotte his wife | born at Corfù viiith Decr MDCCCXVII | died at Leghorn xiyth Oct. MDCXXXIII.

Sacred to the memory of Mary wife of Thomas Dickie who departed this life on the 31 of March 1831 | aged 39 years.

Sacred to the memory of James Wentworth Murray Esqe second son of James Murray Esqre of Broughton | in Wigtonshire North Britain | born the 24th April 1796 died at Florence May the 3. 1821.

D.O.M. | Iacet hoc sub lapide | mercator egregius Iohannes Arther | filius Iohannis Arther Angli | ex Bechington in Somersetiæ Comitate oriundus l qui | ineluctabili mortalium fato | comunem solvit naturæ censum | 22 Novembris anno 1684 | ætatis vero suæ 32.

Arthuri Ashfieldi monumentum . se indigenum | nobis pius quam dignum quippe sui cum sit exemplar | æquo est maius quid autem hoc sit | mercatori bene et honeste vivendo | indies disces pie vero et juste moriendo ! tantum | semel docebis | posuere amicissimi | T. Death. E. Skinner | Anno Domini 1665.

Detege quam tegis marmor | nostrisque emollito lacrymis | tuisque ! quas exsudare par est | da facilem characteribus locum , dein resume nativam duritiem | ut nomen famamque | Henrici Brown nobilis angli per saecula saltem aliquot exprimas haec consulimus non retimus pro lege accipientis immortalitatem , non dantis , ut pote sine te viri virtus, prudentia, urbanitas | probitas pietasque omnia praeter exemplum , in aeternam per se sint duratura | perenne hoc amictiæ monumentum lacrymabundi posuere | Thomas Death et Ephraim Skinner olim socii | nunc negotii simul et virtutum haeredes | Anno Domini 1664.

[Arms: On a bend three lions passant.]

Here rest in peace the mortal remains of Mary Ann Clee Polhill | wife of Robert Polhill Esq. M.D. / who departed this life the 22 June 1827 aged 77 years & 11 months | This tribute of respect is paid by | D. B. Polhill to perpetuate the

1 memory of the best of parents. The last visible tribute he can pay them of his affection & attention.

Augustus Johnson of D. B. & Harriet Polhill | died 10 Sept 1821 | aged 10 months.

Robt George & Robt Samuel Palmer / sons of Robt & Mary Ann Clee Polhill | died the former the 16 Nov. 1786 | aged 2 months. The latter 13 July 1789 aged 16 months & 11 days.

* Continued from p. 116.

Sacred to the memory of Robt Polhill Esq" M.D. of Maidstone in Kent | Physician to H.B.M. Naval Hospital & to the British Factory | who departed this life the 17th Jany 1813 aged 59 years & 6 months.

[Arms : Quarterly-1 and 4, (Or,) on a bend (gules) three crosses-crosslet (of

the first); 2 and 3, (Argent,) an eagle displayed (sable), beaked and
unguled (or), BUCKLAND; over all a crescent for difference : impaling,

A lion rampant, on a chief a mullet between two roundels.] Here lie the bodies of two | lovely babes Robertina Eloisa | and John Charles Frederick | children of Robert and Pattee | Porter who died the former on the 13th of June 1792 aged 2 years and 3 months and the latter on the 5th of March 1796 aged 19 months.

Hester | forma, virtute, pietate / amorem in conjugem priscæ non impar! Tobiæ preclarissimæ T'erryl familiæ equitis Baronetti | Thornetonis in Buckinghamia domini filiæ | Francisci Gosfright uxor | Intra menses octo dies unum et viginti filium enixa | Biduo post amisit , ejusque desiderio mox vitam y. Kalendas Octobris | Anno sorta decem et novem uxori vir nato pater Ægerrimus posuit | A.D. MDCLXXVI.

[Arms: A bend between three Cornish choughs, on a chief three leopards' heads couped.]

Louisa Helen / wife of John Sommers Down | M.D. | died at Florence June 30, 1826.

To the memory of the Honble Louisa Beckford daughter of the Rt Hon ble George Lord Rivers who after a long and painful | illness which she bore with uncommon patience and resignation departed this life at Florence April | the 30th 1791 aged 35 years | This monument is erected as a last token of conjugal | affection by Peter | Beckford of Stepleton | in the County of Dorset Esquire.

Aloysiam Beckford | Londini natam , nec dum trilustrem Senis mortuam | Parentes hic disposuere anno 1788.

Sacred to the memory of the Rt Hon. / Penelope Rivers wife of the Rt Hon. George Lord Rivers of Strathfieldsay in the County of Southampton | and Lord

1 Lieutenant of the County of Dorset ob. 1 Ianury [sic] 1795. | ætatis 70.

Sacred to the memory of Mary | wife of James Capel Esq. of Russel [sic] Square London / who died at Pisa | the iii of January MDCCCXL. | in the xlvii year

of her age.

Here lyes interred | Iane Harriot Daughter of Iobn | and Mary Becher who was born the 25th Day of November 1745. and departed this life on the 29 Day of Ianuary 1751. | also I lyes here interred another | Daughter of Iohn and Mary Becher who dyed at the Hour of her | Birth on the 2 Day of September | 1749 also Iane Harriott Becher born the 20 | day of June and departed this I life the 28th Day of August in the year of our Lord 1751.


M.S. | viri illustrissimi | Dni Georgii Davis Baronetti | pro gente Anglicana | Neapoli Consulis | egregia | in Principes fide , in Cives beneficentiâ , in omnes humanitate obiit Liburni | die 4to Decembris Anno Salutis MDCCV.

Here lies Capt Thomas Thompson Comm. of the | Pearle Gally [sic] / who depa this Life on the 15th July in the 1 year of Our Lord 1707 et [sic] of his age 51.

[Arms : A fess em battled counter-embattled between three falcons.]

Entro questo marmoriposano le spoglie di Margherita Rolle Contessa d'Orford | e per diritto ereditario | Baronessa Clinton | morto a Pisa il di xili Genuaro MDCCLXXXI | nel settantunesimo anno della sua età | universalmente compianta.

[Arms: Or, on a fess between two chevrons sable three crosses-crosslet

of the first; on escocheon of pretence CLINTON.]

Georgio Clarke mercante inglese di età di anni xxi morì a di xxviii Agosto 1661.

[The Arms appear to be intended for a bend engrailed.]

Giovanni Bradley mercante inglese di età di anni xxi morì a di xxviii Agosto 1661.

[Arms : On a fess between three round buckles a cinquefoil.] Capt Thos Brooks of the Ellen Highfield | died | 6th July 1837 | aged 37 years.

M.S. ! Johannis Micklethwait I juvenis anglici qui huc attigens discendi studio de vitâ migravit | Apr. 30. 1753. ætatis 21.

[Arms: Chequy, a chief indented.]

Here lies the body of Iane Wilson wife of Iohn Cleathing | and daughter of Thomas Wilson dwelling in Leghorn | she dyed in childbed after being delivered of

. a son | October XXXI MDCCLXV aged xxii years ii months | to the great grief of her parents and afflicted husband | blest with a sincere heart | truely pious and charitable | she was | a most affectionate daughter | a good and faithful wife she lived not, alas ! to be a tender mother | Erected to her memory | by her husband.

Here lies William | second son of James Marwood Elton of Greenway and Widworthy, Devon Esqre | He served many years in the Cavalry of his King | abroad and at home died at Leghorn Novi 17th 1838.

Here lies the body of the Reverend Everard Hutcheson A.M. Son of Lieutenant Colonel Hutcheson of Jedburgh in North Britain | who departed this life the 16th day of Deck 1762 | in the forty fourth Year of his age | he was six years Chaplain to the British Factory at Leghorn | during which time by the purest and most irreproacheable manners" he exemplified those evangelical duties which he taught | This monument has been erected to his memory by the British Factory |

1 in token of his many singular virtues | and as an acknowledgement of that care and attention | which he expressed towards their children | privately instructing and establishing them | in the principles of the Christian religion.

M" Robert Sedgwick of London | D. 10 Nov. 1788.

Here lieth the body of Anne Foot eldest daughter of Lundy Foot Esq. of

| Orlagh in the County of Dublin, Ireland | who departed this life at | Pisa the 22 day of November 1820 in the 21 year of her age.

Here Lies Interrd The body of David Greig | First Mate of The Anna Maria, Thomas Shaw Commander born at Preston Pans in Scotland and de parted

1 this life the 14 | September 1762 aged | forty seven years.

Louisa Bull died at Florence on the 4th of April 1818 | aged 23 years.

Here lieth the body of William Foot | third son of Lundy Foot Esq of| Orlagh in the County of Dublin Ireland who departed this life at Pisa on the 16th day of November 1820 in the 18th year of his age.

To | the memory of Charles Cook of Bristol / who died at | Leghorn | July 6th 1804, | aged 19 years. Sacred to the memory of Charles Smith Esq' | late British Consul at Aleppo

1 who after spending forty years in a foreign climate in the public service on his return to his native Country | fell sick at Leghorn l'and there expired on the 17th day January | A.D. 1791 in the 59th | year of his age.

To the memory of Menzies Holland son of S. Holland Esqre | Liverpool | who died suddenly at Leghorn on the 20th Jany 1820 | aged

years [sic] | This monument is erected by his companions.

1 Here resteth the body of Captn William Norton of the Minerva of North Yarmth | who departed this life Janry 21, 1772 | aged 22 years.

Sub hoc marmore recondita sunt , terrestres exuviæ | Catharina Alexander ! quæ | nata Vrexhamiæ in Gambria 29 Aprilis 1694 | denata Liburni 12 Decembris 1736 | Deo misericordiæ in egenos remuneratori | animam reddidit.

This stone is raised to the memory of Thomas Plowden Slaney Bachelor of Physic of Trinity College Cambridge who died at Florence the second of August 1819 | aged 28 years. To the memory of Mr James Crawford | native of Greenock / who came to

1 Italy | for the benefit of his health , and died here the 30th of March 1820 l of a Consumption aged 28 years.

Here lies [sic] the remains of three boys & one girl | children of Ichabod | Bronwich I of London | and Mary his wife | 1719. 1


H.S.E. I quod mortale fuit | Voldemari Free qui | Florente ad huc juventa | vitam piè sobriè modestè exactam | morte verè christiana | feliciter absolvit | te lector conservet Deus , ut | tale tui tuis desiderium | serus relinquas parentibus anglis Hamburgi natus | Junij 13° A. C. 1715 | Liburni obijt May 7° 1736.

[Arms: Three horses courant and bridled.] Hic jacet | Iohannes Bayley anglus | navis Hannover ductor qui | ætatem agens annorum xxv | in conflictu cum duabus triremibus Gallicis | strenue pugnans | die xii Augusti MDCCX | insigni vulnere percussus occubuit.

Hic Jacet Christophorus | Hanbury Mercator Anglicanus Obijt 13 Aprilis 1716 ætatis 55.

[Arms : A bend engrailed, impaling a chevron between three griffins' heads erased.]

Here Lyes Capn Thomas Pooke Comander [sic] of the Genova Gally | Who dyed the 8th day of Ianuary 1728.

breves primitiæ nata xxiv | denata xxviii Aug. | MDCCXXXIX | Joannes Benjamin ix Kal. Aug. MDCCXLVIII | iisdem parentibus , in lucem editus | sed. mensib. xi vix exactis , magno eorundem | mærore sublatus.

M.S. | mortalitatis exuvias hic deposuit | Caesar Godfrey , morum suavitate insignis / vivus amicos habuit homines moriens conscientiam | mortuus Deum | Expiravit annos aetatis XXI. | Salutis MDCCXXVII. [Arms: On a chevron, between three pelicans' heads vulning themselves, a crescent for difference.]

(To be continued.)

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