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To all and singular as well Nobles and Gentlemen as others to whom these presentes shall come I Will'm Camden Esquier al's Clarenceux King of Armes send Greeting fforasmuch as aunciently from ye beginning the vertuous acts of worthy persons have been comended onto ye world and posterity wth sandry monumentes and remembrances of their good desertes among wch the chiefest and most vsuall haue been the bearing of signes in shields called armes being euident demonstracons and tokens of prowes and valoir diuersly distributed according to ye qualityes of the persons demeriting the same And whereas John West of London Esq" the sonne of William West ye sonne of John West of fflynt castle wthin the County of fflynt Esquier having of long tyme been one of the bearers of theas auncient Armes vizt Ermyn a Bend Counter indented Sable and for some causes desirous too alter his former Creast hath requested me the said Clarencieux to assign vnto him such Creast as he may lawfully beare. In consideracon wherof and for further declaracon of the worthynes of the said John West I the sayd Clarenceux haue giuen and graunted him this Creast or Cognisance following videlicet A Gryffins head truncted and couched wthin a Crown Or mantled geules doubled Argent as more playnly on this margent depicted appeareth wch said Armes and Creast wth euery part and p'cell therof I the said Clarenceux King of Armes doo ratify Confirme and allow too the said John West and to his posterity for euer Too haue hold vse bear and enioy wthout ye lett impediment or interuption of any other person or persons whatsoever. In witnes wherof I have signed these presents wth myne hand and sett therevnto the seals of myne office dated the ffifteenth day of October in the two and ffortyeth yeare of the Raigne of our Soueraigne Lady Elizabeth by the grace of God of England ffraunce and Ireland Queen defender of the faith etc. Anno Salutis 1600.


Clarenceux Rex Armorum. VOL. II., SERIES III.




Transcribed by

H.S.E. | Georgius Collings | gente anglus, civitate Exoniensis , qui | post aliquod apud Barbaros | habitum commercium , in hoc litoris Etrusci celeberrimi

1 Emporio sedem feliciter fixit , ubi quum rei faciendæ minis sibi parum consulerit | in adversam | nec medicis satis exploratam | valetudinem incidit , et repentina ( præter spem et cum luctu omnium morte correptus animam efflavit die 30 Sept. Anno Sal. 1712. æt. 43.

D.O.M. | Thomas Blackwell | died the 31st August 1747.

Tegit hoc saxum cineres | Georgii Lamb | in magna Britannia natus | transiit in cælum January 3. A.D. 1719 | ætatis 61. Sua mæstissima conjux | possuit [sic].

[Arms : On a fess between three cinquefoils a lion passant between two mullets, impaling on a chief two estoiles.]

+ | Here lyes interred the body of Lewis Blaquière late of Leghorn merchants who departed this life | the 3 day of August 1754. , æt. 32.

D.O.M. | Conditur hoc lapide | Ioh. Wood Anglus | navis pellegrini capitaneus | insigne pietate et sapientiâ et fortitudine vir qui dei timore et amore patriæ inflammatus | vitam navemque amisit | in infelici illo prælio adversus Patavos | in hoc portu | prid. id. mar ciəIOCLII.


Spe resurgendi hic jacet | Samuel Hudson | qui summo omnium ac imprimis | amicorum cum desiderio et luctu | obiit anno salutis 1727. ætatis suæ 32. Janimam Deo reddidit corpus sepulchro | famam posteris.

[Arms: Per chevron embattled three escallops counterchanged.] Hoc tumulantur sub marmore spolia gloriosa Morgani Kempthorne | Præfecti navis bellicæ regis Angliæ scilicet Halcyonis cum hac sola strenuo animo in hostes Christianorum immanes insignia erigeus | inhilque numero territus cum septem Turcarum navibus fortiter prudenterq' pugnavit | globo tandem ferreo medium perrumpente corpus immortalis gloriæ diademate navali | quod sibi triumphantium Romanorum instar comparaverat | coronatus | victricem animam exhalavit | anno MDCLXXXI die xxii May ætatis vero suæ xxvII.

[Arms : Three pine trees eradicated.]

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D.O.M. | Homphrii Sidnei Thomæ filii | nobilis Angli et negociatoris providi | hoc sub marmore mortalia | conduntur spolia ex hac vitâ migravit | die

| VIII Augusti Ao. D. MDCLXXVI. | Ætatis vero suæ Liv.

[Arms : A pheon within an orle of seven mullets.] D.O.M. | Cordeliæ Stanton Londini civi uxori | dulcissimæ immiti mortæ ereptæ | die 17 Septembris Anno Domini 1737. / nonquam satis plorandæ quum ob ipsius raras ac singulares animi | dotes omnium sibi conciliavit Amorem Thomas Stanton Anglus ejus mæstissimus conjux hoc etsi gelidissimum sui amoris | signum provere curavit.

[Arms: Two chevrons within a bordure engrailed, impaling a saltire engrailed between four roses.]

* Continued from p. 152.


[Portrait Medallion.] 1.0.1. hic jacet | Franciscus Thomæ Harriman filius | Alfordiæ in Comitatu Lincolniæ l'in Anglia natus qui mercaturam apud Labronem portum per multos annos exercuit | clarus stirpe sed clarior beneficentia , anno salutis cIoDCCLXIII! Ætatis suæ Lxxxi mense 1 Diebus XVIII | Pridii Idus Xbris | ingenti Esther conjugis et Jacobi Francisci et Thomæ filiorum mærore | mortalis vitæ cursum peregit.


[Arms: Out of three cups as many boars' heads couped.] D.M.S. I qui nunc cinis est hoc marmore conditus nuper fuit | Jacobus Ayton M.D. | britannicus | reverendi viri Iohannis Ayton S.T.D. | filius | apud Smyrnenses olim medicus , denatus quinquagenario major | die primo Decembris 1720.

[Arms : A cross between four cinquefoils.) In memory of | Robert_Perryman a British Merchant | the son of Robert

1 Perryman of Hammersmith Esq. | born in Westminster the 17. December 1694. / and died in Leghorn the 30 January 1764. | This tomb was erected by his nieces | Catherine Elisabeth Perryman the wife of M. Otto Franck Merchant. I and Mary Ann Perryman.

[Arms: On a pile a chevron engrailed between three leopards' faces.] Here lyes interred the body of William Brooke a merchant residing for many years | in this city of Leghorn where he departed this | life the twentieth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred forty | seven ætatis suæ 64.

[Arms : Quarterly a cross engrailed, in first quarter a crescent.] Here lie the remains of | Margaret Iane | Countess of Mount Cashell | born A.D. 1773 died 29 January A.D. 1835.

In hoc tumulo requiescunt cineres Iacobi Howe* armigeri britannia Australis stirpe honesta ortus | totius orbis benevolentiâ et urbanitate Civis I quot numeravit annos ne quæras | testium sat est .... Quod | omni pietate et virtute | provectus et

* His will, written in Italian, is in P.C.C. (57 Cherlyn), and is as follows:-"A Translation of the will of M' Giacomo Howe, son of the late Giovanni Howe of London, but for many years a merchant and inbabitant of this city of Leghorne, and well-known." To M" Mary Grunwin, his sister by his mother's side, dwelling in London, £50. To MFelippo Pagli bis coach & horses. To Miss Violante Vittoria Pagli, daughter of M' Felippo Pagli and M" Laura Fortunata Felice Franceschi his wife, 1500 dollars of eight royals as a marriage portion, and certain jewels & money as well in his own house as in that of the su M Felippo Pagli her father. Residue of estate (subject to a life interest of his so sister) to the Hon. Mi Gio. Howe, son of the late Giacomo, bis cousin-german, living at Hanslep in the city of Buckingham. Executors : Francesco Jermy of this place (as far as relates to property in this place) and M Samuel Beachcroft of London. Witnesses : Messrs. D. Bernardino, M' Angiolo Tuccoli of Siena, Tomasso son of the late Giacomo Gardeyn of Aberdeen, Gio, son of the late Francesco Cottin of London, Guiseppe son of the late Francesco Carleri of Pistoia, all inhabitants of Leghorne. Dated 18 Dec. 1760. Clement XIII. being Pope and Francis the First Emperor of the Romans and eighth Grand Duke of Tuscany. There is a Codicil undated making charitable bequests. Proved 3 Feb. 1761 by Samuel Beachcroft, Esq.

Through the kindness of Mr. E. Gambier Howe, F.S.A., I am enabled to add a short Pedigree shewing who this personage was:

Rev. John Howe, Chaplain Katherine, da. of Rev.
to Oliver Cromwell.

George Hughes.

James Howe, FMary, da. of Samuel Saunders of Little 2nd son. Ireton and Cadwell, co. Derby.

John Howe, 7MaryF.... Grunwin. 3rd son,

1st husband.

John Howe of=Hon. Caroline Howe,
Hanslope, co. da. of . . . . Scrope,
Buckingham, Viscount Howe.
died s.p. 1769.

John Howe, died
unmarried. Will
proved 21 March

James Howe of Leghorn
(the above Giacomo).
Will proved 3 Feb. 1761.

Mary Grunwin.


senescens | triste sui desiderium reliquerit | die decembris decimo nono | anno Domini milesimo septiugentesimo sexagesimo | heu pietas heu prisca fides.

[Arms: Quarterly, 1 and 4, A fess between three wolves' heads couped ; 2, A cross between four eagles displayed ; 3, On a chevron between three stags trippant as many trefoils.]

Capitano Gio. Danielle | inglese morì il di 9 Xre 1658.

Within this tomb are deposited the remains of | George William Tighe Esquire | son of Edward and Anne Tighe | he was born in Dublin 25 February 1776. I and died at Pisa—[sic] March 1837.

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J. F. Goldsworthy | natus prid. Kal. maii—A.C. MDCCXXXIX | Ix Kal. augusti | vitam clausit vix trimestrem.

D.O.M. | Conditur hoc lapide | Georgeus Bainbridge | anglus obiit die xxv Augusti MDCCXIV. ætatis xxxv ubi Cælum est ibi patriam.

H.S.E. Gilbertus Serle E Generosa Stirpe in Civitate 1 Wintoniensi natus per triginta annos | rei mercatoriæ operam dedit , et totidem ab eadem (Pauperum fautor) tranquille secessit | obiit Martii xro Anno Salutis reparatæ MDCCXII° ætatis LXXVIII°.

Hic jacet Christophorus Parker | Cambro Britanus ex comitatu Monumethensi | Nicolai Parker filius natu maximus qui rem mercatoriam Liburni ageus omnibus desiderium sui reliquit | die xvi Septs | anno salutis MDCXCIII. I et ætatis suæ XLIV.

[Arms illegible.]

Gloriosam in Christo ressurectionem hic expectat | Ioannes Harriman | animi corporisq: dotibus ornatissimus quibus omnium summum amorem Consequntus est | gravi tandem et diuturno morbo confectus | firma in Christo fide et invicta anima patientia | in cælestem patriam demigravit cum vixisset | annos 28 die 20 Dec. anno Salutis 1717.

Here lies the body of | John Horsey merchant , son of Hercules Horsey Esq. of London obiit 1st August 1736. aged 71.

H.S.E. Josephus Philippi Wheake Armigeri Cairi Aegyptionum non ita pridem consulis britannici | filius obiit xiii Kal. Sept. | A.C. MDCCXXXix æt. XL.

[Arms : A chevron engrailed ermine between three garbs.] Iohn Iames Dick | departed this life on the 21st of June 1796, aged two years and two months | leaving his disconsolate | mother Isabella Dick | inconsolable for her loss.



Iacobo Harriman | honesta stirpe in Comitatu Lincolniæ | orto | viro pio probo mercatori

industrio hæredes benemerenti | P.C. | vixit LXXVIII | xvii Nov. A.D. MDCCXXXVIII | piem supremum obiit.

Here lies interred | the body of William Gott of Fairclouch in the County of Sussex Esquire who died in Leghorn the 11th May | 1741. | aged 53.

[Arms : Per saltire a bordure counterchanged.] Danieli Gould natione britanno | viro pio justo probo integro | Cosmi III. magni duc : Etruriæ benevolentiam , amicorum omnium mercatorum obsequium et fidem pauperum quos alvit vota et post mortem lacrymas | in exemplum optime merito i ob singularem in Deum pietatem mores | et sensus homine christiano dignos i

nunquam satis laudando degno annos fere xxx quo ad vixit in Britannia totidemque in Italia præsertim Florentiæ et Liburni | nemo umquam questus est . obiit xix Kal. Februar anno CIOCCXXXII | H.M.D.M.A.

H.S.E | in spe resurgendi in Christo | Thomas Dorman | mercator anglicanus spectata | in negotiis administrandis | industria / solertiâ et fide , an 210 [sic] vita honeste acta amicitiis longe lateq. conciliatis | jucunda senectute | felici obitu | pia et perpetua liberalitate | memorandus | natus est Londinii MDCXXXVIII mens Aug | Liburni desideratus A.S. MDCCIX. Jan 24.

Here lies the body of Nathaniel Capell | born in London and departed this

1 life | the 2nd June udCCXLIV | ætatis suæ . [sic].

Here lies the body of John Archer Esq. Citizen of London who making the tour of Europe | in company with his father was attacked with a fever at Bolognia [sic] which in a few days carried | him off in the flower l of youth at Florence on the 21st of Novi 1791 in | the 234 year of his age. His father has erected this monument as the last tribute of his , affection to the memory of a dutiful and beloved son.

Iacobus Yong | filius Ricardi | Yong civis | Londinensis | obiit .... [sic].

Hic jacet Leonardus Diggius Anglo Cantianus inter nobiles et vetustissimas familias (ex utroq parente) oriundus | illustrissimi silicet viri d’ni Dudlæi Diggii equitis aurati custodis rotulorum in Anglia (a d'no Johanne | Diggio milite qui cænobium fratrum observantium in civitate Cantuariensi circa annum MCCVII propriis sumptibus struxit et ditavit) recta serie descendentis nec non Mariæ filiæ et cohæredis d’ni Thomæ Kempii equitis durati ex eisdem | penatibus equibus eminentissimus d’nus d’nus Iohannes Kempius | Archiepiscopus Cantuariensis et Cardinalis titulo S'ci Balbini | et postea S'ci Rufini emanavit) prognatæ filius natu quintus qui juvenis optime spei obiter ab hoc solo transit in cælum | vir die Octobris anno MDCXXXXVI ætatis xxII.

[Arms: Quarterly, 1 and 4, On a cross four eagles displayed ; 2 and 3, Three garbs within a bordure engrailed.]

In memory of William Alexander | son of Barnabas and Harriet Maude | born 22 July 1821. Died 27 May 1823 | also | Sarah Holme Maude their daughter | she was born 16 Aug 1827 and died 19 Octer' 1828 | also Godfrey Holme their son he was born 5 July 1830 | and died 11 Oct 1832.

In memory of Mary Anne Mylrea | who died at Leghorn | on 6th April 1837 aged 39.

Sacred to the memory of | Archibald Buchanan Esq? | captain in the royal navy | of Great Britain / who died at Pisa | xxvith December MDCCCXXII | in the Xxxiiird year of his age. Sacred to the memory of Joseph Burgess Spencer of London who died at

| Leghorn 30 December 1834. | aged 19 years.

[Portrait Medallion.] In spem futuræ ressurrectionis / sub hoc ferali marmore ( reconduntur cineres Roberti Bateman | qui annos circiter triginta | hujus civitatis Liburnensis incola | feliciter et prospere mercatura incubuit ; | vir qui morum suavitate | liberalitate erga pauperes | donis et munificentiâ erga puos hic et sua patria | amorem conciliavit tandem lethali coreptus morbo | animam Deo exhalavit | die 17 mo mensis decembris ætatis salutiferæ nostræ Redemptionis 1743 | ætatis vero suæ sexagesimo quinto.

[Arms : Three crescents each surmounted with an estoile.]

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